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Halls Classroom Procedures:

As you have noticed, the classroom in which you are sitting is not my classroom. The primary teacher in this
classroom spends 4 periods teaching in this room and I spend 1 period in it. I travel from room to room with
everything I need on a cart. This is not an easy task so I ask for your help to make things run as smoothly as
possible so I do not waste any of your class time. We are going to work together to put these in place where
we are doing them consistently.
1. Class Attention Signals: When I need you to stop talking so that I can be heard Im going to say
something along the lines of In 30 seconds Im going to talk. In 15 seconds Im going to talk. By the
end of this you should have finished talking and it should be silent while I address the class.
2. Entering the class: You are to enter the classroom calmly, not running or yelling. You need to get your
calculator and a small post-it from the calculator box BEFORE sitting down. I have a few pencils in the
post-it container that you may borrow with the understanding that you return it at the end of class.
3. Getting started: As soon as the bell rings I expect you to have your homework sitting on the corner of
your desk, have your post-it filled out with a concept or problem from your homework that you need
extra help with. This should all be completed within the first 60 seconds of class at which time you will
have paper out and all necessary supplies so that you can work successfully.
4. Warm up: You should be working on your warm up by the end of the first minute of class. I will walk
around to check and offer assistance on your warm up and grade your homework from the previous
night. You will have the amount of time allotted on the timer. Warm ups should be completed alone and
silently unless you have an essential question. I do not collect warm ups unless I tell you I will.
5. While I am teaching: You are to be actively participating: listening, taking notes, asking questions,
thinking. Do not get up for any other reason than to sharpen your pencil, which you may do freely.
Please do not interrupt, talk to your neighbor off topic, or ask to leave the room while teaching is
occurring. When I ask a question I will either call on specific students or call on a student with a raised
hand. Do not just call out your answer.
6. Independent work times: You should work quietly. If you need help, first quietly ask a person sitting
either immediately in front, behind, or next to you. After that, please raise your hand to ask me.
7. Assignments: When I give an assignment, whether its considered classwork or homework, if I am
assigning it during class, you are expected to work on it right then. Typically I do not collect either.
8. Student Ownership: You are a senior now and you will be going to college next year. I will teach you
and offer you any assistance you need; however, it is your responsibility to do all assigned work and to
know what you still struggle with. When you still need improvement with a skill, it is you need to
advocate for yourself to seek out help from me, your peers, the internet, your book, or some other
9. Getting Assistance: Raise your hand and wait for me. Do not stop working. Move onto another
problem if you are stuck. If I dont see you, please address me with Excuse me Mrs. Hall.
10. Working with others: Keep your voices low and focus on the assignment, not any other conversation.
Ask for assistance in the same way as above.
11. Moving desks: If you need to move a desk please do it quickly and quietly and be sure to move it back
to its original position before exiting the room.
12. Time Checker: I need a designated person to tell me when there is 10 minutes left of class.
13. Ending Instruction: I will wrap up the lesson, assign homework for the night and ask for any
14. Cleaning up: You need to return your calculator to the box and clean up any mess you may have made
and throw it in the garbage.
15. Calculator loader: I need a designated person to assist with the returning of all calculators, to ensure
they are stacked neatly in the box, and the post-it container and pencils returned to box. Then this box
should be placed on my cart.
16. Dismissal: I will dismiss you, not the bell.
17. Hall passes: I will not issue hall passes except for an emergency. Use the restroom before you come
and bring your supplies.
18. Cell Phones: We will use phones for some technology but unless instructed by the teacher, cell phone
should be put away.