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' e 5 0 | Sti C 6 Competitive Differentiators bymersive What Sets Solstice Apart? Solstice sets the standard for wireless presentation and collaboration with best-in-class features for end-user presen- {ation/collaboration and for AV/IT management of Solstice deployments across an enterprise network. The Solstice features below are unmatched or unsurpassed by any competitive product in the market and collectively make Solstice the best in-class wireless presentation and collaboration product Best in Class Features No proprietary hardware required. Solstice is a pure-software solution that runs on a Windows 7 or 8 computer in the room, Virtual upgrades are easy — and inlcuded at no extra charge with an active Solstice license — vs hardware-based solutions, which more or less lock you into the features set available on the date of purchase or require you replace your hardware to upgrade. Don't have a PC in the room? Ask about the Solstice Appliance, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Posts. Solstice enables an unlimited number of users to connect to a display and share an nimited number of media posts simultaneously. Access control options can be set to limit user access as needed. Distributed Control of Media. With Solstice, any connected user can control any media item posted to a shared display, regardless what user posted the item. Users can move, scale and delete items, as well as move items to/from the deck and control video posts, creating an interactive user experience and facilitating collaboration, Moderation and Access Control. With Solstice, moderators can review and accept or reject media submitted by quest users before the item posts to the display. Additionally, Solstice features granular access control options to limit and control user access to the Solstice display for different types of meetings and presentations Customizable Display Layouts. Customize the layout of the Solstice display to ft the needs of your meeting or presen- tation, Solstice's ‘Freeform’ layout mode allows the user(s) to arrange and scale media arbitrarily, creating completely custom layouts on the display. High Quality Video Streaming. Solstice supports native framerate playback for video, which means the video will stream to the display at the same framerate the video file is encoded in (up to 60 frames per second). Ultra Low Latency. Solstice features ultra low latency for minimal ‘delay’ between client devices and the display. At ~10-16 ms of latency, lag becomes noticeable; Solstice streams at ~5 ms of latency under optimal network conditions, Display-side Control with Multi-touch Support. Solstice also supports the ability for users to connect, share and control the display from the display host computer. Ths includes multi-touch support for touch-enabled displays. iOS Mirroring. Solstice supports full mirroring of Apple iOS devices through the devices’ native AirPiay functionality. ‘Support for Unlimited Display Resolution. Solstice supports unlimited resolution displays, including 4k cisplays and video walls. The only practical mit to display resolution is the graphics hardware of the display host PC. Centralized Management (for multiple deployments across a network). The Solstice Dashboard allows IT to support, Configure and manage hundreds of displays simultaneously on the network, from a central location, Display Naming and Discovery. Solstice utlizes the Solstice Directory Service (SDS) for enterprise-compliant network traffic routing across subnets and switches. SDS presents users with intuitive display names for connectivity without using broadcast trafic on the network, and it can be setup without any changes to network configuration or DNS records, Have questions? Visit for more information.