The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited (CIPLA LTD.



Dr. Khwaja. Abdul. Hamied

Board of Directors
Dr. K.A. Hamied (1898-1972)  

Chairman & Managing Director
Dr. Y.K. Hamied  

Joint Managing Directors
Mr. M.K. Hamied Mr. Amar Lulla

Manufactured ampicillin for the first time in


Launched etoposide, a breakthrough in cancer

chemotherapy, in association with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology first such dry powder inhaler device

Launches transparent Rotahaler, the world’s

Became the first company, outside the USA

and Europe to launch CFC-free inhalers

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Major Competitors (Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Industry)
Ranking of the Name of the Industry Company 1 2 Cipla Ltd. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Ranbaxy Laboratory Ltd. Sun Pharmaceutica ls Inds. Ltd. Net Sales (Rs. Cr) 5251.20 4512.70 Net Sales Ranking (2009) 87 109







HR Policies
The company is an equal opportunities employer and lends strategic importance towards the recruitment, training, and retention of the best of professionals in the industry. Our HR Policy ensures that we have consistent, non-discriminatory approach towards the development of our personnel's careers within our organization, through meritocracy driven appraisals, consistent efforts in motivation, and a structured approach towards managing human resources.

Job Description
Job Title Experience Skill Requirement Export/ Accounts Assistant 0-2 Years Accounting Knowledge about Pre-Post Shipment, Documentation, L/C, B/L MBA/PGDM Mumbai

Education Location

Employee Benefits
Bonus Provident Fund Gratuity Insurance Cover Leave Travel Allowance Medical Allowance

Cipla often uses healthcare

organizations/pharmacy benefits management companies (PBMs). to promote their products, including the dissemination of promotional labeling and advertising. Direct physician contact with pharmaceutical sales representatives. Increase in the number of medical representatives. Medical representative play an important role to enhance the sale of a pharma company.

Cipla has a product range comprising

antibiotics, anti-bacterials, anti-asthmatics, anthelmintics, anti-ulcerants, oncology, corticosteroids, nutritional supplements and cardiovascular drugs. Cipla is into anti-bacterial and anti-asthmatic segments and is the first player in Asia to launch non-CFC metered dose inhaler.

Cipla Product Doing Well In The Market
PRODUCT Farobact pruflox I pill viatran levozon crisanta maxiflo FOR Hiv disease Oral anti bacterial agent Contraceptive pill Gram negative bacteria Repiratory tract Pregnancy Asthama

Income Statement
Mar 08
Income : Operating Income  Expenses : Material Consumed  Manufacturing Expenses  Personnel Expenses  Selling Expenses  Adminstrative Expenses   2,121.11  330.80  255.45  284.63  359.13  1,785.62  273.18  184.59  226.08  270.69  4,203.29  3,561.99

Mar 07 

Mar 08 
Operating Profit  Other Recurring Income  Adjusted PBDIT  Financial Expenses  Depreciation  Other Write offs  Adjusted PBT  Tax Charges  Adjusted PAT  Non Recurring Items  Other Non Cash adjustments  Reported Net Profit  Earnigs Before Appropriation  Equity Dividend  Preference  852.17  64.91  917.08  18.05  130.68  0.00  768.35  136.93  631.42  70.01  0.00  701.43  1,091.78  155.46  0.00

Mar 07 
 821.83  65.78  887.61  11.16  103.37  0.00  773.08  139.95  633.13  34.90  0.00  668.03  972.23  155.46  0.00

Balance Sheet
Mar 08 
SOURCES OF   FUNDS  Owner s Fund    Equity Share Capital  Share Application Money  Preference Share Capital  Reserves & Surplus  Loan Funds    Secured Loans       155.46  0.00  155.46  0.00

Mar 07 

 0.00  3,591.39    16.98

 0.00  3,071.84


USES OF FUNDS  Fixed Assets  Gross Block  Less : Revaluation Reserve  Less : Accumulated Depreciation  Net Block  Capital Work-inprogress  Investments  Net Current Assets  Current Assets, Loans & Advances  Less : Current Liabilities & Provisions  Total Net Current Assets  Miscellaneous expenses not written 


Mar 08       2,201.79  8.97  540.43  1,652.39  233.12  94.75

Mar 07 

 1,799.71  8.97  411.64  1,379.10  73.19  117.80  2,834.68  1,053.91


   3,743.98  1,396.86

 2,347.12  0.00

 1,780.77  0.00

Annual Report
Sales  Other Income  Stock Adjustment  Raw Material  Power And Fuel  Employee Expenses  Excise  Admin And Selling Expenses  Research And Devlopment Expenses  Expenses Capitalised  Other Expeses  Provisions Made  Mar 09   5,270.54  67.83  -102.53  1,850.96  0.00  318.06  0.00  0.00  0.00 Mar 08   4,226.81  125.23  -33.30  1,668.60  0.00  254.31  0.00  0.00  0.00

 0.00  2,152.61  0.00

 0.00  1,487.55  0.00

Operating Profit  Interest  Gross Profit  Depreciation  Taxation  Net Profit / Loss  Extra Ordinary Item  Equity Capital  Equity Dividend Rate  Agg.Of Non-Prom. Shares (in Lacs)  Agg.Of Non PromotoHolding(%)  OPM(%)  GPM(%)  NPM(%)  EPS (in Rs.) 

Mar 09   1,051.44  33.54  1,085.73  175.65  142.25  767.83  0.00  155.46  0.00  4,629.18  59.56  19.94  20.33  14.38  9.88

Mar 08   849.65  11.59  963.29  132.63  130.18  700.48  0.00  155.46  0.00  4,657.08  59.91  20.10  22.13  16.09  9.01



INE059A01026 350.20





Corporate Social Responsibility
Cipla Palliative Care Centre Home Visits  Physiotherapy  Teaching Palliative Care

Strengths : Cipla has a voluminous product portfolio

containing more than 200 brands some of which are the leading brands in their respective category. The company has excellent process R&D skills which are considered to be one of the best  in the country. The company has an extensive distribution network.

Weaknesses : The company's margins have fallen

during the last two years. The main reason for this has been an increase in the cost of raw materials. The company does not have a well defined succession plan and this could lead to leadership gap in the future.

Opportunities : The relaxation of Drug Price Control Order

(DPCO) will be a big boost for the company and this might improve the profit margin as 55% of the company's sales are regulated by DPCO. The company has already made ANDAs (Abbreviated new drug application) in USA and it provides a great opportunity for growth for the company.

Threats : The entry of foreign players will

pose a major threat to the company. The lack of focus on basic R&D could pose problem in postpatent regime.

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