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Batavia High School Course Syllabus

Course Name:
Mrs. Samantha Miller

Course Description:
Geometry deals with two and three dimensional
figures and their properties. Basic terms to polygons
and solids, visualization, pictorial representations,
technology, and hands-on discovery are
emphasized. Attention is given to developing logical
thinking processes through various forms of proof.
Algebra is strongly integrated into this course.
Realistic and relevant applications of concepts and
logical thinking processes are made to real-life
problem settings. Topics include the tools of
geometry, reasoning and proof, parallel and
perpendicular lines, congruent triangles,
relationships in triangles, quadrilaterals, proportions
and similarity, trigonometry, circles, area, surface
area, and volume.

Teacher Contact Info:


Algebra 1 & Intermediate Algebra
Required Materials:

Course Fee:

3-ring binder, index cards, calculator, and compass


Textbook Information:

Special Dates:

** textbook linked on class website **

Final Exams December17th & 18th

, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 2008
password for online book

Essential Learnings:
By the end of Geometry students should be able to
demonstrate proficiency in the following areas

Fundamental Concepts
Parallel Lines
Right Triangles
Area & Volume

Types of Assessments:

Short Answer
Multiple Choice

Grade Calculation:

20% Formative
50% Unit Tests
30% Summative Exams

Special Course Policies:


BPS Homework Policy:


BPS Grading Policy:


Learner Profile:

Extra Learning & Help Opportunities:

While students are graded on their academic

achievement, students and parents also receive
feedback on classroom behaviors and responsibility.
While these behaviors are not graded, we believe that
constructive feedback should be given. This feedback is
called our Learner Profile. More information is available
on the BHS website.

I am available during Bulldog Hour at 11:24 in C203. If

you would like to come in before school please e-mail
met to set up an appointment*.

Student Expectations for this Course:

Characteristics of Successful Students in this


Students will participate fully during class and ask

questions when they are unsure of something. They will
work cooperatively with their classmates.

*Teachers periodically have meetings before school and

are not available to work with students. These days will
be communicated.

Successful students set personal goals to keep a focus

on improvement. They spend time learning new
vocabulary and use homework assignments as
opportunities to practice their new vocab and skills.

Teacher Expectations for this Course:

Remediation Statement:

I will be available for you both during class and outside

of class when you have questions. I will push you to do
the very best that you can do. I will provide feedback to
you in a timely manner and help you to reach your

Students in Math classes at BHS will have the

opportunity to remediate and reassess unit tests. If a
student wishes to remediate they will need to receive
some additional instruction and support from the
teacher. The teacher will provide further practice to be
completed based on individual student needs. The
student will then need to demonstrate comprehension
of the material to the teacher prior to taking the
reassessment. When the student takes the
reassessment the new unit test grade will fully replace
the previous unit test grade (either higher or lower).
The entire remediation and reassessment process will
need to be completed within two weeks of the return of
the original assessment.