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Cassy Richards

July 28, 2015

English 2010
Book: Are Energy drinks good for you By:
Victoria Lancer
I wish I could have
read the whole book,
but it was only
available on Kindle. I
did notice that this
book and the article I
picked compared
energy drinks to
sports drinks. Saying
that they both have
the same target
market. Anyone from
13-35 are the biggest
consumers. The
energy drink business is booming doing double
the sales from 2008 to 2013. Jumping from 26
billion to 44 billion. Makes cents why they are
doing this right? They dont care who they hurt.
Its nothing personal, just business.

I couldnt find a lot of articles on the SLCC
database dealing with energy drinks. I did find
this video that goes over all the drinks that are
available to us as human beings. It seemed as
though the segment on energy drinks was very
short. As I do more research not a lot of people
are aware of energy drinks. They are still very
new and you dont hear a lot of people writing
about them. They all same the same thing
about energy drinks, that they contain lots of
caffeine and sugar. What about all the
ingredients that we cant even pronounce?
When is someone going to do a study on that?
What is it going to take for someone to start
caring about what we are putting into our
bodies? I dont think anymore human lives
should be sacrificed in the name of over
consumption of energy drinks.

I picked this website because it made me
laugh. It is a legitimate website where people
can go to learn about energy drinks. Its
completely ridiculous. Its a self-help website
and you can sign up to talk to someone about
your energy drink addiction. Also they feel that
if you have been so severely affected by the
consumption of energy drinks, you can sue the
company responsible. Isnt drinking energy
drinks a choice? Last I checked you go to a gas
station or grocery store and literally get to pick
out of 100+ options. If you go for the energy
drink you know the risks, or do you? Crack
open the bottle and it may be something you
will regret for the next 2-3 hours. You wont
have the regrets until the crash and soon
following caffeine sweats. Im half tempted to
make something up just to get in contact with

the litigators on this website just to see how

ridiculous it really is. I dont think I could carry
on a lie for that long, or a straight face. They
do have some good and relevant information
on energy drinks though. They crossed the line
when they ask if you want to sue energy drink
companies. Who exactly do they think they
Poem Oatmeal
I drink energy drinks for breakfast.
I drink them in a tall glass and sometimes put alcohol in
I drink them alone.
I am aware it is not good to drink energy drinks alone.
Its consistency is such that it is better for your mental health
if somebody drinks them with you.
That is why I often think up an imaginary companion to have
energy drinks with.
Possibly it is even worse to drink energy drinks with an
imaginary companion.
Nevertheless, yesterday morning, I drank my red bull, as he
called it with John Keats.
Keats said I was absolutely right to invite him:
due to its bubbly texture, harsh flavor, hint of slime, and
unusual willingness to
disintegrate, red bull should not be drank alone.
He said that in his opinion, however, it is perfectly OK to
drink it with an imaginary companion,
and that he himself had enjoyed memorable toasts to
energy drinks with Edmund Spenser and John Milton.

Even if drinking red bull with an imaginary companion is not

as wholesome as Keats claims,
still, you can learn something from it.
Yesterday morning, for instance, Keats told me about writing
the "Ode to a Nightingale."
He had a heck of a time finishing it those were his words "Oi
'ad a 'eck of a toime," he said,
speaking through his drink.
He wrote it quickly, on scraps of paper, which he then stuck
in his pocket,
but when he got home he couldn't figure out the order of the
stanzas, and he and a friend spread the papers on a table,
and they made some sense of them, but he isn't sure to this
day if they got it right.
An entire stanza may have slipped into the lining of his
jacket through a hole in his pocket.
He still wonders about the occasional sense of drift between
stanzas, and the way here and
there a line will go into the configuration of a Moslem at
prayer, then raise itself up and
peer about, and then lay itself down slightly off the mark,
causing the poem to move forward
with a reckless, shining wobble.
He said someone told him that later in life Wordsworth
heard about the scraps of paper on the
table, and tried shuffling some stanzas of his own, but
only made matters worse.
I would not have known any of this but for my reluctance to
drink red bul alone.
When breakfast was over, John recited "To Autumn."
He recited it slowly, with much feeling, and he articulated
the words lovingly, and his odd accent
sounded sweet.
He didn't offer the story of writing "To Autumn," I doubt if
there is much of one.

But he did say the sight of a just-harvested caffeine bean field

got him started on it, and two of the lines,
"For Summer has o'er-brimmed their clammy cells" and
"Thou watchest the last oozings
hours by hours," came to him while drinking red bull
I can see him sipping with a straw through the stuff, gazing
into the glimmering furrows, muttering.
Maybe there is no sublime; only the shining of the amnion's
For supper tonight I am going to have a gatorade left over
from lunch.
I am aware that a leftover gatorade is damp, slippery, and
simultaneously gummy and crumbly,
and therefore I'm going to invite Patrick Kavanagh to join
I love the way this turned out. It was fun to go
through and add energy drinks and red bull to every
thing. It made me think that they person writing it
was crazy instead of lonely. Also it changes the age
of the writer. Instead oh him being an lonely old
manhe becomes a young teenager possibly staying
up late to do homework or work on a project that is
due in a few hours. The fact that he says for
breakfast is perfect because who honestly has
energy drinks for breakfast? Im glad we got to do this
exercise because it shows how just one word can
change the entire meaning of a paper.

Energy Drink Nation
I was standing at the gas station with so many
choices in front of me. Juice? Too healthy. Soda? Too
sugary. Water? Boring. Coffee? Not in the mood. I
came to the last section of cooler doors and laid my
eyes on the newest flavor of red bull. I needed this. I
had to go to a meeting and couldn't imagine what it
would be like without having more energy. I just
worked 12 hours. Why would they schedule
something like this after we all just worked all night.
They have stock in energy drinks? It doesn't matter. I
walk to the cashier. "That'll be $4.76 please". I hand
him the money and walk to my car. I don't drink the
energy drink yet because now I have a commitment.
I want them to know what I have to do to be awake.
They must suffer the consequences of me being
jittery and leaving every hour to pee. This is what
they wanted. They wanted me to buy the energy
drink, but wow the new blueberry flavor is really
good. Maybe I should make this a habit? No. Next

time Im going for the cranberry grape juice. I don't

think they have a stock in that. This is about which
side I'm on. Not them. They won't win.