Science Ix

Science-ix Section A

1. Define chromatography. 2. Give two examples of polyatomic ions. 3. What are isotopes ? 4. What do you mean by free fall? 5. An electric heater rated 1500 W. how much energy does it use in 10 hours? 6. Which wave property determines (I ) loudness (ii) pitch? 7. A submarine emits a sonar pulse, which returns from under water cliff in 1.02s.if the speed of sound in salt water is 1531 m/s, what is the distance of the sea bed from the sea? 8. A pair of bullocks exerts a force of 140 N on a plough .the field being ploughed is 15m long. How much work is done in ploughing the length of field? 9. If K and L shell of an atom are completely full, then what will be the name of the element? 10. Which has more number of atoms, 100g of sodium or 100g of iron? 11.Differentiate between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures with examples. 12. Calculate the formula unit masses of ZnO, Na2O ad K2CO3.[atomic mass of the Zn=65,k=39,C=12,O=16]. 13. What is SONAR? What is the basic principal of its working? Explain its use. 14. The potential energy of a freely falling object decreases progressively. Does it violate law of conservation of energy? 15.State Newton’s law of gravitation. List the characters of gravitational force. Using this law find the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth. 16. What are cathode rays? How are they produced? Write two of its properties. 17.Name the tissue responsible for movement in our body. 18.What is immunization? 19. State any two conditions essential for good health. 20.How do biotic and abiotic factors affect crop production? 21.What are advantages of mixed cropping and intercropping? 22.What precautions can you take in your school to reduce the incidence of infectious disease? 23.Differentiate between xylem and phloem? 24.Give the name of the following: (i) Tissue concerned with the conduction of food material. (ii) Tissue capable of cell division. (iii) Minute pores present in the pores. 25. Explain the structure and functions of connective tissues.

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