INSTRUCTIONS: This form is to be completed, scanned, and emailed at the mid-point of employment and during
the last week. If you have your own evaluation tool feel free to substitute it.
Email to: Ckenkel@nwmissouri.edu or Mail to Cindy Kenkel, Department of Business, Northwest Missouri State
University, Maryville, MO 64468.
Name of Business AmericInn Lodge and Suites____
Employer or Supervisor

Jill Beeler_____

Student _Cameron Marks_________________________

Date _______8-12-15____________________________________

TO THE SUPERVISOR: This evaluation is used to assist in the determination of the student's grade for the current
work period. Place a check in the box before the most appropriate work description of the student-trainee.
Attendance &

√ 4- Excellent (Exceeds expectations)
3- Satisfactory
2- Improvement needed
1- Unsatisfactory

Comments: We find no complaint with Cameron’s Schedule. He
always attends fully and never breaks the standard attendance policy.

(follows directions,
meets deadlines)

√ 4- Very reliable
3- Little follow-up needed
2- Occasional follow-up needed
1- Unreliable

Comments: Cameron is very dependable and always works when
scheduled. He is always on time dressed appropriately and ready for

Quality of Work

√ 4- Consistently excellent job
3- Does a good job
2- Passable job
1- Inferior work

Comments: Cameron’s quality of work is excellent. He starts in to
complete a task and finishes in a timely manner.

Judgment and
Common Sense

√ 4- Sound judgment
3- Usually good judgment
2- Lacks judgment at times
1- Poor judgment

Comments: Cameron has very good judgement and dealing with the
public is very important. The guests love him and we have many
compliments about him.


√ 4- Looks for work to do
3- Needs little supervision
2- Needs some supervision
1- Always needs supervision

Comments: Cameron needs little supervision and if he has a question
he will ask or find the solution.


√ 4- Easily adaptable
3- Able to adapt to when needed
2- Routine worker, apprehensive to
1- Unable to adjust

Comments: Adapts very well with the changes in the work flow.

Ability to Learn

√ 4- Learns very quickly
3- Learns at an acceptable pace
2- Rather slow to learn
1- Very slow to learn

Comments: Cameron catches on extremely quick. There are many
things that come up and he picks up on them easily.


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Student Name:

Attitude Toward

√ 4- Highly enthusiastic and interested
3- Some enthusiasm and interest
2- Normal enthusiasm and interest
1- Indifferent - doesn’t care

Comments: Cameron has a great attitude at work and is very good
with the guests as well as his co-workers. He has a great interest in the
overall business.

Attitude Towards

√ 4- Very cooperative; works well with
3- Usually cooperative
2- Somewhat cooperative
1- Lacks cooperation; has difficulty
working with others

Comments: Cameron is liked by all his co-workers. He works well
with all of them.

Accepts Guidance

√ 4- Welcomes suggestions/invites
3- Responds positively to feedback
2- Accepts help and feedback
1- Appears to resent or discount

Comments: Cameron will suggest many things that seem to not flow
well. He accepts feedback well and listens to the reasoning.

Complies with
Dress Code

√ 4 - Professional, consistently
complies with dress code
3 - Generally complies with dress code
2 - Needs improvement
1- Needs significant improvement

Comments: Cameron always applies to the dress code and always
looks and acts professional.


√ 4- Making good progress
3- Improving
2- Improving slowly
1- No progress or improvement

Comments: Cameron has progressed very well. He has learned and
completed many task during his time here.


√ 4- Highly desirable
3- Acceptable
2- Some reservations
1- Unlikely

Comments: I would highly recommend Cameron for employment. He
is a very smart, hardworking, friendly young man. Any employer would
be happy to have him on their team.

What would you say if asked to recommend this student on Linked In?
I would definitely recommend this student on Linked In. He is a very smart, friendly, well rounded student. He can get along with
anyone. He has a bright future ahead of him and will give 110% to any company lucky enough to have him.

Areas for Improvement (What could your intern have done better to serve your company?
The time that Cameron was with us we really don’t have any improvement areas for him. No one is flawless, but at this point we have
nothing to comment on as far as improving.

This is my fair and accurate assessment of the student’s performance as of this date.
Student's Signature

Jill Beeler



Suggested Grade __A___

Cameron Marks
Date ___8/14/15___________
This certifies that I have reviewed this form with the employer.