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Tuesday 11th August 2015.

Year 6 EOTC
(Education Outside The Classroom)
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are very excited that we have three camp opportunities to offer Year 6 students this
year. All three trips are of equal value and quality, but each one offers a distinct
experience in relation to the others. Hopefully you have had a chance to discuss these
different options with your child and have made a decision. If not, we strongly suggest
you go to the Y6 weebly to view the information presented to you last year.
DATES : Hong Kong - 6th 9th October, 2015
China - 6th 9th October, 2015
Laos - 4th 9th October, 2015
(may vary slightly depending on flights available when bookings are made)

A decision about your childs camp option and full PAYMENT IS due on or before
Wednesday 19th August, 2015.
As there are limited places for Laos (10 children), we will be following the secondary
model for placing students. This is based on the first 10 students with their permission
note and payment in full being submitted to Ms Morris in classroom PS 301 by
Wednesday 19th August, 2015. Once the limit of students has been reached, students /
parents will need to decide upon either the China or Hong Kong camp options.

Hong Kong permission note and full payment of HK $3335.

China permission note, copy of photo page of passport, photocopy of

China visa and full payment of HK $6800.

Laos - permission note, copy of photo page of passport and full payment of
HK $11,500 (this is the total fee for both student and parent).
*Please provide relevant details of the accompanying adult also.

Please note that the school is not responsible for refunds if people are unable to attend
any of these trips.
Please refer to the Year 6 Weebly website at (password: primaryrchk
) for more details on the specific camps and medical forms to be completed.
Kind Regards,
Year 6 Team
(Tracy Wnek, Mike Hogg, Chrissy Bailey, Joseph Fahy, Concettina Ventura, Helen Morris)

Please complete and return to the Primary Office

Deadline Wednesday 19th August, 2015
Name of student: ________________________________ Class: __________
My son/daughter has permission to participate in the Year 6 EOTC to
____ Hong Kong



____ Laos

____ I have enclosed the full payment of the camp. Cheque to be made payable to
Renaissance College.
____ I have enclosed a photocopy of passport photo page.
____ I have enclosed a photocopy of China Visa. (only required for China trip)
____ I have enclosed the completed medical form (source:Year 6 Weebly site password rchk ).

Parent/Guardian signature:_______________________