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2319 S. 19
Lincoln, NE 68502
Bachelors of Science in Education and Human Sciences
May, 2013
Art K-12
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nebraska Initial Teaching Certificate
Praxis Status
Completed Praxis I
Experience in Education
Long-term Substitute Teacher, Waverly Middle School, Waverly, NE
Oct-Dec, 2014
Visual Arts, Grades 6-8
Took on all responsibilities in the classroom: conducted parent teacher
conferences, grading, lunchroom supervision, revising daily lesson plans,
coaching of students learning
I learned how important it is to get to know a little about each student so
they feel welcomed in a safe learning environment
Art 6, focused on properties of color
Art 7, focused on the elements and principles of design
Art 8, multimedia in the 2-D: drawing, painting, photography
Pottery, hand building, wheel throwing, glazing
Art Club, students created an annual Christmas coloring book
Substitute Teacher, Waverly District 145, Waverly NE
Jan-, 2014-15
Art, Grades 6-12
Substitute teacher for the Middle School and High School Art Specialists
This has given me experience substituting in my area of endorsement which
keeps me up to date with Standards and teachings in the Visual Arts

Substitute Teacher, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE

Jan-, 2014-15
Multiple Subject Areas, Grades K-12
Substituting in a multiple of subjects and grades
I have a greater appreciation for all school staff and what they do for the
students, school, district, and community
All students have different learning styles and finding out how they learn
best is the job of the school community
Student Teaching, Southeast High School, LPS, Lincoln, NE
March-May, 2013
Student teaching in a High School for a big district gave me the opportunity
to see a group of Art Specialist working together as a community to improve
instruction, meet standards, and create a better environment for student to
Pottery, Grades 9-12
Beginning and Advance Pottery projects included hand building, wheel
throwing, and glazing techniques
Conducted critiques to help students feel more comfortable talking about
their artwork using the vocabulary of art
Incorporated a sculpture project into the curriculum, students created an
abstract piece of 3-D work
Jewelry Design, Grades 9-12
Macram, polymer beads, wood beads, wirework
Student Teaching, Zeman Elementary, LPS, Lincoln, NE
Jan-March, 2013
Visual Arts, Grades K-5
Incorporated technology in instruction by using video demos to demonstrate
lessons, this method of introducing a project helped insure that all students
could see instruction
This was my first student teaching experience, I learned how important it is
to have a consistent classroom management style
Practicum, Pershing Elementary, LPS, Lincoln, NE
Sept-Dec, 2013
Visual Arts, Grades 3-4
This was mostly an observational learning experience in the classroom
I learned how essential it is to use behavior plans set up for the school
Additional Experience:
Art in the Community, University of Nebraska Lincoln
Jan-Dec, 2013

This was a class offered at UNL working with LPS Schools specifically in the
Art Department to design and create public art pieces that would be
displayed in spaces for the community to share
During this time we worked mainly with LPS students at McPhee Elementary
and Park Middle School
We also had experience in writing grants to receive additional support for
Summer Camp Art Specialist, Prairie Hill Learning Center, Roca NE
Aug, 2014
Created daily lesson plans focusing on nature for a summer camp
Classes were held outside bringing the subject of nature and natural
materials together collaboratively