July-August 2015
Student Writings from IEI

About the Building Next Door

English Language

By: Ali Alhendas (Saudi Arabia)

By: Zainab Alklayat (Saudi Arabia)

They are going to build a restaurant. They
are going to put bricks and beams, and dig the soil,
and measure the length of the beams. They are
going to hoist the beams with a crane or a cherry
picker, and they are going to drill. They are wearing
hard hats on their heads for protection, and they have
scaffolding and concrete for the ground. They are
going to use a pick ax, a shovel, and a
sledgehammer. They are going to end with building
a piece of architecture in six months.

It is fact that the English language changed
my life. When I feel sad, I learn more English. When
I stay by myself, I learn more. The language is very
important in my life because I use the language
everywhere, in the restaurant, the mall, and the
super-market. I think it’s important for me. I talk
clearer now, and I learn all kinds of information in
English. I learned a lot. I went now to Level 2, and I
was in Level 1 before. I make new friends in the
U.S.A. and celebrate new holidays like Halloween,
New Year, and Christmas. I am very comfortable in
the U.S.A. and happy. I visit many places in the
U.S.A. I saw the beach in Florida, and I went to the
Bahamas. After that, I saw Nasa, the capital of
Bahamas. I think it’s important to try everything in
the U.S.A. because you can learn more and see new
places. We can also enjoy relaxing with our family or
our friends. I also saw the ocean when I was on th
cruise. The cruise was very nice. I think it’s better
for me to be in the U.S.A. because we have a lot of
ideas and good teachers like Gena. I am very proud
of myself because I learn very well.

About a Scary Experience
By: Abdulelah Albleihed (Saudi Arabia)
One day, I was in a car accident with another
car in the road in my city, 3 years ago. I travelled to
another city with my friend. In the road, another car
hit me. Then my car rolled over the side of the road.
When my car stopped, I couldn’t feel anything
because I passed out. My friend was fine. He talked
with the hospital because he needed them to pick me
up. My friend saw my face. He said, “Say
something.” But I couldn’t hear. Inside the hospital,
my friend was terrified. He thought I was dead. After
two hours, I got up. I opened my eyes and I looked
at my friend. He was very happy.

Changed My Life
By: Doris Martinez Martinez (Honduras)

On December 10 , 2013, my life changed
because my mother came to visit from Honduras. I
didn’t see her for almost eight years. This day was
very happy and exciting because she met my
children. I liked it when she came. I love my mom.
She said, “I loved meeting your children. They are
beautiful.” I loved this month. It was special because
we had a lot of celebrations together with the whole
family, and I had my mother with me.

My Life
By: Yasir Othman (Saudi Arabia)
I had my son 3 years ago. Me and my family
are happy. I like to play with my son every day. My
son is happy every day. My son goes to the doctor
every day. He is happy here in America. When I go
to the store, I buy candy because my son likes candy
and milk. Also, he likes chocolate.


The Park
By: Awad Alayesh (Saudi Arabia)
The grandparents are walking in the park. A
man is painting. A mother and baby are looking at
flowers. He is looking at the insects. There are
people looking at a sign. He is looking at deer.
Ducks are swimming in the water. A bird is on top of
the house. They are talking about the park. It is
open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My Favorite Holiday

How To Wash Your Car

By: Amal Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)

By: Hassan Alhendas (Saudi Arabia)

My favorite holiday was Eid Alfatar over two
years ago now. I cannot forget this day because my
whole family came to my grandfather's house. I
remember exactly what we did this time. First we
prayed. After that we come back to the house at 8:30
at night.
Then we made a party and ate cake at 12
mid-night. All my family went to a farm to eat lunch. I
like this place. It had a cow, a lamb, and a donkey.
The farm was the best moment for me.

You should bring some soap and water and a
bucket and six brush. First sprinkle some water for
your car. Then put water in the bucked and some
soap. After that take the brush then mix with the
water and soap inside the bucket. After that take the
brush and rub your car by water.

How To Open A Door Lock
By: Daban Jabbery (Kurdistan)
First somebody tell me about his problem. I
am asking about the problem and I say, "How can I
help you?" After that I will ask the address and then I
am going to the place. Finally I will fix the door.

My Favorite Relative
By: Phuong "Jana" Nguyen (Vietnam)
I have a wonderful and beautiful sister. Her
name is Ahn. She is 21 years old. She lives in
Taiwan. She is a secretary in my uncle's restaurant.
She works on her computer and her phone everyday.
She is very beautiful. She is 162 cm tall. She has
long hair and black eyes.
My sister is very kind. She is very helpful
and friendly with everyone. She likes listening to
music. She also dances and sings K-pop.

