Representation- The film represents youth as being rebellious and aggressive through the older teenagers, Ryans character

reflects this rebellious nature but also brings across the vulnerability of youth and how they can be easily influenced by what they see as ‘right’. It also brings across old people as being ‘people’ rather than just another social group and we realise this through their caring nature towards youth. Institution- This film was made as a student project so it was free from the constraints of a governing production company, this allows freedom of control from the director. Audience- I believe that the audience would be the adult viewer as opposed to younger audiences, the film does not aim to reflect the lives of it’s viewers but gives other groups an insight into the world of youth and challenges their perceptions by showing Ryan as vulnerable rather than just rebellious. The film also chooses not to give Ryan any dialogue, I think this is to bring across the vulnerability and child like nervousness, if Ryan spoke then the audience would use his accent and tone to make judgements about his character, without words we see ryan as a blank canvas and can understand more easily why he is so easily swayed. Language- The film used a run down area and to bring across Ryan as a deprived child and helps build a vulnerable persona. The difference in status is symbolised in height a proximity between characters, the older characters are all standing up whilst the lower status characters of the old people and ryan are often sat down or slouched. Idealology- The ideaology of this film varies, it seems to show that youth are lonely and deprived and seek the attention of those around them for comfort, however, ryan’s character breaks the ideology towards the end by refusing to conform to these values and showing compassion to the old man. Narrative- The film aims to show all of the aspects of Ryans life, from his lonely nature, his aggression, then his need for acceptance into the older youth group, and finally the moment of respect that he shows to the old couple. By doing this the narrative allows the audience to follow Ryan’s journey and enables them to make judgements and have those judgements challenged as the play goes on. Genre- I believe that this is a drama because of the narrative and tone of the piece, it is a social realistic film that aims to show the reality of life through the use of a young boy.