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Integrated Reading Syllabus




Ms. Heller | Room 111 | Edmodo: z742r5

Remind101: text @readheller to 81010

The purpose of this course is to enable students with
literacy skills that will help them reach the ACT College
Readiness benchmark score (21). Reaching this ACT
benchmark score helps students attain admission to
post-secondary education, as well as various career
paths. Upon completion of this course, students gain a
holistic perspective of test-taking approaches,
comprehension strategies, and how to use literacy skills
in real-world settings. This course focuses on
developing and enhancing the skills necessary for
successful completion of the ACT English Language test.

(1) 1 Binder with at least 4 sections

College-ruled paper
Pencils and/or pens
Colored pencils
Edmodo account
SSR Independent Reading Book(s)we
will discuss in class and have monthly
school library visits

**Room 111 appreciates the generous, optional

donations of any of the following items: Kleenex,
paper towels, loose-leaf paper, and hand sanitizer.

There will be a series of assignments which pertains to

each reading/writing ACT skill standard that we cover;
however, the class will also have weekly assessments
(vocabulary and grammar units) to reinforce retention
from other content areas and to practice literacy skills
and testing techniques. Accompanying these weekly
assessments, we will also have daily independent
reading that is assessed. We will even explore how
literacy strength aids in memory, focus, and mental

Fall Semester Breakdown
1st 9 Weeks = 40%
2nd 9 Weeks = 40%
Term Exam = 20%
.50 credit
*Each semester earns .50 credits,
totaling 1 credit for the year.

Grading Scale
A = 90%-100%
B= 80%-89%
C = 70%-79%
D = 60%-69%
F = 0%-59%

Spring Semester Breakdown

1st 9 Weeks = 40%
2nd 9 Weeks = 40%
Final Exam = 20%
.50 credit


All school policies will be enforced in this class.



Your presence (mind and body) in class is essential. If you

must miss class due to illness or other circumstances
beyond your control, it is your responsibility to find out
which assignments you missed, to acquire handouts, and
to borrow and copy the class notes for the day(s) you were
absent. Missing school will take a great toll on your success
in this class so you should make every effort to be present.

Your responsibilities in this class include keeping

your own up-to-date assignment notebook,
maintaining pace with the reading, and turning
in all assignments on time. If you do not
understand an assignment, ask for help far
enough in advance to have time to finish the
assignment. If you are having personal
difficulties apart from class, talk to me before an
assignment due date so that we can make other
arrangements. Otherwise, late work may only be
accepted while completing after school during

1. If you have an EXCUSED absence, you can make up your

work with no penalty if completed within the
designated amount of time (number of days absent plus
one extra day). Unexcused absences may have to attend
after school remediation to receive credit
2. Because you will have at least a weeks lead-time for
papers and other major assignments, the due date
remains the same regardless of your absence. If you are
ill the day a paper/project is due, deliver it to a friend
who can turn it in for you or you can deliver it via email.
3. If you miss a test, quiz, oral assignment, etc., you and I
will have to work out a time to make up this work
(before or after school, during my planning period, etc.)
4. If youre at home with questions, email me at


All papers must be typed in the following manner:
Typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins
Legible, 12 point font (NO FANCY FONTS)
Last name and page number headers on each page

All grades given will be based on a point system within a
weighted category. You will be made aware of the points a
particular assignment is worth when it is assigned. Due to
lack of class time to view individual grades privately,
please allow up to two weeks for grades to be updated
on Infinite Campus.

If it becomes apparent that you will not be
able to submit an assignment on time (one of
your major papers or projects) you may
request an extension. This must be a formal
request submitted in writing. These requests
will only be granted if submitted 24 hours (or
earlier) before a deadline. I will respond
granting or denying the extension as promptly
as possible with an explanation of my
Please follow the below procedure when
requesting an extension:
Provide your name, the assignment,
and the reason for your request
Inform me of the date and time you
will have the work turned in by
(extensions should be a day or two)
Use complete sentences and a mature
Attach any and all work youve
completed on the assignment thus far
(if you have not started there is likely
zero chance of you receiving an

If at any time you need extra help, I am available to assist you. Before school, after school, and/or during my
planning period are perhaps the best moments. You are responsible for arranging these help sessions in an attempt
to make sure I know you need me and that I am prepared to help you.



