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To my little one:
Para mi pequeña/o:
I promise to love you for the special person that you are.
Prometo amarte por la persona especial que eres.
I promise to protect you and keep you safe.
Prometo protegerte y velar por tu seguridad.
I promise to provide for you.
Prometo mantenerte.
I promise to educate you from your earliest days.
Prometo educarte desde tu nacimiento.
I promise to have a circle of loving family members and friends around us.
Prometo mantener un círculo amoroso de familia y amigos alrededor de nosotros.
I promise we will share meals, happy celebrations, and traditions.
Prometo compartir contigo comidas, celebraciones y tradiciones.
I promise to make you proud of me.
Prometo que te sentirás orgulloso/a de mi.
I promise to apologize to you when I act in anger, or out of fatigue or frustration.
Prometo disculparme cuando actúe con enojo debido a la fatiga o a la frustración.
I promise to stand by you and support you in times of stress as your parent and friend.
Prometo apoyarte, interceder por ti y ser tu madre y amiga.
I promise to give you my love and support to become a strong, independent adult.
Prometo amarte y apoyarte para que te conviertas en un adulto fuerte e independiente. |