How To Cook Al Kabsa
By: Dieu "Cat" Tran (Vietnam)
Jonathan is cooking Al kabsa. To cook Al
kabsa you need many ingredients. The ingredients
are chicken, a large onion, garlic, cloves, tomato
puree, grated carrots, butter and basmati rice.
Put the butter in the pot and the tomato
puree and the chicken. Simmer over low heat for 20
minutes. Put the carrots, cloves and all the spices in
the pot. Cook for about 15 minutes. Add the water
and rice and simmer for about 30 more minutes.

My Favorite Relative
By: Yousef Albalawl (Saudi Arabia)

My Past, Present, and Future

My favorite cousin is a wonderful person. He is from
Saudi Arabia. He is 24 years old. He studies at
university in Murray, Kentucky. He has black hair
and black eyes. He is 178 cm tall. He works in a
company in Saudi Arabia.

By: Hector Ruiz (Mexico)
I am going to see an apartment after class. I think it
is 15 minutes from IEI. After that I am going to buy
food for a week and I will buy many other things too.


A Scary Time
By: Ali Almousa (Saudi Arabia)
I like to walk every week around my
neighborhood. One day I was walking and listening
to music when I saw a big dog. It was looking at me.
Then it was following me. I walked faster and faster
and the dog walked faster and faster. I was afraid
and yelled, "Help me! Help me!" I saw a car. The
woman was driving. I tried to go to her car for help. I
said, "I am afraid of the dog! I am tired because I was
running". The woman helped me.

Contrasting Being Married and Single
By: Daisuke Ishizuka (Japan)
Are you married or single? Some people believe being married makes you happy and gives you
something which can’t transcend money. On the other hand, some people believe being single is quite comfortable,
and they are able to live it up. There are many differences between married life and single life including dining,
leisure, and cost.
First, the dining style and experience are greatly different between being married and single. Everyone
has a meal every day, and almost all people have a meal three times a day, which is the most important thing of
human life. If you are married, you can order many kinds of foods and share them with your spouse. In addition to
that, you can share your day that happened. Those make our food more pleasant and enjoyable. On the other
hand, if you are single, your food item is limited, and you can eat a little at a time. Also, when you can’t reach
anyone, you have to eat alone without talking, and it is quite lonely.
Second, we generally have leisure times which differ in both lifestyles. Leisure time brings us a preferable
rest, so it is valuable for everyone. In case of marriage, they enjoy lots of things without attention. Playing sports,
traveling abroad, and watching movies are examples of this. You can always talk to your favorite person anytime.
However, a single man/woman can’t. If they get time for leisure and want to spend it with someone, they have to
search for a friend whose schedule is matched. If you find a friend, you may put up with the plan, which includes a
part you don’t want to do, and if you can’t, you have to enjoy the leisure by yourself.
For another thing, the cost of both life styles varies greatly. Which lifestyle requires more money? A
married couple costs double the amount of a single couple. Food, trips, and other things are so. It costs a lot in the
case of marriage, but it makes their life satisfied by the amount spent. In contrast, a single life often costs less than
a couple’s, but sometimes costs a lot by price per person. When traveling alone with lodging, it usually costs more
In conclusion, there are a variety of gaps between being married and single, particularly, dining, leisure,
and cost. If you want to be happy in your life, you will choose the option naturally.


By: Eman Alghoribi (Saudi Arabia)
Many people want to achieve success in life, but do you think it is easy? It is hard because we are wired to
look for quick fixes and easy ways to keep form failing. It is good idea when we plan to have success with our life
and studying.
We all want to achieve success, so we can live a comfortable life that has freedom or a beautiful house.
However, learning how to balance your life will help you to be successful. Last year, after I graduated from
university, I stayed in the home without working or anything I love. That is bad because my life was boring. When I
planed my life, it was entirely different. One of the nicest things was when I came to US to study. Now, my feeling is
different because my plan changed, and now I feel successful.
School can be one of the most difficult things to deal with to be successful. There are many ways to be
successful in school. When a teacher is giving a lesson, take notes, and if you do not understand something, ask a
question. I think the more questions you ask, the smarter you will get. Also, it is good if you start studying at least a
few days before a test. I think making schedule is also important to be successful.
In conclusion, without change and success, the word would be the same. You should be successful in your
life and your studying. Think about how you could improve your life.

