Connecting February 2010 People Need the Lord—and We Know the Lord!

In 2009, the District Leadership Team communicated with our 62 congregations through several ways:    We sent articles to you—like this one—for inclusion in your church newsletters. We visited many congregations during your Sunday morning services to bring greetings from the District. We encouraged you to distribute the District newsletter, “Together on the Journey,” to all church members.

This article in our continuing series will update you on some 2010 District activities, as well as provide current information on concerns that the Leadership Team is addressing. Here’s a summary of our current work:  Our first meeting for 2010 was rescheduled from Saturday, February 6 to Saturday, February 13, and was then cancelled because of the weather. We will reschedule this meeting for early March. One topic on our agenda will be a discussion of fund-raising ideas to help us meet the deficit budget problem we continue to experience in the District. Our Finance and Property Ministry Team, working closely with District Executive Minister, Gene Hagenberger, has been strategizing on many innovative actions we can take. We will report back to you after the meeting. We are developing a slide presentation that describes the District, its activities, its resources, and its structure. Once completed, we would like to present the information to every church in the District. We’ll be in contact with you regarding this presentation. We are planning an installation service for Gene Hagenberger, which will be held in the District office on a Sunday afternoon. We’ll combine the service with a District open house. More information to follow.

 

In closing, we encourage you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening at the District level—here are some ideas:     Read the District’s “Together, on the Journey” newsletter. Participate in District events (like the upcoming Biblical Hospitality and Outreach training event on March 6, 13, and 20; the Men’s Breakfast on March 20; and Youth Roundtable on March 19-21). Come to the District DEM Installation and Open House (date to be announced). Plan ahead and go to District Conference in October. And always expect to receive a report from your congregational delegate. If no report is presented to your church, be sure to ask—this is one of the delegate’s responsibilities.

Mid-Atlantic District Leadership Team

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