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1. Shoulder kalli

This type of kameez resembles the princess cut in volume and design. The only difference is that
the joints start from the shoulders and not the arms.

2. Neck gathering
This type of kameez has gatheings at the
dress is quite loose. Hence a belt or band is

neck and the
tied around the

3. Overlapping
Here one part of the top overlaps the other upto the waist or fully. It can be either real
overlapping or false overlapping with a small opening at the neck.

It is usually embroidered and has different shapes and patterns. . Kameez with yoke Yoke is an extra piece that is stitched at the neck area. 5.4. 2 or more kallis ( extra pieces ) are added to increase the volume of the dress at the lower part. Kameez with kallis In this type.

This type of kameez is usually short and has gathers a few inches below the the hips.6. Kameez with gatherings In this type of kameez the upper part is same as A line kameez whereas the lower part has slight gatherings a few inches below the hips. .

Hence it is usually stitched with a thin material to reduce the volume and create a flowing effect. These three types of kameez are usually worn with churidhars.This type has gatherings at the top and is slightly loose because of the gathers. .