By: Yousef Alanazi (Saudi Arabia)
There is more than one reason that lets you choose travel by airplane or travel by car. If you want to travel,
you will face more than one thing you have to look at before making a decision. One of them is how you want to
travel, by airplane or by car, and what is the best between them. As any decision, you will think about the positives
and negatives of it. In my opinion, regardless of cost, travel by airplane is the best way to have comfort, safety, and
the best use of your time.
To begin with, travel could be more enjoyable if you are traveling by something that is more comfortable.
While you travel by airplane, you will have a seat with a screen that has many kinds of movies and games.
Moreover, the hostess will ask you if you want to enjoy a meal or a drink. Also, you do not have to do anything
unless it is enjoyable for your time. On the other hand, if you travel by car, you will lose all this because travel by
car needs more focus, ability, and some papers like registration, license, and insurance. In the same way, travel by
car needs to follow some rules, and you should respect those such as the speed limit.
In addition, people care about safety more than anything else, even though they spend a lot of money on it.
Travel by airplane has more safety than travel by car according to many studies. As we know, many people are
killed by car accidents. That means if you travel by car, you are more likely to have an accident. In contrast, travel
by airplane is safer according to many studies and airplane history. For example, according to the CNN website,
from 1946 we had just 11 to 21 airplane accidents per year compared to thousands of car accidents.
Last of all, traveling by car will spend more of your time compared to traveling by airplane. If you travel by
car, you will waste more of your time on many reasons like traffic, stopping for gasoline, bad weather, and if you get
stopped by a police car. In contrast, as any one knows, there is no stop with travel by airplane until you arrive to
your destination. Also, you do not have to take care of anything. Furthermore, you can enjoy anything like eating a
meal or drinking some juice without any stop, and you will save your time while you enjoy your trip.
In the end, people prefer many ways to travel between cities and countries, but you should choose the one
that has more positive things such as comfort, safety, and saving time. In my opinion, the best thing is you can
travel while you sleep when you travel by airplane.


Single and Married Life
By: Sameeha Alenazi (Saudi Arabia)
Our life passes in many stages. Single and married life are among these stages. Some people prefer to be
single because they don't want to be linked with a family. On the other hand, some people want to marry to make a
lovely family. There are many differences between single and married life including a person's appearance during
the time, freedom, and money.
First, appearance is something important to several people and should be changed before and after
marriage. For example, when I was single, I was interested in the outside of my professional appearance, and I
went to buy new clothes with attractive colors. In contrast, after marriage, I liked my appearance to be clean and
tidy more than anything because I don't have time to pay attention to my secondary appearance.
Second, a single person has more freedom anytime and can do anything without any responsibility. For
example, when I was single, I had enough time to spend with friends. Furthermore, I could go to the cinema and
travel to any place. I could also sleep for a long time without and disturbance. In contrast, when I got married, I
preferred to stay at home to show interest in my family, and I can't leave them at home for a long time. Also, I have
to save my money and not spend it on useless things. However, when I was single I could spend my money
anywhere without any problems.
Third, money is something necessary and wonderful in life. If you have money, your life will be better than
any time. When I was single, l had a lot of money, and I could spend it on my personal needs. In contrast, when I
was married, I should save money to pay the expenses of many important needs of the family.
In conclusion, I think the human must look for a comfortable life, if it is a single life or even in married life.
Both of them have advantages and disadvantages as we can see in our vision.

What Is Beauty?
By: Sarah Alkhatam (Saudi Arabia)
Are you beautiful? This is a question that is hard to answer because there are different opinions about what
is beautiful. I can see myself beautiful while some people might disagree. Beauty is “a quality that people, places,
or things have that makes them very attractive to look at” (Longman English Dictionary). Some people find beauty
in art, nature, or people.
First, some people find beauty in art such as in paintings, music or poems. It is beautiful to them because it
gives them joy and pleasure. When you sing song or anything great for people that makes you feel very well. Also, I
think all of people like listening to a kind of music. For example, classical music, pop music, or anything of music.
When you listen to something, you can feel relaxed anytime and anywhere you want.
Secondly, the beauty of nature is one of the most important elements in life reflected in our life, in terms of
psychological things and the desire to continue life. Moreover, if we maintain our picturesque nature, we can have
freedom of negative things and work to increase life’s beauty. Some people like the beauty of nature. The nature is
important in the life to see how to grow trees, flowers, and other things.
Finally, the beauty of people is inner and apparent. In the inner – beauty, we can see actions to other
people and good behavior with them in terms of humility. Also, in outer beauty we see people’s appearance such
as cleanliness, good clothes, and interests in personality.
In conclusion, everyone like the beauty from art, nature, and people to get inspiration to be a wonderful
person. That’s everything of beauty important in the life for humans to do something, and it makes us feel amazing
and great.


