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Target Groups

The target group for this document is all personnel involved in work related
to any aspect of BSS.
Personnel working on Ericsson products or systems must have the training and
competence required to perform their work correctly.

1.2 Revision History

This is the first revision of this document

1.3 CPI Library Distribution and Access

The available distribution alternatives for the BSS CPI library are:
The extranet portal (E-business) requires access privileges
CD-ROM (on request)
All Ericsson CPI can be accessed online and either browsed on screen using
the Active Library Explorer (ALEX) or printed.
CPI is accessed through the Ericsson e-business portal on the Ericsson
A user id and a password are required to access the CPI Extranet service.
Access is provided by the Key Account Managers (KAMs) at the Ericsson Local
One of following browser versions is required:
Netscape 6 or later
MS Internet Explorer 4.* or a later
Firefox 1.0 or later
Mozilla 1.7 or later
1/1551-EN/LZN 719 0016 Uen A 2009-09-04 1
Library Overview BSS

Adobe Reader plug-in

For ALEX for Windows one of the following is required:
MS Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 or later
Adobe Reader plug-in
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required when browsing documents in PDF format.

1.4 CPI Product Numbers

This section presents the product numbers for BSS CPI libraries.
Each BSS product release has one library (collection) of documents. These
libraries are available on different media.
CPIX (CPI on the Extranet) is an electronic archive where readers can access
and download the libraries.
The CD-ROM product is comprised of documents in an ALEX database and the
programs needed to browse them, as well as PDF versions of the documents
so that they can be printed locally.

1.4.1 BSS