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Success is peace of

mind, which is a direct

result of self-satisfaction
in knowing you made the
effort to become the
best of which you are
capable Wooden
I want to improve my workplace Assisted Living and give the employees,
residents, and families a comfortable, secure, and pleasant place where
you can find professionalism and warmth.


Standard of
wage and


Quality of

outreach to
ng old age

Competitive Wage and Benefits

If you choose not to give employees

raises, you risk losing them mentally,
which will lead to lose them
physically Ramptom

Recognition is priceless and may help to increases

employee loyalty. It is important for supervisor to
thank people verbally and in writing.

Improving employee performance is an essential

responsibility of a supervisor. An increase in wages
and benefits for employees, the hiring of the right
people, and better retention of employees are all
areas supervisors can improve.

Reward those with good performance and those

who the take initiative to make the company more

Notice opportunities to develop help employees

gain new skills.

Give incentives such as gift cards or extra time off

People who continue

to maintain close
friendship and find
other ways to interact
socially live longer

Staying socially active can



With less stress, employees

may perform better and have a more secure job outlook. Learn effective
physical and emotional
techniques for reducing stress.


Social programs and volunteer service help people be more balanced. Volunteers greatly enhance the ability
to help with daily care. Give discounts and incentives for family to increase their participation in activities.
Then the residents enjoying the time and the family may also enjoy the opportunity to help and give love.

Make sure family members understand how significant the time and expression of love can become more
important than any pain medication.

Optimized independence. Caregivers should encourage and preserve elderly integrity and independence.

Professionalism. Caregivers need to maintain eye contact and shake hands with visitors and residents.
Employees should be trained often.

Encourage employees to eat healthy and exercise. Make programs to emphasize the importance of life style.

Cost and Benefits

1. Land use- create a mini golf course, and a garden with different kinds of
fruits and vegetables for elderlys to work on. (Green house in the winter
2. House Activities- i.e., karaoke, fitness, America Idol, programs with school
children, pet days, music with instrumentalist, birds, butterflies and a salt
water fish tank. Residents love animals. Creative ideas will create a huge,
different impression about the company.
3. Update kitchen and furniture. Install an office for a nurse and memory care
4. Flooring. Change the carpet to a vinyl tile with different styles, which is
easy to maintain and is resistant to chemicals and urine (antimicrobial).
5. Daily housekeeping. Clean and sanitize bathroom every day.
6. Hire housekeeping staff to do laundry so that the nursing assistant can
focus on resident care.
7. Energy Conservation. Use programmed sun tracking control for better
temperature control. Also, find efficient programs for heating and air
conditioning whose to lower the energy consumption.
8. Recycling
9. Massage therapy for all residents.
10.Movie Theater can be used to provide a variety of activities.
11. Updated spa.

Main Concern
My priority is to give elderly people a better quality of life. I want to show and make sure that
families and employees understand old age is a period that every single person will confront. I want to
create a project which can help everyone to participate and to understand what it feels like when a
person experiencing a period of loss and decline. For example, by giving a virtual experiment in which
family or employees can experience poor vision, poor hearing, and mental illness such as dementia, it
will raise our awareness of decreasing physical strength and disease. Also, it can help us toward older
adults as knowledgeable caregivers.
I have dementia. I may be a be
slowly loosing my memory, but i
haven't lost my mind. P. Logan

Viewed by a person with

diabetic retinopathy

EMPATHY is seeing with the eyes of

another, listening with the ears of
another, and feeling the heart of
another. A. Adler

Living in Assisted Living is already a hard thing to accept for a resident. It is also
difficult for the family to decide what path to take with an elderly family
member. We need to face the fact that we all age and we need to prepare for
our future very carefully. Although time is running out, the most important thing
we can do is express our appreciation for the love and support that we received.
As a caregiver, take time and make the best of the situation and you will gain
more respect, reward, and opportunity in life. As an employee, we cannot do
much to make changes but we can discuss experiences and give ideas. Looking
at problems as a challenge can give motivation. Resolving conflict with respect
and care helps us to be better people. These ideas will build a great company.


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