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Hi All,

The Lonely Pillow is also known as Gu Chen (male) and Gua Su (female).
This is a star used in the Shen Sha system of Bazi, but also applicable for Feng Shui
as discussed in this topic.
This is the derivation table for Feng Shui:
EB Year Pillar Gu Chen
Gua Su
Yin-Mao-Chen (Wood)
Si (SE3)
Chou (NE1)
Si-Wu-Wei (Fire)
Shen (SW3) Chen (SE1)
Shen-You-Xu (Metal) Hai (NW3)
Wei (SW1)
Hai-Zi-Chou (Water) Yin (NE3)
Xu (NW1)
Not only is it inauspicious when you sleep in that direction, but also when your hous
e sits in that direction.,8097.msg416952.html#msg416952
Hi Jlim,
When Lonely Pillow is at NE1-Ox can't sleep directed to just NE1 or all NE? Same to
house sittings...
Hi Beaudy,
Just the Chou (NE1) direction as per the table.
But for me, I define the direction of Chou (NE1) as 15o-30o.,8097.msg416952.html#msg416952