Pathophysiology Predisposing Factors: Age, Heredity, Sex, Age

Precipitating Factors: Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

Bite of a virus carrying mosquito Mosquito injects fluid into patient’s skin Virus enters into the host’s blood stream

Platelet will provide a shield for the virus from exposure and binding to neutralize pre-existing antibody

Infects cells and replicate in sufficient amount Initiates an immune response Activation of memory T-cell response during re-exposure Stimulates release of cytokines High fever, body weakness, headache and dizziness Cytokines destroy cell membrane and cell wall (viral antigens found in monocytes) Complement system activation Vascular endothelial activation

Macrophages or monocytes engulfed the virus having the platelet (phagocytosis)


Virus- anti body complex (Binding of ab-virus)

AB- enhance uptake


Coagulopa thy (PT/APTT)

Thrombocytope nia (< 100x109/L)

Vasculopathy (plasma leakage)

Fluid shifting ICF to ECF

Management: Promote bedrest Medication Rapid replacement of body fluids Blood transfusion Precautions

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