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Holy Trinity Catholic High School


If teachers and student
leaders provide grade 7 and 9 students with
opportunities to transition more smoothly,
then the diversity, needs and interests of the
school population will bring about a more
positive school culture.


The Transition Day objective is to foster a sense of

belonging in the school community by allowing the learner
to gain first-hand experience for the next academic year.
The benefit created by meeting future teachers and touring
the campus has a lasting effect on reducing the level of
anxiety of incoming students.
Educators know that the way students cope with the
changes facing them during transition a stage has a big
impact on their success going forward.

Transition Opportunities:
A successful Transition Day for all students in grades 6, 7,
and 8 will provide the following opportunities:
Grade 6 students are from the Holy Trinity family of
schools are welcomed at a morning Pep Rally and
proceed to experience a full day in the Intermediate
school setting.
Grade 7 students have a role in welcoming the younger
students at a morning assembly and proceed to
workshops that will help prepare them for grade 8.

Grade 8 students experience a full day of high school

classes by shadowing a mentor in grade 9, 10 or 11.

Benefits to the Holy Trinity

Family of Schools Community:

Students are aware of, understand and are better prepared for the
expectations of new educational environments.
School personnel are knowledgeable about the needs of students
making the transition to their programs.
Improving the outcome of students with special education needs.
Improve the culture of learning and sense of belonging in a school
Building teacher and administration capacity through collaborative
Junior and Intermediate teachers have the opportunity for collegial

GRADE 6 Students: Each Grade 6 student at St. Anne, St. James, St. Martin de Porres, and Holy
Redeemer will receive an orientation package outlining details about the Transition Day, including a Holy
Trinity Graduation 2020 T-shirt. Students will wear their T-shirt on Transition day.
Period 1: 8:45 - 9:15

Arrival of Grade 6 students

Staggered arrival: HR, SM, SJ, ST

Period 2: 9:20-10:10

Pep Rally Assembly in Twisterdome

Staff and Gr. 7s welcome Gr. 6s

Period 3: 10:15-11:05

First Rotation of classes

Students attend various subjects

Period 4: 11:10-12:00

Second Rotation of classes

Students attend various subjects

Lunch: 12:00-12:45

Lunch in Cafeteria

Grade 6 students receive pizza,

Activities lead by senior students.

Period 5: 12:45-1:35

Third Rotation of classes

Students attend various subjects

Period 6: 1:40-2:30

Transportation back to schools

Return to feeder school

*Grade 6 teachers are assigned to follow with a mock grade 7 homeroom.

* Grade 6 teachers join Grade 7/8 teachers for a collegial lunch.

GRADE 7 Students: Students in Grade 7 will have the opportunity to welcome the incoming students
from their feeder schools, attend transition workshops, and rejoin grade 6 students at lunch. Careful
selection of ambassadors and speakers will take place in advance.
Period 1: 8:45 - 9:15

Come down to the Twisterdome

Make signs, cheer feeder schools

Period 2: 9:20-10:10

Pep Rally Assembly in Twisterdome

Gr. 7s welcome Gr. 6s

Period 3: 10:15-11:05

First Rotation of Workshops

Students attend various workshops

Period 4: 11:10-12:00

Second Rotation of Workshops

Students attend various workshops

Lunch: 12:00-12:45

Lunch in Cafeteria,
Go outdoors as usual

Grade 7 students have opportunity to

interact with grade 6 students.

Period 5: 12:45-1:35

Third Rotation of Workshops

Students attend various workshops

Period 6: 1:40-2:30

Fourth Rotation of Workshops

Students attend various workshops

*Grade 7/8 teachers are assigned to follow with a actual grade 7 homeroom.
* Grade 7/8 teachers join Grade 6 teachers for a collegial lunch.
* Careful scheduling ensures no teacher loses a preparation period.

GRADE 8 Students: Students in Grade 8 are paired with grade 9, 10 or 11 mentors through
recommendation, well in advance. Students will attend a full day of High School classes with the mentor.
8:15-8:25 Homeroom

Grade 8 Students meet HS Mentor

Predetermined locations

Period 1,2,L,3,4

Grade 8 Student shadows HS Mentor

Amount to 3-5 students per class.

*Grade 9/10/11 teachers will be provided with extra seating to accommodate the additional student(s).

Mentors should come from all grades, or limit to certain grades? Things to consider?
How many gr.8 students do we have to accommodate? (# / class in HS rooms)

Can we start with:

Steph Gauthiers Mentorship students
Leadership Campers
Recreation Leadership students

Ask teachers to nominate good leaders in their homerooms.

Strict rules for conduct from Mentors: lunch, no off-site, behaviour

To Do:

Determine a date

Gather student specs

Liason with feeder schools, student services, admin

Gr.6 population, gr.7 hrs, gr.8 population, HS mentors

Have committee members for team

Base on interests, strengths, goals

Grade 6-7 Pep Rally

To welcome gr. 6s

Staggered entry of feeder schools

Which teachers take mock homerooms
Who speaks? (Student voice, S.C., lead teacher)
Question period (have question in advance from gr.6s)

Sports, clubs, getting around the school, fears

Grade 6 Rotation
How will this work?

Mock homeroom lists?

(keep schools together vs distribute)
Finding teachers who want to host gr. 6s

and run an engaging activity / lesson.

Supervision. How will this work?

Lunch: keep in gym? HS planned activities?
How to use the gr.6 teachers / EAs best?

Colleagial Lunch
How can we get ES & IS teachers to talk?

Pizza lunch provided YES

Something to generate discussion or Free flow
How is supervision handled to allow this?

Grade 7 Workshops
Potential to have a great impact
What types of workshops?
Thrive: Healthy Relationships (Neda)
Blueprint (student services);
Study skills

3D Math
Yoga, Native Dance, Self Defense????????

Which teachers facilitate / supervise?

Still make this grade feel special

Grade 8s in High School

Pairing with mentor

Designated meeting place

Prearranged, or part of pep rally?

Careful planning:

Link academic pathways

Not too many additional students per class

Facilities Staff
- knowing how many additional chairs are needed per room
- safety concerns in certain teachable areas?

Liason with Elementary Schools

Setting Date
Arranging transportation
Post Feedback forms

Orientation Package

T- Shirt Design
Study Skills
Equipment / materials list

Forgetting Something?
Im sure we are