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Proposal to United Nations - God Sky Earth

To: Mr. Sino, M1

From: Cindy Kay Currier
Regarding: Receipt of funds for CVAC: America
Date: June 17, 2015
I would like to accept payments 1-11 consisting of the country quota, human obligation, and The
Venus Project for the CVAC, America.
Our situation in the United States of America is unique. The U.S. Federal Government does not
have a legitimate sitting President as the one bearing the title does so outside the guidelines of
the United States Constitution. Therefore, we were required to re-establish our independence
and reclaim the United States of America for the We the People in order to make its
governance compatible with the United States Constitution.
You may view my letter to the United States Department of Defense here: https://
You may find the Reclamation document here:
These publicly posted documents are unrebutted.
In order to provide documented means for the receipt of funds pursuant to the Peoples Trust
UCC filings, we published this initiation document:
In December 2013, it became clear further action was required. We issued the Armistice &
Accord, Letters Patent, Notice of Reconciliation and Letters of Marque which you may view
Along with these, we issued over 600 Arrest Warrants, Cease and Desist Orders, Replevins,
and Special Assumpsits, some of which you will find here:
We then developed a new constitution for Earth in order to provide a lawful foundation for a new
American constitution aligned with Natural Law. You may view the Respublica of Earth Articles
of Confederation here:
Finally, we developed and ratifed the Respublica for the United States of America Aricles of
Confederation, which you may view here:
Today the Respublca of Earth Articles of Confederation have signers from over 18 Continental
American states and two nations, America and Germany.
Please allow us the honor of receiving the SwissIndo payments.