Hybrid-Racing Shifter Cable Bushings

Install Tips:

Below you will find tips on how to install your new Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings into a Honda K series equipped vehicle. *These shifter cable bushings may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers agree to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts. More information can be found at www.hybrid-racing.com.

Package Contents: • • • • • (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) Large shifter cable bushing Small shifter cable bushing Large spiral retaining ring Small spiral retaining ring Stainless steel cotter pins

Features: • • • • • • Gold Anodized Finish 6061-T6 Construction Chrome-plated steel, Teflon lined spherical bearing Stainless steel cotter pins Smooth, positive gear engagement Made with 95% pure sex appeal*

*Included sex appeal not guaranteed to rub off on you

Install Guide:
Installing these bushings is pretty straight forward. The guide below covers the most critical installation steps. Information related to removing any parts required to gain access to the shifter cables on the transmission is not included. Typically, several hose clamps and a few nuts will need to be removed in order to take the intake piping and filter box out of the engine bay.

Step 1:
First, you will need to remove the (2) cotter pins that hold the shifter cables onto the transmission’s linkage pins.

Step 2:
Remove the “U” shaped spring clip that holds the cable on the driver’s side of the vehicle onto the transmission. This is the easiest if you use a set of slip joint pliers to grasp the top of the clip while prying it off of the cable (as shown in figure 2).

Step 3:
Next, the OEM rubber bushings will need to be removed from the cables. Typically, the older the bushings are, the easier they are to remove. The bushings can be removed simply by bushing them through the metal ring and out the other side. Additionally, it is often possibly to place a screwdriver through the hole in the bushing and pry the bushing out of the cable. Exercise caution when removing the bushings as placing excessive force on the cables where they attach to the bracket on the transmission can irreparably damage the cables. Figure 3 shows an image of cables before and after the OEM bushing has been removed.

Step 4:
The new bushings can now be inserted into their respective cables. Simply slide the bushing in from one side of the cable and install the spiral retaining ring in the groove on the other side of the bushing. The spiral retaining ring can be installed by hand, with no tools. Simply uncoil the ring, place one end in the groove, and work the ring into the groove in a circular motion until the entire ring has been installed as shown in the images below. Step 4a shows installation of the large bushing. Step 4b shows installation of the smaller bushing.

Step 5:
Once the bushings and their respective spiral retaining rings have been installed, the cables can be reattached to the transmission. First, slide the bushings onto the pins on the transmission.

Step 6a:
Install the supplied cotter pins to hold the bushings in place. Finally, install the “U” shaped spring clip that you removed from the driver’s side cable. A hammer will probably be needed to tap the clip into place.

Step 6b:
Note that this install guide depicts installation of the RSX / EP3 shifter cable bushings. Installation of these bushings into an 8th Generation Civic is identical with the exception that the large and small bushings are reversed. Figure 6a shows the bushings installed on an RSX while figure 6b shows them installed on an 8th Generation Civic.

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