Fresh Foods and Canned Foods
By: Sandra Molina Robles (El Salvador)
Eating is important in our daily life. People will die without food. Food is one of the most important factors in
keeping us alive. To make sure that we are healthy, eating too much food and unhealthy food can lead us to
disease that our body can’t bear. Eating is an activity that we as humans do at least two times a day. Therefore, we
must decide which food is the best for us and our own health, and it is very important. Although consuming fresh
foods and canned foods have many similarities, such as the availability of the product, there are more differences
including the flavor of the item, the health benefits they provide, and the cost of the product.
The most notable difference between these kinds of foods is their flavor. Fresh foods have great flavor and
taste because they keep all their natural conditions. You can decide which flavor you want to add, and you can
decrease whatever ingredients that you want to. For example, if you want hot and spicy chicken, and you want it
less spicy, you can reduce the spices all by yourself. You know what you can add in your dishes to make it
healthier without adding any chemicals. Moreover, vitamins and minerals can be found in fresh vegetables such as
carrots, broccoli, and celery. Canned foods, however, lack a lot of it’s flavor characteristics because there are some
other chemical products added to the natural foods. Chemicals are used to make sure that the flavor of the food is
artificial and does not ruin the food over a long period. That’s why some people believe the fresh foods are better
than canned foods, but it’s the taste of everyone.
Comparing both types of foods, we notice another difference. There is a health factor that affects both of
them. Fresh foods are usually full of flavor and taste because they maintain all of the natural vitamins and minerals.
Also we buy it fresh and we decide the way to handle our food. As a result, more or less nutrients are still in the
food. On the other hand, canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when stored, and if you store it
for a long time, it will become toxic. If you eat it, you may experience food poisoning.
Yet another difference between these two types is the cost. Fresh foods are cheaper than canned foods
because they are straight from the farm to your kitchen or grocery. Canned foods are more much expensive. For
instance, with canned foods people pay for the benefit of convenience. They can be bought almost anywhere. Also,
there is no preparation, and they can be used at any time.
In conclusion, there are three differences between buying fresh foods and buying canned foods, which are
flavor, health benefits, and the cost. As we can see, it comes down to a personal choice based on the time each
person has, the money, and the importance that they give to their nutrition and health. Therefore, it is important to
consider all the possibilities and choose the best type of foods for one’s convenience and lifestyle.

Do Beauty and Success Go Hand in Hand?
By: Melinda Szinger (Hungary)
One of the eternal questions is: what is beauty? According to Wikipedia, “Beauty is the quality (shape,
color, form) of a person or a thing that gives intense pleasure to the mind when we look at it.” This could be the
objective definition for beauty, but in my opinion, beauty is a very subjective category and it includes inner values
too. What do you think? Do beautiful people have more benefits in their life? Are they happier than others, or is this
only a stereotype?
To begin with, the ideal of beauty has always changed in the different ages and cultures. The art
represents this thesis very well. If we look at the famous sculptures or paintings from the art history, we can see
that from the prehistoric era until the 1600s, ladies were short, obese, and all of them had curly hair. As the artists
usually painted the queens or the rich aristocrats, we could think, that’s why they were the ideal beauty; because
they were the honorable people at that time. However, the world has changed. On one hand, the ladies are tall,
slim, and sometimes masculine nowadays in the modern artworks or on the covers of magazines. On the other
hand, the order has changed too: rich people aren’t’t the only ideal. What is more, maybe the prettiest people can
be successful more easily than the others.
Many research says that more beautiful people are more successful than the less pretty ones. Especially,
they have advantages in the job market and in the private life, too. For instance, if there are many people on a job
interview, a more pretty or handsome person will get the job easier. In addition to this, these people have a better
chance with the opposite gender too. To be candid, our beautiful or handsome classmates have always had

boyfriends or girlfriends. Also, there was usually somebody who did his or her homework or gave him or her a
However, why is it so? Scientists say the reason is easy. If our brain looks at a person with a pretty
appearance, we think that she or he is balanced with the nature and with herself or himself. Also, we would like to
spend time or work with these people instead of others. I used to always think that physical beauty comes from the
inner beauty. Actually I still believe it, but I know there are some exceptions. To illustrate, a few weeks ago there
was a beauty queen in our showroom, and my colleagues and I were very surprised about her behavior. Although
she obviously had a beautiful body, that was it. She wasn’t kind, wasn’t lovely, and wasn’t polite. That’s why we
thought that she musn’t be a well-balanced girl with a nice soul.
Summing it up, everybody has different meanings of beauty. No doubt that pretty people are preferred
more than others in some situations, but this is not everything. After their lucky beginning, they have to prove their
talent at their workplace, and they have the same problems as the others in their private zone.

