4th Six Weeks Point Oppurtunities Event Time Points 11-Jan Meeting 1 or 2 January Books 2pt/book 21-Jan

Nachos and Numbers Night 6-7:30 6 13-Jan Workday 3:50-4:30 3 14-Jan Swim Meet Timers 5:30-9:30 4/hr 18-Jan United Way Day of Caring 8am-? 4/hr 23-Jan RSVP program 2pm-6? 4/hr 25-Jan Meeting 1 or 2 27-Jan Pink or Blue Ribbon for Workday 2/roll -max 4pts 27-Jan CARE workday 7:30 or 4:00 4/hr 29-Jan Swim Meet Timers 6-? 4/hr 30-Jan Swim Meet Timers 2-6 & 6-9 4/hr 30-Jan Sadie Work Day at Taylor's 12-4:00 4/hr 30-Jan BPA meet guides 8-? 4/hr 1-Feb Meeting 1 or 2 2/1-2/5 Sadie Ticket Sales at Lunch 2/lunch 3-Feb CARE workday 7:30 or 4:00 4/hr 4-Feb CARE workday 4:00 4/hr 6-Feb Sadie Workday 8:00-11:00 4/hr 6-Feb Sadie Supplies 2/item- max 4pts 6-Feb Attended Sadie 8:00-12:00 1/hr attended 6-Feb Sadie Cleanup 12:00-1:00 8 8-Feb grocery bags 1pt/20 bags 8-Feb Meeting 1 or 2 12-Feb Spirit Day Shirt 1pt 2/11 to 2/19 CARE Shirt sales at lunch 2/lunch 15-Feb Meeting 1 or 2 15-Feb CARE week- wear yellow 1 16-Feb CARE week- wear black or hat 1 17-Feb CARE week- wear red 1 18-Feb CARE week- wear blue or pink 1 19-Feb CARE week- wear CARE week shirt 1 19-Feb CARE week banquet 6-8:00 4/hr Date

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