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Observation # 4
Speaking Skill

Candace Jorgensen

Focus on relevant areas from the What Can Be Observed handout. Notice how the
teacher handles these areas during the class.
Notes while observing:

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Warm up:
1. . T asks Ss "Did you catch up on sleep", Ss don't understand and they are guessing.
1. T quickly clap her hands and asks Ss to mute. Then T gives definition and example.
2. T asks Ss group working by producing T just taught.
3. T guides Ss to speak their discussion answer.
4. Tense is delivered by using "catch up on sleep".
5. Quiz time. Review brain test which is yesterday Ss learned.
6. T asks Ss to present their answers, and T writes on the board.
7. T explains the handout that T gave Ss before. ( Directions)
8. T guides Ss to speak expressions that is using to ask directions "Where is post office?".
9. T explains textbook questions to Ss. There is a word "Echo" Ss don't understand, then
T gives definition and example.
10. Ss do exercise on the textbook. T walks around to check Ss producing.
11. T draws a map on the board to explain.
12. Ss present their answer one by one.
13. T divided Ss into A&B groups basing on textbook to practice "Asking direction" .
14. T explains how to do with textbook information, and asks Ss to practice by
communication on phone.
15. T walks around to check Ss producing.
16. Switch Ss, A to B, according to textbook info use expressions that T gave before.
17. T walks around to check Ss producing.
18. Peers feedback.
Wrap up
1. T gives homework to Ss, asking them to practice "Where is...".
What did you learn about teaching or learning from this lesson? Discuss your
observation focus, and the theory you have studied in your TESOL classes. Consider
the three levels of teacher reflection (surface, pedagogical, critical). (100-200 words)

T based on textbook, asking Ss do exercises in group. Because of IOF class, T uses

communicative approach a lot to improve Ss speaking skill. Compare with IOF 1A
Karen's class, I think this class is not good. In karen's class, she uses TPR that is useful
and effective. However, this T's presentation is too long, she didn't give Ss much time to
practice. Ss apply those vocabulary or collocation in daily life, T also asks to put new
vocabulary in their own notes, which is good for helping Ss reinforce knowledge.
However, T doesn't give Ss initiative, she controls the class too much and always
interrupt Ss practicing, and moves to next section. This class is a bad modal for me, I
will not do like this way to my future Ss.

What activities/techniques from this class do you want to remember for your own
teaching practice? Discuss specific ways in which you could apply the techniques and
methods you saw. Discuss your future teaching environment and your students needs
and goals. (100-200 words)
Vocabulary list, T asks Ss to put new words into list, then they can review and remain
themselves. I will ask my Ss to create them own vocabulary list, and put examples below
every vocabulary words. For speaking skill, I'd like to divide them in different levels.
Then based on them situation, I'd like to teach through mechanical drills and
communicative drills. In the final, I'd like to ask them to give presentation, which is
easier to reach goal frequency.