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Stephanie Ortiz
Period 5

Bonjour Paris!
Say hello to Paris, France!
Paris is the most visited
city in the world, visited
by 60 million people a
year. It is the capital of
France and located in the
Ile de France region. It is
also divided into 20
districts. It has a
population of 2 million
people. The language
spoken here is french
and the currency used
here is the euro. With
many tourist attractions
it is a very beautiful city!

La Tour Eiffel

This is the Eiffel Tower named after the architect Gustave Eiffel. It is located on
the left bank(rive gauche) of the Seine River. Its construction started in 1886 and
was completed in 1889. The Eiffel Tower weighs 100 tons and is 300 meters tall.
It also has 3 viewing platforms for tourist to embrace the beautiful view of Paris.
When traveling up the Eiffel Tower tourists have the decision of taking the
elevator or 1700 steps to the top. Other attractions that can be seen from the
Eiffel Tower are the Sacr-Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, and many other sights. It is a
breathtaking experience that is always done when coming to paris.

The Sacr-Coeur, located in the Montmartre district is a 83 meter Roman Catholic
Church and minor Basilica. There are two ways to get up the basilica, cable car
or stairs. The easiest way to get up the basilica is cable car because the stairs
may shorten your breathe. It has beautiful and well constructed arches
influenced by a Byzantine architectural style. To build the Sacr-Coeur took 37
years and was delayed because of World War 1. To build its basilica money had
to be raised. This was done by private gifts. Near the Sacr-Coeur is the Moulin
Rouge. The Sacr-Coeur is rank in the top 10 tourist attractions in Paris and is
visited by many people each year.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is

located on the right
bank(rive droite) at the end
of the world famous
street.Champs-Eyses It
was built between 1806 and
1836. The arches whole
decorative style is
traditional french
architecture. The arc was
built to honor those who
fought for France.
Engraved on the inside top
of the arc are all the
generals and wars fought.
Underneath the arc the
World War 1 "Unknown
Soldier" is buried. The
unknown soldier was made
to honor the unidentified
soldiers who have fought in
battle for France.

Le muse du Louvre

The Museum of Louvre is located in the right (rive droite) bank of the Seine River.
The Louvre is the worlds most visited museum with over eight million visitors a
year. In the Louvre nearly 35,000 objects are exhibited from prehistory to the 19th
century for people to gaze upon. In front of the Louvre Museum is a large glass
pyramid completed in 1989. The glass pyramid is called the Pyramide du Louvre
(Pyramid of Louvre). It is used as the main entrance of the museum. Also, located
in the Louvre is one of the worlds most visited work of art, the Mona Lisa painted
by Leonardo da Vinci. Every year 6.5 million people visit the Louvre but about a
million of them are brought by the Mona Lisa. The Museum of Louvre has many
amazing pieces of art work inside that must be seen when visiting Paris.

The Notre-Dame is located on an
island in paris and is known for its
Gothic architectural style. On the
balustrade are sculpted creatures
inspired by mythology. The author
who made the Notre-Dame famous
was Victor Hugo. There are also
rose windows that are known for
the uniqueness and originality. At
Notre-Dame Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of
Arc) was buried. It was a place for
royal marriages and coronations. It
has a amazing appearance during
the day and the night when it
lights up the skies.

Le Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is located in the right bank(rive droite) of Paris. The architects are
Renzo Piano and Richard Rodgers. It is a library, modern art museum, and music center all
in one. Centre Pompidou is a modern high-tech architectural styled building. It was
officially opened to the public January 31, 1977. Since 1977 the Centre Pompidou has had
over 150 million visitors. The height of the museum is 42 meters, the width is 60 meters,
and the length is 166 meters. It is named after George Pompidou, which at the time was
the president of France. The Centre Pompidou is a fun packed place with memories
waiting to happen!

Le Montparnasse
The Montparnasse is located on the left
bank(rive gauche) of the Seine River. The
montparnasse is a 689 foot tall office building
skyscraper with 59 floors. Its construction
began in 1969 to 1972. The tower was
designed by architects Eugene Beaudouin,
Urbain Cassan, and Louis Hoym. Located in
the Montparnasse tower are offices, a
shopping mall, a restaurant on the 56th floor,
and a terrace at the very top. The architectural
style is very urban and modern. It has an
amazing view of paris from every floor and
every angel.

The Panthon is a building in the Latin
Quartier, located in the left bank(rive
gauche). It was originally built as a
church with a classical Paris
architectural style. Also adding to the
classical style there are many gothic
features like the windows. It is no longer
used as a church, mainly purposed as a
building the public can come to visit to
see the remains of distinguished french
citizens. Its construction began in 1757
and finally completed in 1791. The
reason why construction took so long
was first because of financial problems
but then the architect Jacques-Germain
Soufflot had died at 34 years old. Then
his associate Jean-Baptiste Rondelet
took over the project completing what
Soufflot had started. Still standing today
the pantheon is visited by millions of
people a year bringing lots of tourist to

Chteau de Versailles
The Chteau de Versailles is located in the le-de-France region on the left bank. When
the chteau was built, Versailles was a country village but today it is one of Paris'
wealthy suburban areas. It was opened for the first time in 1632 and is still open today.
But back then it was not open to the public it was the palace of King Louis the
fourteenth. It is now used as a museum open for everyone to visit. One of its best
features is the Hall of Mirrors. The hall stretches 240 feet and lit from one end to the
other with 3,000 candles. This hallway is the most celebrated section of the palace
because it is a symbol for peace. The Chteau de Versailles is a beautiful palace that
holds a lot of history.

Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge is located in the
right bank of Paris. The Moulin
Rouge is best known as the
birthplace of the modern form of
the can-can dance. The Moulin
Rouge is marked as a tourist
attraction by the red windmill on
its roof. The Moulin Rouge is a
favorite of many tourist because of
its musical offering and dance
entertainment. It has a cabaret
architectural style. The club was
redesigned many times. Its decor
still contains much of the romance
scenery from the 20th century
Paris. With its unique exterior and
exciting interior the Moulin rouge
is visited by many people a year
and is enjoyed by every one of



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