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My state is a democratic state, so we are not against of the sale and

rental of violent video games because what will happen if we ban the
sale of violent video games to children? The personality of children
will change? They will leave their violent personality?
Well, I don’t believe that, because the personality of children is made
in base of education that parents impose in their child, for example, If
since I was a child I lived in a home with many problems, with parents
that attack physically or psychologically, obviously that I will grow up
with a resentment, which in the future it will produce in me a violent
A study by Texas A&M University last year found that exposure to
violent games "had neither short-term nor long-term predictive
influences on either positive or negative outcomes". Christopher J
Ferguson, one of the report authors, wrote in Time magazine in
December that "there is no good evidence that video games or other
media contributes, even in a small way, to mass homicides or any
other violence among youth".
If we’re asking parents what their child is doing? What believe that
are their answers, maybe study, playing, etc. Nowadays parents do
not the necessary pay attention to their children, so for that reason
we believe that the principal cause of violent child, not is the sale or
rental of violent video games, because if we ban the sale or rental of
violent video games, child can search the form of obtain this video
games, and maybe it will doesn’t matter for them if this form is legal
or illegal.
In spite of everything, all business know that must have put a label to
indicate the age that have to child to can play this video game.