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Lake Asbury Junior High School

7th Grade Science
Mrs. Cleary, (904) 291-5582,
Welcome to Science! This is what should expect in science class this year!
Topics: covered in science this year will include the following: The Nature and Practice of
Science, Energy Transfer and Transformations, Earth’s Structures, Earth’s History, Plate
Tectonics, Earthquakes, Genetics, Change Over Time, and Populations and Communities.
Classroom rules and Expectations:
Be Ready (prepared) – bring your textbook, notebook and supplies to class every day.
Be Responsible – complete all assigned work and turn it in on time, pay attention and be on task.
Be Respectful – listen to Mrs. Cleary when she speaks, avoid distractions and refrain from distracting

Homework: Expect homework 2-3 times per week. The weekly agenda is posted on the board and in
Mrs. Cleary’s webpage every Monday (
Late work: All homework and missing work must be completed within the time frame given in class. A
20% penalty will be given for work one day late. No credit will be awarded to work turn in later than the
one day grace period.

Make-up work: It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work after school or during reading
time after an absence. During class time and between classes is not a good time to ask for missed work
as other tasks take priority, like the lesson for the day and not to be late to the next class.

Science Project: We will complete at least one science project per quarter; this will be either an
individual or small group activity.

Textbooks: Textbook replacement cost is $25.00. The textbook is available on the Internet.
Each student will be given an id and password to access the textbook on-line.
Grades/work assessment:
Labs, and Projects
Homework and classwork


Discipline: * Students who fail to meet classroom expectations, rules and procedures will be given
plenty of opportunities to correct the behavior as detailed in the following progression of consequences
for not meeting discipline standards.
1. Student-teacher conference
2. Reflection chair
3. Observation desk
4. Lunch Detention
5. Guidance referral.
6. Parent – teacher conference, phone call, and/or email
7. Discipline/ Administrative Referral.
* Severe Penalty Clause – Certain behavior will result in automatic administrative referral;
refer to you Student Code of Conduct.