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Executive Directors report for August 12, 2015 board meeting:

Training for new CASAs begins on August 18 in Winder. We have 8 applications

completed, and interviews of prospective volunteers have begun. An ad will run in
The Paper soon, and publicity has been running in the Barrow News, Chambers of
Commerce, and Family Connection listserv.
From June 2 to August 3, 48 CASA Volunteers advocated for 120 children (67
families). More new children are coming into foster care weekly, more than we can
help right now. By October, the training will be completed and the new volunteers
will be able to take new cases. As our current volunteers cases have concluded,
they have taken new cases. We lost only one volunteer last quarter.
Im excited to announce that we are one of the 4 programs that Georgia CASA has
picked which are ready to expand because of the number of children coming into
foster care with the addition of a new Volunteer Coordinator. They will apply to
National CASA on the state agency level for expansion funds for these programs
and are pretty sure they will get this grant. If for some reason they dont get it, the
new National CASA grant application schedule allows for us to apply later this year
as a local program. Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) will receive more funding this
year, which will be handled in a separate grant proposal. I spoke with Jen King at
Georgia CASA about funding the new Volunteer Coordinator; if we get the National
CASA grant and the new VOCA funding, we will re-write both grant budgets to use
the funding flexibly so that we can receive both funding streams.
We will again receive the Promoting Safe and Stable Families grant. We are waiting
to hear about the VOCA continuation grant; since this is not a competitive grant this
year, we should receive it.
I presented a program to the Jackson Retired Educators and to Banks Rotary Club in
July. Julie hosted a CASA table at the Barrow Back to School Bash. Tom and June
Murphy, Bob Derrick, and my husband and I hosted a table at the Jefferson Freedom
Fest at the end of June which brought in $267 in donations and raffle money. We
also gave out volunteer and Superhero Run flyers.
We assisted with childcare for DFCS foster parent appreciation dinner in June.
Staff participated in the Region 2 (Banks County) and Region 5 (Barrow and Jackson)
stakeholders meetings. I participated in the Banks County Child Abuse Protocol
I joined the committee the Judge has formed to discuss possible ways to help
delinquent youth and to lower their recidivism rates.
I spoke on WJBB radio in Bethlehem at the beginning of August, discussing the
Superhero Run and the new training class.
I have met with the Succession, Finance, Heart for Children, Development and
Superhero committees and have been working with Charm on the Nominating
Committee. The ad for my position will begin to run on August 17; see the attached