The picture below shows a gotong-royong activity that your school recently organised.

Based on the picture,
write a recount of the event.

Last week, my school organised a gotong-royong in conjunction with Cleanliness and Health Week. All the classes had to clean and decorate their own
classrooms and also help clean up the school compound.
My classmates and I came up with a roster and delegated tasks to everyone. We wiped the windows and scrub the floors. Broken chairs and tables
were replaced and fresh flowers were put in the classroom to brighten up the atmosphere. Later in the afternoon, we and the rest of the school went around the
school compound to collect rubbish. The school pond was cleaned and the dustbins in the canteen area were cleared as well.
Everyone was very happy to be able to beautify the school. Although everyone was tired, the effort was well worth it and we made a pledge to have a
gotong-royong every month to keep our school clean.