Your Time
By: Zokhid Vakhobov (Uzbekistan)
Which is more enjoyable for you, school time or vacation time? This is a question that may be easy to answer.
I think many people choose vacation time to have fun. However, all periods have a good side. The advantages and
disadvantages of school and vacation time include the schedule, activities, and responsibility.
First of all, the schedule will be completely different. During the school time, the school has a law and rules for
itself, and everyone must follow them. For instance, we must be on time for the school, we must do homework, et
cetera. I do not know in the USA, but in my country, some students do not follow the schedule because some
schedules are a little strange. I disagree with IEI’s schedule, because most of the places have vacation during the
summer, but in the IEI it is the opposite. In my opinion, it is not good because most people cannot catch any
information during the summer unlike other times. Summer time is hot, so that’s why scientists recommend not
having school during that time. Moreover, we know school time activities are different than another time. Some
students like that time, and some others do not. During the school time, we cannot do things we want to. I think
students do not want activities, tests, or quizzes. However, school time does have fun activities too. For example,
you can go to lunch with your classmates and go to travel after class with your classmates. These activities are fun
for me to spend a good time with my classmates. In addition, if I discuss responsibility, you should be more
responsible during your school time. You should do everything on time. You should wake up at the same time
everyday. Furthermore, you should spend time to do your homework. I know some schools have rules about
uniform. If you study at a school like that, you should follow that rule too. For me, it is good for my health to be
responsible for everything, so I try to be good every time. That is good for our future to be responsible for
Second, vacation time is the favored time for everyone. We can do what we want. We do not have a schedule
during the vacation. We can wake up at what time we want everyday. It is good to spend time on everything. On the
other hand, it is not good for our health. Because, anytime, if we want this to be implemented, it is impossible
because life has it’s own law and rules. We should follow them too. Why did I say, “ it is not good for our health”?
Let us imagine, if we wake up at whatever time, during the day we will have pain in our head, and our body will not
be fresh. Furthermore, the activities are different than another time. We can go any place to travel. However, that
time we are not with classmates, but we are with different friends, so every time different activities happen. For one
thing, I cannot say we do not have responsibility
for anything. We must be responsible for life’s
rules like we cannot live without food. We can do
anything we want during the vacation.
In the end, we are born and we die, but in
the between time we cannot do everything we
want because life is short. Our time is in our own
hands, so we should spend it on good things
every time in school and vacation time too.


Changing the Gun Laws in the U.S.A.
By: Koichi Imafuku (Japan)
I think there should be a change in the gun laws in the U.S.A. This month a man assaulted
several soldiers by gun in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The man went to the army school and shot a gun.
We can buy a gun in the mall market and use a gun easily. The gun laws should be changed
because of the following things.
First, we can buy a gun too easily. If we have to take a license we cannot have a gun easily. If we
can buy a gun only in specific shops, a man purchasing a gun illegally cannot purchase weapons.
Second, if we cannot buy a gun it will contribute to a decrease in crime. For example, in Japan,
we cannot buy a gun and hold any weapons outside. As a result, the crime in Japan is much less than the
crime in the U.S.A.
As another issue, if we cannot buy a gun we cannot defend ourselves from people who already
have a gun. This may be correct; however, if we do not change the gun laws we cannot change the world.
There should be a change in the gun laws in the U.S.A. in spite of causing several problems.

The Effects of Playing Video Games
By: Faisal Althumayri (Saudi Arabia)
Is the playing of video games good or bad? It can be good and also it can be bad. However, most
video games might have a lot of negative effects on both children and adults. This essay will discuss
three kinds of negative aspects: playing violent games, becoming overweight, and developing poor
First of all, there are a lot of video games that teach violence to children and adults. However, this
can affect the children more than adults. Also, it can change the behavior of children by making them
violent. As an example of those types of video games we have a game called Grand Theft Auto. This is
the most dangerous of all of the games. It has a lot of weapons and you can kill whomever you want.
Moreover, it has many missions that teach children how to steal money from a bank and stores. Also,
there are some missions when you have to kill other people to be the winner. All of these factors could
cause people to become more aggressive.
Besides the violence in the playing of video games there is the effect on the body. Playing video
games can cause the body to become overweight when a person spends too much time in front of the
video screen. Children will sit all the time at home, and eat a lot of snacks. Also, they will miss a lot of
activities outside the home. When children go outside to play they will get a lot more exercise that is good
for them. However, children who spend too much time with video games may get overweight.
Third, video games can in fact affect the eyes. When the eyes are focused for too long a time on a video
screen they becomes very tired. This may result in a gradual loss of sight. It is harmful for the eyes over
the long term.
In short, I think playing video games is one of the most serious problems for children today. Also,
parents should control their children and help them choose the right games. In my opinion, a person
should not play more than one hour each day.


