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Cement is a generic name for powdered materials which is
initially have a plastic flow when mixed with water or other
liquid, but form a solid structure in several hours with
varying degree of strength and bonding properties which
continue to improve with age.

A cement is a binder, a substance that sets and hardens

and can bind other materials together.

The term cement designates a fine grey power that is

used for constructional purpose. Such cement has
remarkable property- that is on addition of water it forms
paste. Cement and water are mixed in a suitable
proportion forming a paste, the paste adheres firmly to the
aggregates such as sand, stone, gravel, bricks and other
similar substances.

Specially, Portland cement is defined as finely ground

calcium aluminate and silicates of varying composition
which hydrate when mixed with water to form rigid
continuous structure with a good compressive strength.