It is very important that you review your notes and homework

frequently! This is especially true when homework has a purpose.
Most homework has one or more of the following aims:
Practice reinforces the learning of material presented in
class and helps you master specific skills.
Preparation provides supporting informationhistory, skills,
definitionsfor whats forthcoming; it will help when new
material is covered in class.
Extension or elaboration involves the transfer of previously
learned skills to new situations.
Integration asks you to apply skills and concepts to produce
a single product.
I will make every effort to communicate the purpose of homework
assignments to you. If you are having difficulties with anything
covered in this course, see me as soon as possible. Times when I am
available for extra help are included on the previous page. The
nature of this course is to challenge and to push you to stretch
beyond what you already know and can do. Although I expect you
to work hard this year, I will never give you an assignment or expect
you to do anything I havent already done or wouldnt/couldnt
have done myself when I was your age. I also want to say now that I
appreciate your effort and value each of you as important members
of the class, regardless of the grade you earn from me. Your grade
does not equate to your value as a person. My wish is to help you
discover and cultivate your gifts for use in a meaningful life.

I prefer that you ask questions in

class. If you do not want to ask a
specific question in class, please
see me after class or after school.
I prefer out-of-school questions
be submitted by email so I can
review them and respond when it
is convenient for me. My email
address is as follows:
I will try to respond to an emailed
question within one school day.

Students may not put their heads
reasonstudent participation in

Students are encourages to ask for
help whenever needed! Please
raise your hand and wait to be
called on. If working in groups, ask
peers first.



-You are to come prepared for class and ready to work.

Supplies should be brought to class each day, unless
instructed to do otherwise by the teacher.
-Enter the room quietly and calmly before the bell
-Get all materials before you sit in your seat, and
follow the instructions given on the board/projector
before the bell.

Before leaving the classroom at the end of the

period, make sure that all desks are put back in
their place, textbooks and borrowed supplies
are returned, and all trash is put in the trash
All students are to remain seated until the bell
rings. Do not line up at the door.



You will have a limited number of passes per

semester. Any unexcused tardy will cost a pass.
Passes will not be given during the first 15 or last 5
minutes of class AND you must have your student ID
in order to leave.
Do not request a pass to go see a guidance
counselor. (You must sign up in the Guidance Office
to meet with a counselor. Guidance will send passes
for scheduled meetings, and they can be scheduled
during lunch/before or after school)

You dont have to ask.

Make sure it all goes INTO the trash bag.

No eating in class.
Only drinks permitted in class must have
a twist-on lid. This is a privilege! If the
privilege is abused, it will be revoked.


Device Policy
Many activities in this class may
require Internet usage.
However, a student warning for
minor technology infractions
(phone ringing, buzzing, or
texting, etc.) may include, but is
not limited to:

A public class apology

for wasting learning
time, wasting individual
potential, and ignoring
peers or teachers.
A letter from all other
teachers you have that
describes your behavior
in their classes (a poor
report is unacceptable)
A formal letter of
apology to Ms Heller for
disrupting learning and
obviously ignoring her
feelingsfollow MLA
requirements for a
formal business letter
A strict adherence to the
cookie policy: if your
technology is a
distraction, you will
bring in store-bought,
sealed cookies for the
entire class within one
week of class sessions.

**Any refusal of these class

policies may result in
consequences ranging from a
zero to detentions.**

I begin the year with complete trust and faith in each of you. Please do not abuse
that trust by being dishonest. Learning cooperatively is great, and I encourage you
to get together to brainstorm and discuss assignments. When you sit down to
complete an individual assignment, however, let the work be yours alone.
Penalties for plagiarismanother word for cheatingare stiff.
If two papers resemble each other too closely, I will split the points.
If a paper is obviously copied, whether from a classmates work or from the
Internet, it will receive no credit. Parents will be notified.

In addition to the zero and parent notification, students will write a poem
emphasizing the importance of doing your own work.


Students are allowed to use personal devices at school provided they adhere to the following:
General Guidelines
Students will have access to all available forms of electronic media and communication,
which is in support of education and research, and in support of the educational goals and
objectives of the BCPS District.
Students are responsible for their ethical and educational use of the mobile devices online services at the BCPS District.
All policies and restrictions of personal/mobile device for on-line services must be
Transmission of any material, which is in violation of any federal or state law, is
prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: confidential information, copyrighted
material, threatening or obscene material, and viruses.
Any attempt gain access to the BCPS network with the intent to damage file, access
unauthorized data, or disrupt the network traffic in any way is strictly prohibited.
Students are prohibited from using cameras (still or video) on their personal devices while
at school, unless the teacher has granted permission.
Loss, Theft or Damage while on school property: Students assume all risk of theft or
damage while on school property. Students should exercise responsible behavior in the use
and protection of any personal devices while on school property. Bullitt County Public
Schools will not be responsible for personal property, including computers and mobile
Internet Filtering: Use of devices or software to bypass district Internet filtering is a
violation of the District Acceptable Use Policy and disciplinary action shall be taken.
Inappropriate Material: If a student is found to be accessing inappropriate material on the
Internet or on the personal device while on school property, school authorities will take
disciplinary action.
Network Etiquette
Be polite; messages typed in capital letters are the equivalent of shouting and are
considered rude.
Use appropriate language; swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs, and any other
inflammatory language are prohibited.
Pretending to be someone else when sending/receiving messages is considered
inappropriate and fraudulent.
Transmitting obscene messages or pictures is prohibited.
Revealing personal addresses or phone numbers of the user or others is prohibited and
Using the network in such a way that would disrupt the use of the network by other users
is prohibited.

