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a DIGITAL MULTIMETERS 3 Model 34574, Over 1350 Readings/sec at 31/s Digits * Seven Functions—DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Ohms, Frequency and Period HP 34578, Description ‘The HP 3457A has seven functions with 3) 1 6) digits of resolu tion extendable to 74 digits at reading rates from 1 tending cry 9 Seconds 1 1330 ras/s and basic DC volts aceuracy a good 2° 3 pam, In edition, the input of the HP 3457A can be expanded up totes 16 0m Beweous De Voltage ‘Accuracy: (0 day) Sete ee Wave inputs, > 10% of ange. DC com: sia a Den A sae ae a om = Se eno ales Igraton time 1g Pc ae his oe a er [ae set HDC coupes mode requires hour wer | Bee | ee = ie aa a ET ar | Bey | ie | ST gs ] | i ea ae ar | dewaee’ | ie A Bo, | dey fe % a se Ee | mo | Sia | top |} | Be sin Et | a AEE warmup inaraton une OPLC Tal cso a ia "ef th bration evrcnent teen aed ene ie E]e a DC Current ‘pay “Noy ba eee ee | = tog | tata [Sane a oy iol” | doomees | toe ke | amon | Be Be | hemom | 3 | ions oy Es dite Ih warm-up, integration dane 100PLOTeal ‘re of the ealfbration eovitonmen betwoes ig ca True RMS AC! and (Ac+De): Bandwidth: 20 tz 10 100 kHz Crest Factor: 3.5 to full scale ‘Accuracy: (90 day) ye Pecied for sine wave inputs, >10% of ange: DC come ponent <10% of AC component sf week of autocal. Integration tone Hz. BC sou er 1 hr warmup and within ong 10 PLC, AC Band set to 2400 pled mode requires hour wry (Ue ea ag seg can Sstance (2 and 4 wire obms)* Reng pecan a] —— or eae S| amen ee Sovtgeee) | fae Hi Orn 5 i E00 Kn at oe oboe 33000 to 0 Hn 196} DIGITAL MULTIMETERS 3%: to 61/2 Digit DMM with Extended Resolution to 7'/2 Digits HP Model 34872 (cont.) Frequency and Period: Measures the frequency or period of the tc component of the ae oF de eoupled voltage or curest input. The ‘counter uses a reciprocal counting technique to give constant resol tion independent of input Frequency. Input impedance: Refer to AC voltage and curent specifications. Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 1.5 MHz (voltage input) 10 He to 100 KH (eurrent input) Period Ranges sto 667 ns (voliage input) 1 $3.33 us (eurent input) ‘Sensitivity: 10 mV or 100 uA (sinewave) “Triggering: Triggers and counts on zero crosings ‘Accuracy: (1 year) Tay ina Bie oe Te cs 08 scot Su sis ots att Maximum Reading Rate: 20 régs/s for integration tne of T PLC, ‘AC Band 400 Hz, delay zero and math off and xed range. ‘Memory: 2139 available bytes that can be partitioned into 3 sog- rents, one devoted to storing measurements, one devoted to string ‘measurement rubprogram, and one devoted to storing instrument ‘Math Functions: The HP 3457A performs the following math functions on the meesurements—NULL, SCALE, OFFSET, RMS. FILTER, SINGLE POLE FILTER, THERMISTOR LINEARIZATION, DB, DBM. % ERROR, PASS/FAIL LIMIT ‘TESTING, and STATISTICS. Two math functions may be used at onetime. Warmup Time: one hour 10 all specifications excopt where noted Humidity Range: 9% R.H..0 1040" C ‘Storage Temperatures —46 10 +759 C Power: 100/120/220/240 V 10%, 48 Hz ~ 66 Hz, 220 V, 210%, 448 He to 66 He. Fused at 2A (115 V) oF 008 A (230 V), <30 VA, ‘Size: 89 mim H (without removable eet) x 428mm W x 292mm D G5" x 16175" x 11.57). Height (with removable fet): 100 ram (4") Allow 76mm (3*) addtional depth for witing. ‘Not Weight: 5.05 kgm (11-1 Tbs) Shipping Weight: 9.3 kem (20. ts) Plug-in Options LHP 444914 Armature Relay Multiplexer Assembly input Char ‘acterstice: Eight two-wire armature relay channels and two cur Feat/actustor channels. Maximum voltage ((erminal-o-terminal or terminal to ebessis) 250 Veins. Maximum current (per channel) —1.0 ADC or AC. Thermal Offset - 3 V. Closed channel resistance (end of relay life) - <2 Ohms. Maximum switching and measurement ‘Speed 33 channels/socond. Hp 44492A Reed Relay Multiplexer Assembly Input Character- istics: Ten iworwire reed relay channels. Maximum voltage (trmi- ‘alocterminal or terminal-to-chasss) - 125 V peak Thermal ofeet- 3 nV. Closed channe! resistance (end of reley lie) - <4 Ohms. Spec fod for 100 kHx ac volte and frequency operation, Maximum ‘witching and measurement spoad ~ 300 chaanela/second. HP 444978 High Voltage Attenuator Assombly Input Chan. ‘acteristics: Two relay channels, channel 1 devoted to high vatag ‘measurements, Maximum Highio-Low voltage of 1000 Volts DC we. AC rms. Maximum Low-to-Earth voltage of 380 V Peak None. structive Overiad vollage of 1700 V Peak, 1200 Volts DC. Atcne: stor accuracy tobe added to HP 34S7A range and function accuracy for total acearacy. De 0.030% of reeding 20 He 1 KH 28% of reading IKHz-10KH2 10.0% of reading Note: One year accuracy applet t0 Teal «8%, NPLC=1 op srcater, Specifications ae for low-tocarth voltage les than 0.1 tives, the High-to-Earth voltage Armature Rey daéste) seg ay (244008) ee. Curent var Lege see i iL Roar Input vVaeP