Choosing English as a Second Language
By: Nourah Sagnawi (Saudi Arabia)
Today choosing English as a second language has become one of the most popular language
choice in the world. There are many different reasons why people choose it as a second language. These
include: getting a Master’s and PhD, having a good job, and traveling around the world.
To begin, I would like to focus on getting a Master’s and PhD. At this time anyone who wants to
complete studying must get a high result on the TOEFL or IELTS. For example, as a policy of the
educational system in Saudi Arabia the students must be provided with the opportunity to learn a second
language that is spoken worldwide. The English language meets this policy requirement. So, it will be
impossible to be accepted by a university without knowing English. That is why the study of English has
been approved by the government.
In addition to the educational reason, today all companies use English in their departments even
in the Middle East. For example, I worked for six years at a hospital. During the first two years, I worked in
the children’s hospital as a volunteer because I did not speak English well. However, after I graduated
from university, I went to the Institute of English Language Teaching in Jeddah. When I finished my
studies at this school I had many job opportunities, and I got a wonderful job at the International Medical
Knowing English is also important when traveling around the world. I visited Dubai five years ago,
and all people there were speaking English. Dubai is located in the Middle East and it is an Arabic
country, but they use English every day. Almost no one is speaking Arabic in public. Many countries sent
their students to study English abroad to improve and comprehend the various accents of the English
language. As a result, the Saudi Kingdom sends its students to many English speaking countries such as
the United States, Canada, England, and Australia.
In conclusion, to enjoy our life we must learn English and use it. Sending students to study
English abroad has become mandatory in some countries. Thus, more that 80% of Middle Eastern
nations now speak, write, and read English compared to only 20% in the 1920s to 1960s.

Has Social Media Made Our Lives Better?
By: Motaz Hassan (Saudi Arabia)
Do you have an iPhone, smart phone, or one of these important devices? They are very
interesting and useful. Today, most people are using these types of technology for connecting with each
other. Social media is one of the most popular ways to meet with people. Most of them feel that social
media has made our lives better for many reasons, such as developing our personality, getting a lot of
information, and knowing the news immediately. However, in my view social media has made our lives
more difficult. Due to the fact that people spend too much time on social media, it makes our lives even
busier and finally it provides an easy way to learn things that are harmful.
First, developing our personality is one of the most important arts that we get from social media.
For instance, proponents say when we are using social media we learn many things that we can use with
people. If you do not know how to explain something you will be able to do it. Also, you can know about
history and that will develop your personality. Another reason is it provides a lot of information. The
person who has a lot of data must be using social media because it has a lot of material that we should
know about. Also, in social media we can find whatever we want. For example, if we lose something and
we decide to make an advertisement, the best program that can help us is on social media. For instance,
if we are using social media throughout our day we will know the news immediately if there is something
that happens. For me, I have used social media for five years and I like to watch the news about sports.
So, I can learn about any news almost immediately.

In contrast, it is clear that social media has made our lives more difficult for the following reasons.
People are spending too much time on social media. For example, if you use social media every day and
you are used to using it all the time, you are wasting your time. Now most people cannot sit without
having their phones. If you go anywhere you will see most people holding their phones, for instance while
they are at a restaurant, at work, and at home. Another reason is social media makes us “busy”. Using
social media adds to today’s ‘busy-ness’. Children use social media even though they have homework
they should be doing. Also, when we are at work sometimes we ignore our work and as a result are less
productive. So, this situation makes us busier to catch up with the things that we have to do. Moreover,
knowing about and learning harmful things from many of these programs is easy to access. In fact, social
media has a lot of injurious items; for example, clips that are prohibitive, bad words, and violent,
aggressive scenes. So, if we use social media we might learn something but not in a good way. It is
better to learn the difference between good and bad from our parents and not by being on social media
To summarize, I think social media does not make our lives more suitable. If we want to spend
our time, we can spend it on something better such as, doing homework or completing important projects.
However, we can use social media only to get what we need to make our lives better.

