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Adaptations Persepolis

Adaptations Persepolis


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Published by Louise Robinson-Lay
guide to analysing the adaptations of the film from the graphic novel
guide to analysing the adaptations of the film from the graphic novel

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Published by: Louise Robinson-Lay on Feb 25, 2010
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Adaptations - Persepolis

Feature Omissions What to Look For What has been left out? Who has been left out? How have the filmmakers compensated for these changes? What is the impact on the story of these changes? Additions Are there additional scenes? These could be: • entirely new scenes • scenes developed from brief references in the text represented visually rather than through dialogue or narration • explanations of things touched on in the text How does the director address the concern of language that is part of the narrative? (explanations etc.) Is there a voice over? How is this information conveyed? Characterisation Characters in the film are portrayed visually and using speech, actions and gesture. How does this affect the narrative as it is in the written text? Examples and Effects

Adapting the narrative

Feature Actions and Gestures

What to Look For What actions, gestures and facial expressions do the characters make that are not part of the original text? What are the effects of the director’s decision in these cases?

Examples and Effects


Have the relationships of the original been maintained? Are the relationships changed? How does the casting of the actors affect your view of the characters?


How closely does the set resemble the descriptions in the novel? Does the setting affirm or resist your reading of the text? Has the setting been changed or updated?


How does the music affected the mood of the story? Is there a moment in the film which you think deviates from the novel? How did you react to this? Why do you think the director has chosen to portray the event in this way? Is it a legitimate change in terms of film?

Key Plot Points

Feature Imagery

What to Look For Are there any recurring images? Has the film been divided up into different scenes from the novel?

Examples and Effects


Any other differences which you feel need to be mentioned?

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