Designing with Forces

 What

things do engineers pay attention to when building structures so they are strong enough to withstand any forces that might break it?

Two key methods to help structures withstand forces are:

Distribute the load
All parts of the structure carries the load


Direct the forces along angled components
the forces hold pieces together instead of pulling them apart

Distribute the Load

Direct Forces on Angles

Structural Problem 1
 Frame

structures experience load forces which can push or pull them out of shape

Structural Problem 2

Horizontal beam structure that is supported only at both ends will bend in the middle

Flying Buttresses
 Columns

found on the outside of a structure

 

connect to the building near the top used to support the outer walls

Strengthening Structures
 All

materials have their limitations.

Materials can be strengthened or weakened as they are made.

 i.e.


if the correct recipe is followed, the concrete can be very strong

High compressive strength the resulting concrete can crumble

if the proportions are incorrect

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