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46v2: Constructing a Basic Computer Program for a Task

Sample brief: Number Smart

Important Note
You may make minor adjustments to the brief below, if necessary. If you do
so, make sure you:
check with your assessor that these changes are acceptable
submit a copy of the brief to which you have constructed your

You are to construct computer game for 5 to 7 year olds. The aim of the
game is to help students develop their skills and knowledge of:

numbers from 0 to 100

the relative value of these numbers

entering numbers on a computer keyboard, or selecting with a


The game is played as follows.

Different numbers are displayed on screen.

Players are told to choose the biggest or smallest number shown.

They enter the answer using their keyboard.

For example: Players are shown a 3 and a 9, and asked to identify
the biggest number. They then need to enter a 9 on their keyboard
to get the answer correct.

Users are given feedback on whether their choice has been correct,
and to encourage them to keep playing the game.

The algorithm should allow for the numbers (from which users make their
selection) to be adjusted. This is so that the game can be adapted for
other users. For example, 0 to 1000 could be used for older primary
students and decimals could be included for intermediate students.

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