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English 2010
Professor Fiona Harris-Ramsby
Austin Credaroli
How effective are Mr. Donald Trumps Presidential Websites?
Today in this online review I would like to take a look at the Presidential
candidate Donald Trump. Known for being a controversial TV Star as well as a
business tycoon, Donald Trump announced his official candidacy for the 2016
Presidential Election on June 1st 2015. He then launched his website with the slogan Make America Great Again. The website
specifically shows Donald Trump showing a peace sign with the colors of the website
being the all too familiar red, white, and blue. Id like to set the boundaries for my
evaluation by how effective Mr. Trumps website is in its Ethos, Pathos, and Logos,
and how it may be attractive or unattractive to a viewer.
Ethos, is determining something based on ethical appeals. So now looking at
Trumps website we have to determine if it is persuasive in the ethos standpoint.
With the biggest picture on the website being Mr. Trump himself, it makes us think
about the ethical appeals of Donald J. Trumps. In some forms Trumps is a respected
man especially in the business world, in others with his recent remarks on
controversial topics such as border control you see the ethics slightly fall when
arrogant remarks are made about subjects such Hispanic Americans, Healthcare,
and diplomacy you see his ethics in these areas are lacking. With reviewing the
website specifically, it appears that Trumps main focus is to bring America back to

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the 60s with his propaganda style campaign and his attempt to Make America
Great Again since apparently at the time we arent that great. His website is
hosting him specifically so we have to look at it as if it were likable or worthy of
respect. The website its self is very well done, sparking the interest using colors of
red, white, and blue however the author or the main point of the website is less
than what is needed to be for a president for the ethos side of everything. More
often than not however people judge things based off of their emotions.
How does this website make me feel? When first viewing the website you get
a strong sense of patriotism just like you may have around WW1. The website is
very basic in the fact that its simply a photo of Mr. Trump followed by press releases
or donation prompts, however the feel of the website gives you the same feel that
the posters with Uncle Sam saying. We Want YOU! Since the layout is very similar.
His website makes it feel like the American thing to do is to vote for him and that
hes going to turn this place around, which honestly, who wouldnt want that? In the
photograph on the website Trump is showing a slight smile and is giving the peace
symbol with his slogan on the front. The photo makes the viewer feel like Trump is
going to make America peaceful again, make it want to be a place to live again, a
powerhouse just like it used to be. This website specifically does a good job with the
Pathos side of things because it gets the patriotic feeling in you fired back up, but is
Donald Trump logically a reasonable candidate?
We have the thing logically if we can have Mr. Trump as a president. His
website has all the bells and whistles needed to persuade someone into voting for
him, but with exploring how he is going to help America through his website or
similar websites such as Trump cant be
logically elected for president. He has no answers and only the same sneaky

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political phrasing as every other candidate. Either questions are avoided when
asked to Trump or a tangent is given about something completely off topic. His
controversial answers make it so that the links that are included on the website are
not all that logical to vote in Mr. Trump as President of the United States; which
would give him more power than this narcissistic person really needs. After
reviewing the articles on the website one logically cannot find him to be a good
presidential candidate.
While Trumps website carries Ethos and Pathos its missing the key
ingredient of Logos. Although according to Trump is doing
quite well in the polls, I do not credit this to his website. Since its such a basic site it
makes you feel American but doesnt give much information on what Trump is
planning on doing should he be elected but in centered around money with
Donate found on almost every page. He also makes some very controversial
statements on already controversial subjects through the articles on his website
that dont help the logos of his website either. One of the keys to a good presidential
election is the website since the world is run by technology people turn to this to
find information. Trumps website could use a make-over or it may hurt him in the
long run.

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