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Teacher: Ms.

Anna Samarita

COURSE SYLLABUS FOR Introductory Mathematics

WELCOME to Introductory Mathematics! Introductory Mathematics provides students a survey of preparatory topics for high school
mathematics, including the foundations for high school Algebra and Geometry. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to
calculators, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment.
GOAL 1: The student will understand and compute with real numbers.
GOAL 2: The student will use properties and relationships in geometry and measurement concepts to solve problems.
GOAL 3: The student will understand and use graphs and data analysis
GOAL 4: The student will understand and use linear relations and functions.



Subject Notebook
1 Binder
Wide Ruled Filler Paper
Box of Pencils and Erasers

*School Provided:
Graphing Calculator (best if you have your own)


Students are expected to come to class on time, be prepared to learn, and do all required class activities to achieve success.
Students must follow ALL policies written in the STUDENT HANDBOOK.
The following specific rules are important for students to follow in my class. Failure to follow the rules will result to
parent conferences / referrals / suspensions.

Respect your teacher and other students.

DO NOT cheat.
DO NOT talk excessively nor play inside the classroom.
DO NOT use profanity.
DO NOT bring food and drinks nor eat inside the classroom.
*DO NOT use cellphones, headsets, and other electronic devices except for chromebooks.
DO NOT use chromebook for non-MATH related activities such as gaming, watching movies, and doing other
work for your other subjects.
8.) DO NOT go outside the classroom without a valid reason and hall pass.
9.) DO NOT ask for a hall pass during the first and last 20 minutes of the class period.
10.) DO NOT interrupt teacher and ask for bathroom hall pass when teacher is discussing the lecture.
11.) DO NOT walk around the classroom without any valid reason.
12.) DO NOT use classroom telephone for personal use.
13.) Handle school property with care such as calculators, chromebooks and textbooks.
*Cellphones and other electronic devices will be confiscated and turned in to the principal if used inside the classroom.
*If student does not surrender his or her cellphone/electronic device, a referral will be done.

Consequences for not abiding with class rules:

1) Documented Warning
2) Parent Call / Conference
3) Referral for Falcons Nest or OSS

Teacher: Ms. Anna Samarita



Grading Scale:
A = 100 - 93
B = 92 - 85
C = 84 77
D = 76 70
F = 69 0

% for total grade:

Classworks / Warm-up = 20%
Homework = 20%
Tests = 40%
Benchmark = 20%

Missed / Late Work Work is due upon request. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED! The student will have 3
days to request work from the teacher, starting on his/her first day of return to school. It is the students responsibility to
request the work from the teacher. If no work is requested, or if the student does not return the assignment on the
designated time, then a ZERO will be given for all missed work.


- Students who arrive after 7:55 am are considered tardy. Students must sign in and receive a tardy note from the office
upon arrival. Students MUST surrender the tardy note to their 1st Block Teacher.
- Students who arrive after the bell rings for 2nd / 3rd/ 4th Blocks are all considered tardy.
- All TARDY students will receive referrals / discipline report.
The syllabus may be revised if necessary.

**Tear off the portion below to get points for homework**

FOR THE PARENT: After reviewing this syllabus with your child, please sign it and have your child return it to me
the next day. If you have questions, please contact me at 252-794-3034 or email me at
Thanks and I look forward to helping your child achieve success in Introductory Mathematics!

I have read and understood the course syllabus and will do my best to comply and follow all the rules and procedures in
the classroom. It is also understood that I will work to pass the course and will be held responsible for all my actions for
non-compliance of the classroom rules and procedures.

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Parent Name : ___________________________________________

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Parent Email: _____________________________________

Contact Number (Home): _____________________________________
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