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Public Order of Revocation

Nullifying the legal authority

of all Corporate Police and Law Enforcement Agencies
Issued to all corporate police officers and officials
by Court of Ages, Earth District
LET IT BE KNOWN as of December 1, 2014, under the court decision of August 25,
2014 that convicted the United States Corporation and their officers of fraud, extortion,
human trafficking, involuntary servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against
humanity, your authority and policing powers are hereby revoked and nullified and you
are hereby ordered to immediately STAND DOWN. Your further intervention into any
matter regarding any activity in any of the several states related to the United States
Corporation is now considered a Breach of the Peace.
LET BE FURTHER KNOWN that in disregarding this ORDER OF REVOCATION you
are considered personally responsible for acts of unlawful violence, assault, and
criminality against the People and face immediate arrest and detainment by the Court of
Ages, Earth District Natural Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court.
This order is in effect as of 12:50 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on June 30, 2015 and
supersedes all statutes and orders of the convicted criminal bodies related to the
corporate governments of the world.
THIS ORDER is issued by the Court of Ages under its authority as a dejur court of
record convened under Natural Law according to the will of the People, heirs of
creation, and under the mandate of the Courts office at Earth District.
This order has the full effect of the law

Cindy K. Currier
Jusitice, Court of Ages, Earth District
Ombudsman, Respublica of Earth