Telling a Lie
By: Hussain Koraisha (Saudi Arabia)
People who lie often can not remember what they said and as a result change their story and are
caught in their lie! Most people lie to please other people like ‘Did you like my gift? ’ or ‘Am I getting fat ?’.
In this situation people to lie these are considered ‘white lies’. There are some other more situations in life
that cause people to lie such as to influence others and to prove a point.
Some people tell lies to influence others to condescend to their side, and support the lie. For
example, if you are in school and the teacher is asking you to show him your homework or he will report it
to the principal. This situation makes students try to influence the teacher by asking him to give another
chance. On the other hand, that may cause people not to believe you anymore. “ I am not upset that you
lied to me, I am upset that from now on I cannot believe you”. ( Friedrich Nietzsche, Google). For
instance, if you tell a lies to your teacher to influence them all the time, they will not believe you anymore
even if you are telling the truth.
Some adamant people might easily resort to lying to prove their point. This adamant class of
people can also get quite creative when it comes to lying. For example, a car dealer sometimes lies to the
buyer to sell a car even if it is not in good condition. In addition, one of the most common situations in
proving a point is with marriage. Sometimes it is going to end in a divorce. For instance, if the husband
spends too much money on something strange and it is not worth it, the wife may start to blame him for
the loss of that money; however, he wants to be right. So they can never agree and if that continues to
occur, that might result in their divorce.
It is clear that there are some factors such as influencing others, and proving a point that cause
people to lie or tell a ‘white lie’. But, remember tell the truth! Do not get caught in a lie.


Gender & Equality
By: Siver S. Jabbary (Kurdistan-Iraq)
Many centuries ago some nations degraded women. They did not consider them as human
beings. They believed that women were a source of evil and sin. Some people think that women and men
have different rights. In my opinion both of them are equal. Both men and women have rights. I strongly
believe that men and women have the right to education, work, dress how ever they want, express
themselves freely, practice religion, raise children, and so on.
Moreover, some nations thought that women had no rights and that she was a mere servant to
her father, brother or husband, they also thought women did not have the right to property or ownership.
They did not give her an inheritance. In most cases, some nations buried her alive. Others looked at her
as a commodity. They would buy and sell women. In my opinion women should be given more
consideration because of her bodily nature as well as her feelings.
In my religion “Islam” women have a high status. They can get an education, work side by side
with men, express themselves freely, inherit, perform religious duties just like men, are highly respected.
Women in Islam are equal to men in so may aspects. For example, equality in humanity. Women have
feelings, personal status, and special characters. Allah says, “O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, who
created you from a single person.” It means; as men feel women feel too, as men level up to values,
women also do, and as men can achieve heroism, women can too. Hence, men and women are created
from one soul.
In conclusion, women and men have equality in dignity and honor, equality in all religious duties,
equality in education and politeness, equality in knowledge, individual duty, and collective duty, equality in
holding on to morals, equality in calling to Allah, equality in inheritance and so on. It is clear that the world
has changed. There must be equality for both genders.


Merging Special Needs Students with Normal Students
By: Othman Almishari (Saudi Arabia)
If you want to know to what extent a community is developing, just take a quick look at its special
needs services. It is an enormous issue in the United States. We cannot stress enough to catch public
attention to concentrate on the obstacles that face the special needs movement. The purpose of merging
special needs children is to melt all of the differences between the special needs children and the normal
children. Under any circumstances we must repeal any kind of rules that support the separation between
them. However, in this research paper we are going to discuss the most essential points. All of the points
are under umbrella of the special needs child right to be merged with normal children in the school and in
the classroom, convincing the community to approve this concept, making normal students feel positive
about this project, and some effective methods which can help in the classroom. Therefore, all these
points focus in one field to achieve one goal that deserves to be discussed by us several times until those
children get their rights.

Persuading the Community about This Concept
To access gracefully into the core of this concept, we need to have a solid base to stand on. That
base should be an example from the real life. There is an issue that happened recently in Boston College,
in that story we have to determine what we are supposed to focus on.
Fathers and mothers are pretty unhappy because of the update that happened recently, which is
Boston College and its new project that is merging a school for disabled kids. It had been in Chestnut Hill
campus for 43 years, before it was replaced to a few miles away. It has been moved to be in the
Franciscan Hospital for children (Levenson 1).
Boston College authorities have said that they are discovering the merger project due to the
registration in the campus school decreasing to around 77% in 2007. In addition, they have suggested
going to Kennedy Day School at the Franciscan in Brighton because it has a very large flat and many
programs. However, the spokeswoman has said the merger is remaining under study, but whenever the
decision is made, all people who are relevant to this issue must obey and move immediately (Levenson
As a result of all that, fathers and mothers have written a petition to appeal to those who may be
concerned about this situation. They asked the president Rev. William p, to look again to that decision.
One of the parent said to the media “The unique culture and environment of our school is exactly why we
chose BC for our children.” This is one of the parents’ comments. And that person was not an usual
person, she was Kristen Morin, who is a chairwoman of the parents advisory council at the campus
school (Levenson 2-3).
When we have mentioned this story with every single details, all that was for purpose, which is to
reveal how important the community is in this case. The parents, the teachers, and the workers can make
a difference. We have made it very clear that, if is anyone who wants to participate in the special needs
community, he or she is most welcome. In that method we can create a special relationship with the
special needs children when they see how much we are considered about them.
Merging special needs children is a famous idea in recent years. We mean when we say merging
like combining the special needs students with normal students in a regular classroom. Among the
workers in this field they would call this concept mainstreaming. The basic purpose of this movement is to
provide the essential supplies, tools, and whatever they want to have successful lives (Harchik 1).
To support those concepts we should work hard to achieve that. We can make an advertisement
on the billboards on our street, or we can create a very short video with a special needs child, who will