Miss Hellers Classroom Rules

Whenever groups of people gather in the same place at the same time for the same general purpose, some
guidelines are necessary. Rules allow individuals to know what their responsibilities are and to have the
opportunity to experience calm, and orderly days. Although it is tempting to have several rules, Ias the teacher
& the person in charge of the wellbeing of all who enter this roomhave supplied just a few rules. BUT THESE
questions & input concerning these rules are welcomed. With all of that said, let the rules begin:

We are solely responsible for our

choices, & we have to accept the consequences
of every deed, word, and thought throughout
our lifetime. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Show pride in yourself and your work! You are responsible
for all assignments and their timely submission. If you are
absent from class, make sure you find out any assignments
you have missed by checking the calendar. Each student is
obligated to bring all appropriate materials to class every
day. These supplies include, but are not limited to paper,
notebook, writing utensils, and books.

Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for
others guides our manners. Laurence Sterne

Always show respect for yourself and those in this classroom.

This means you should not talk over people, should listen to your
classmates, and should raise your hand if you need to speak.
All are to refrain from using vulgar, disrespectful, and/or rude tones,
language, gestures, and/or symbols of any type. Such forms of
aggression and disrespect will not be tolerated.

Any man
can make mistakes,
but only an idiot
persists in his
errors Cicero

Try your
best. Do not be
afraid to ask your
peers or me for help if
you do not understand
something. Everyone
learns in a different
manner, & thats

You dont climb mountains without a team,

without being prepared, and without balancing
risks and rewards. And you never climb a
mountain on accidentit has to be intentional.
Mark Udall
Arrive to class on time! When the bell rings, you
should be in your seat, focused and ready to go.
Students are expected to remain on-task, attentive,
& willing to work throughout the entire class period.

I am always ready to learn;

although I do not always like being
taught. Winston Churchill
In an attempt to learn, we may talk, sing,
practice, dance, read, clap, whisper, write,
memorize, solve, share, present, listen,
color, sketch, stretch, watch, explore, walk,
create, discuss, resolve, construct, play, design,
sit, cry, pretend, think, inquire, wonder, wander,
communicate, appreciate, sigh, and laugh; but
our primary objective is to learn. Any decision
that interferes with learning will not be
tolerated at any point.

Violation of the above rules is subject to zeros in daily participation, detention, referrals, parental
conferences, etc., as deemed appropriate by Ms. Heller and Bullitt East High School regulation.

Dear Parent/ Guardian,
Literacy is the foundation of learning at any age level. To support the development of high-level literacy skills, your
student will be required to read a number of texts this year. Students are also expected to work with self-selected
reading materials on a regular basis. Some of these classical and young adult texts may address sensitive topics and
mature language. However, by discussing the use and meaning of language in class, I hope to help your student
understand history, as well as the connotations around word choice. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the
power of language with your student!
In addition, students will be viewing videos and reading print materials alongside the aforementioned curriculum. As
such, some of these materials may deal with mature subject matters. If you have any hesitation about your student
viewing any of these materials, please indicate your concern by checking the appropriate box below. I will make every
effort to partner with you in communication.
If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. I look forward to
working with your student this semester!

Miss Megan Heller

Megan Heller
English II and Reading Teacher

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the English II course
syllabus and agree to the course expectations and policies.
_________________________________________________ / __________________ / ______________________________________
Student Name (Print)


Student Signature

________________________________________________ / _________________ / ________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Print)


Parent/Guardian Signature

[_] YES, I give my child permission to view materials in conjunction with the English curriculum.
[_] NO, I prefer that my child not view selected materials in conjunction with the English curriculum and am aware that alternate
and/or additional assignments may be required.
PARENT/GUARDIAN E-MAIL (Optional): __________________________________________________________________________