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Post 8: GENDER

This time you have chosen to write about Gender roles and habits. Here you
have some questions to develop your post.
-In your country, what habits/roles are deemed as appropriate for men but
inappropriate for women?
-Should boys and girls be brought up differently? Are there different expectations for
sons and daughters?
-Do you see yourself as a typical man or woman? Why or why not?
-What would happen if your parents changed their place for one day?
-Are there more male or female managers and executives in your country? Why
do you think this is?
Write 240 words and leave comments on three of your classmates' posts.
Useful expressions:
It's okay/appropriate/innapropriate for a man/woman to... considered a man's/woman's role/habit.
A boy/girl is expected to ...
Boys/girls are (not) supposed to...
A mother/father should/ shouldn't...
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Monday, 1 June 2015

VIDEO 3: An activity I like to do in my free time.
Video 3: Record a 2-minute phone video presentation about an activity you
like to do in your free time.

How often you do it. What the activity involves. Why you enjoy doing this activity. Mention anything else you think is important.What the activity is. 2015 . Dead line: 8th June. Where you do it.