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201 S. Columbus St.

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Media Contact: Trisha Farrar
Chief Executive Officer
The Recovery Center Background
The Beginning

The Recovery Center began in 1975 as a small program focusing on alcohol

treatment. Its original office was located in the Fairfield County Health

In 1990, the Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services
Board recognized a demand for larger rehabilitation services and worked to form
a community help center. These negotiations transformed the Health
Departments alcoholism center into an outpatient agency called Drug and
Alcohol Recovery Center.

A New Mission

Throughout the companys existence, DARC developed a new mission. In 1999,

The Board of Directors voted to change DARC to be called The Recovery Center.
The companys new name also founded a new mission for its services. The
Recovery Center incorporated a full spectrum of mental health services to
provide clients with outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. The agency began to
focus on prevention and intervention along with treatment, to serve the
communitys children, adolescents and adults.

Current Operations

The Recovery Center works with social service providers in Fairfield County. By
collaborating with local hospitals, law enforcement, schools and criminal justice
systems, The Recovery Center is able to effectively support its clients needs as
well as the needs of the Fairfield County community.

The Future

The Recovery Center is expanding to serve a larger population. A new office,

located in Diley Ridge Medical Center in Pickerington, Ohio will open in June
2014. Additionally, The Recovery Center is implementing programs to assist
incarcerated individuals suffering from addiction to become healthy individuals
before they are released. The Recovery Center is also opening a new treatment
facility in Lancaster, Ohio called the Pearl House. The agencys expansions will
provide care to more clients than it has ever served before.

About the CEO

Chief executive officer of The Recovery Center, Trisha Farrar, is currently

overseeing the development of Pearl House, which is is a permanent supportive
housing for homeless families in recovery. Farrar is also expanding treatment

and prevention services in Pickerington.

Farrar has worked in the addiction and prevention field for 24 years with
experience in counseling, school and community prevention and management.
Farrar has been with The Recovery Center for 19 years.

201 S. Columbus St.

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Media Contact: Trisha Farrar
Chief Executive Officer
The Recovery Center
Founded in 1975 as an alcoholism program in the Fairfield County Health
1990: Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services board
transformed the alcoholism program into a community-focused outpatient agency
known as Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center
1999: DARC was changed to The Recovery Center
As The Recovery Center, the agency developed and adopted the mission and
values it currently upholds
Provide mental health prevention, intervention and treatment for substance
Provide efficient and effective opportunities for healing and growth
Serve admitted clients as well as the Fairfield County community
Serves 350 clients at a time totaling approximately 1,000 clients per year
Administers educational programs in Fairfield County School districts to 3,000
people per year
Offers prevention, intervention and treatment programs
Recipients of services range from children and adolescents to adults
Services include outpatient alcohol, drug abuse, gambling dependency and
mental health counseling
Clinical services are based on a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment
Clinical protocols determine placement of individual clients

Each client receives an individualized treatment plan with personalized goals

according to identified needs
Need for clinical care is continually determined throughout treatment

The Recovery Center collaborates with businesses in Fairfield County including:
Lancaster City Schools, Fairfield Medical Center, Diley Ridge Medical Center,
social and human services care providers as well as all law enforcement and
criminal justice systems.
Employment and Budgeting
The Recovery Center budget per year ranges from $1.5 million to 1.7 million
The agency contains approximately 25 employees
Available financing is awarded through Federal grants each year
Growth and Expansion
A new treatment office, located in Diley Ridge Medical Center in Pickerington,
Ohio will open June 2014
Treatment of incarcerated individuals will begin in the summer of 2014
Construction for Pearl House, a permanent housing for families in recovery, is


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Trisha Farrar
CEO of The Recovery Center

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