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For and Since

1. Complete the sentences for yourself using for and since.

1 I’ve lived in my house
for five years.
since I was ten.

2 I’ve had my favourite T-shirt

for _________________________
since ________________________

3 I’ve been at my school


4 My best friend and I have known each other


5 I haven’t been to the cinema


2. Write the time expressions from the box in the correct column.

for more than two years three hours ago

yesterday lunchtime this morning
since last night last summer
since 2005 in 2002

Past simple Present perfect

two days ago for six years
last week since I was ten
3. Complete the sentences using for or since.

1 How long have you been living in England?

I have been living in England since 1998.

2 How long have you known Peter?

____________________________ we were at school

3 How long has David had his car?

____________________________ 2002.

4 How long has Paula been learning French?

____________________________ two years.

5 How long have you been waiting for the train?

____________________________ an hour.

4. Complete the sentences using the past simple or present perfect

form of the verb in brackets.

1 I _________ (not ride) a horse since last summer.

2 We _________ (go) to Sophie’s party last week.
3 She _________ (study) English for six years.
4 _________ (you see) the latest Harry Potter film?
5 I _________ (finish) my homework before dinner.
6 She _________ (have) two hit songs this year.

5. Write the questions for these answers.

1 How long has it been since you went horse-riding?

I haven’t been horse-riding since I was twelve.

2 ____________________________
I’ve lived in Leiria for five years.

3 ____________________________
Martin and Sheila have been going out together since last June.

4 ____________________________
I’ve been practising the piano for two hours.

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