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" T've Got You Under My Skin Words & Music by Cole Porter Arr.: Hans-Giinter Heumann Modersiely:d Gm? ¢? Fmaj Dm? | em 5 4 Gm? c7 Fmaj7 Dm? | the | oar —AL simile | cep in my eat. youre realy = un-der my | skin. © 1936 by BUXTON-HILL-MUSIC Corp. / CHAPPELL & CO.INC. Far Deutschland, GUS und osteuropische Liinder : Alle Rechte vorbehalten CHAPPELL und Co. GmbH & Co.KG, Hamburg BoE 7071 Al Rights Reserved Bhm6 sid to : Daim my = self, "This omic c7 4 Em? —3— why should [uy tre my i BoE 7071 will E/E 2 go DR when, Fmaj? 3 dar-ling, 30 Gm/F cur 3. p—I— —3— —_ what might, for of hay ing you "7 ge Gm ongls_, : in spite of ing voice inthe night andre = by Fmaj7 Ffaim c7 Dm/F c a ——— -peats and repeats in my "Dont you_|know, lit tle fool, == z z Be ce Fmaj7 Fdim use your z a a a ee ee ce BoE 7071 31 B Bbhm But each . thought of you makes me as F cm b7 Gm? ‘cause I've BoE 7071