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My Beloved Master

Revered Babuji Maharaj

Tuesday, November 9, 1999 - 8:00 a.m.

ou can observe around you how much the reactions of individuals who are
placed in the same situation can differ. You can see it with regard to these
messages; they do not resonate in the same way in each one of you.
----------"There are on the one hand the facts, and on the other hand the receiver.
What does he live inside? Where does he stand in his spiritual process? What is
his personality, his character or his intellectual level? These are the many aspects
explaining why what we are saying will not be perceived exactly in the same way
by you all.
----------"As far as you are concerned, all the five of you, there are no big differences.
With time, our comments have moulded you in some way and a kind of harmony
reigns among you on the spiritual level. We would like it to keep progressing
towards the forming of one heart; this is only an image.
----------"When a father feeds his children in the same way, he does not expect them
to be a replica of each other. He only appreciates that a certain frame of mind
brings them closer and really unites them on the main thing.
----------"You will have the opportunity to reread these messages. By becoming more
imbued with them, you will better understand this one."



--The Uplift