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Architecture of SAP ERP

After the SAP R/1 and SAP R/2 products, SAP introduced SAP R/3. Later, in March of 2003, SAP
released SAP ERP, where many other SAP components were included along with SAP R/3. Inside SAP
ERP, SAP R/3 enterprise was just a component.
As you can see here, from this point on SAP ERP was more than just SAP R/3 Enterprise with SAP
NetWeaver, since it offers many functional enhancements like Self Services, self service procurement,
internet sales, and SAP SEM. SAP Net Weaver also contains the SAP Web Application Server. With SAP
ERP, a new SAP solution was born.
The SAP ERP Central Component or SAP ECC, is the evolutionary successor of the previously offered
SAP R/3 Enterprise, and is the central core of SAP ERP.
Compared to the SAP R/3 Enterprise, in SAP ECC there are architectural changes with respect to
Enterprise Services Architecture, enhanced usability and new developed functionality, like the new
general ledger.
SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Strategic Enterprise Management, and Internet Transaction Server
integrated into SAP ECC. Customers now have the option to run these components on the same
instance that runs SAP ECC to reduce the system landscape and save costs. Running the components
on separate instances is also possible. SAP Web Application Server contains all capabilities of SAP
basis as well as additional web capabilities.

SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver

SAP ERP is the result of an ERP offering to SAP R/3. SAP ERP includes all the functionality of SAP
R/3 Enterprise with the large number of additional business processes like self service, strategic
management, and others. SAP ERP is an integrated and personalized functionality. SAP ERP is built
on the NetWeaver technology. SAP NetWeaver is used as a technology platform for integration and as
an application infrastructure with open connections to Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere.
SAP ERP is a Solution within SAP Business


SAP Business Suite comprises SAP ERP, SAP PLM, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, and SAP SRM.
SAP Business Suite is built on SAP NetWeaver. As you can see from this image, the core component of
the Business Suite is ERP. SAP ERP consists of:

Life Cycle Data Management

Quality and Asset Management
Sales Order Management
Internet Sales

Inventory Warehouse Management

Manufacturing and Transportation
Purchase Order Processing.
SAP ERP also supports mobile technologies featuring GPS and GSM-supported service options for
collaborative businesses.