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INTERNATIONAL MARITIME DANGEROUS GOODS CODE LABELS, MARKS AND SIGNS Specimen labels Class 1 - Explosive substances or articles (No. 1) Divisions 14, 1.2and 1.3 ‘symbo! (exploding bomb); black. Background: orange. Figure ‘' in bottom corer e ¢ (No. 1.4) (No. 1.5) Division 1.4 Division 1.5 Background: ora o (Wo. 18) Division 1.6 sage. Figures: black. Numerals shall be about 30 mm in height and be about § mm thick fora label measuring 100 mm ~ 100 mm). Figure’ in bottom corner. ‘++ Place for division - to be left blank if explosive isthe subsidiary risk. «+ Place for compatibilty group ~ 10 be left blank if expicsive is the subsiciary risk. Class 2- Gases No.2.) Class 2.1 Flammable gases Symbol (fame): black or white (except as provided for in §. Background: red. Figure 2’ in bottom corner. Class 3 - 9 Toxic gases ‘symbol (skull and crossbones}: black. Background: white. Figure ‘2’ in bottom comer, $999 (No.2) Class 2.2 ‘Non-flammable, non-toxic gases ‘Symiol (gas cylinder: black or white. Background: green. Figure '2 in bottom corner Flammable liquids (No.9) ‘symbol lame): black or white. Background: red. Figure in bottom corner. IMDG Code (Amat. 36-12) 251 Part 5 ~ Consignment procedures Class 4 o o| (No. 41) (No. 42) (No. 43) Class 4:1 Class 4.2 Class 4.3 Flammable solids Substances liable to Substances which, in contact with water, ‘Symbol ame): black. spontaneous combustion ‘emit flammable gases Background: white with ‘Symbol flame): black. ‘symbo! flame): black or white. sevenvertical red stripes, Background: upper haf white, Background: bve. lower ha red. Figure “in bottom corner. Figure a" in bottom comer. Figure 4’ in bottom corner. A Class 5 (No, 53) (No.5.2) Class 6.1 Class 5.2 Oxidizing substances Organic peroxides ‘Symbol flame over circle): black: ‘Symbol (ame: black or whit Background: yellow. Backgroune: upper hat re; lower naif yellow Figure'\'in bottom commer, Figure 6.2’ in bottom corer Class 6 (No.6. Class 6.1 Torte substances ‘Symbol (skull and crossbones): back. Background: white. Figure ‘in bottom corner. (Wo. 6.2) Class 6.2 Infectious substances ‘The lower hat of the label may bear the inscriptions INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCE and In case of damage or leakage immediately notity Public Health Authority. ‘Symool (three erascents superimposed on a circle) and inscriptions: lack. ‘Background: white, Figure ’6 in bottom corner Class 7 - Radioactive material (No. 74) Category! ~ White ‘Symbol trefoil: biack ‘Background: white, ‘Text (mandatory): black in lower half of label RADIOACTIVE CONTENTS ... “ACTIVITY .. (One rae bar shall follow the word, RADIOACTIVE. in bottom corner. Fig (Wo. 78) Category Il- Yellow ‘Two red vertical bars shall fellow the word RADIOACTIVE, WNo.70) Category Ill- Yellow ‘Symbol trefoil: black, Background: upper half yellow with white border, lower half white. "Text (mandatory): black in lower half of label: RADIOACTIVE CONTENTS .. "ACTIVITY ... Jina black outlined box: TRANSPORT INDEX .. ‘Three red vertical bars shall follow the word RADIOACTIVE. Figure’'7"in bottom comer. (No. 76) Class 7 fissile mat Background: white. ‘ext (mandatory): black in upper half of label: FISSILE Ina black outlined box in the lower half ofthe label: CRITICALITY SAFETY INDEX... Figure ‘7'in bottom corner. Class 8 - Corrosive substances (No.8) ‘Symbo iquids, spiling from two glass vessels {and attacking a hand and a meta): black Background: upper half white lower aif black with white border. Figure’8! in bottom corner. ‘class 8 label with a shaded hand may aso be used. Class 9 - Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles (No.9) ‘Symbol (seven vertical stripes in upper hat: black. Background: whi Figure ‘8 underlined in bottom corner. IMDG Code (Amat. 36-12) 253