appeal to the public to support them, or we can do like what the parents in the Boston College did, when
they started the online petition. The last lesson which we have learned from the Boston College story, that
we should create a parents council. And it should arrange a periodic meeting that includes the child
himself, his family, his classmates, and his neighbors.
To prove this concept, the connection between the special needs children and the community;
there is a public library, which involves the special needs children as workers. It was an awesome
experiment when the children are given very simple jobs to do, such as cleaning the old books, and
returning the books to their shelf. In addition, those children have made a lot of friends with those whom
attend that library. That is one of the most effective ways to impact the community (Peoples Carelnc).

Making Normal Students Feel Positively about This Project
John is not as normal as other students in the high school. He is suffering from Down Syndrome.
That kind of disease can cause a mental retardation. In the past 20 years ago specifically, John is more
likely to be in hospital for the rest of his life, or in a specialized institution, which can hide him cautiously
from the public. Therefore, his parents can make sure that there is no one in their community knows
about him. However, that was the only way to treat a special needs child in the past, but right now, as we
see, there is noticeable change, and we should exploit that as much as we can. First of all, we are
supposed to realize that the normal students have changed, and most of them have enough background
to understand having classmate from special needs. Therefore, we do not have to start from zero
(“Including the Disabled” 1).
In fact, there are not any negative impacts on normal students when merging special needs
students with them. This fact must be explained to the normal students, and give them the fill picture to
correct any wrong idea in their mind (“Including the Disabled” 1).
Back to our example that we have mentioned (John). When we explain the concept to the normal
students and they believe in it, we will see a lot of communications between them which means a huge
improvement in John`s vocabulary. In addition, one of the most effective approaches to learning is a peer
tutor as well.
Also, there is a new study revealed that the normal students will not have trouble in their academic
area because of the special needs children who are participating with them. In addition, that study says
that there are a lot of benefits for the normal students when they have the special needs students in their
classroom. For instance, it can curtail the scare of the people who are different than them (“Including the
Disabled” 3)
The special needs child`s family always wants someone, or some group who can give them a hand
with their responsibilities. It is necessary to find out someone, or some group to relieve those
responsibilities from their shoulders. However, the neighbors, volunteers, and charitable groups, can do a
very righteous service to those families. Therefore, in this context we have to focus on teaching the
normal students how to be positive in this case (Heller 2).
There are certain ways to reach what we are expecting from the normal students. We can arrange
conferences in several levels, in local level, and in global level. In addition, we can even arrange
conferences in each school to give the normal students the opportunity to participate in them. However,
the communications with normal students and giving them persuasive reasons to believe about this
project is an essential thing.
Is inclusion of special needs children in a regular classroom effective? A lot of researchers and
observers just began to give their results, that are mentioned above, about the accomplishment of special
needs students who were merged in regular classrooms, compared with those special needs students
who are still in private classrooms. The report claims that the former students are getting better a little bit
more than the others, particularly in social skills area.
According to WPBF-25 News, they have made a report, which tells us about a new project. That
project was in Boca Raton Community High School. That school project simply was showing us
combining two teams together. The first team was from the special needs children, and the second team

was from the normal students. Even the cheerleading was a variety of them. In that report, they
interviewed several normal students and all of them were feeling positively about this project. In addition,
one of the normal students said that she loved it very much, and this project brought so much energy
(WPBF 25 News).

Some Effective Approaches Which Can Help in the Classroom
In this section we will try to figure out some of the most salient instructions for those who work in
this field. These instructions can help teachers and administrators to achieve worthy accomplishments in
the classroom. We need to concentrate on this status due to the importance for a teacher to realize all
methods and the approaches that can help him or her to control the classroom wisely. However, this is
not an easy or normal position; therefore, we need to advise the workers in this field to make sure that
they are on the right track.
There is a teacher who has worthy experience in merging special needs students with normal
students in the same classroom. That teacher was struggling at the beginning of his career, but he has
attempted many methods until he has succeeded. As a teacher you should know that you are not alone in
this position. You have around you teachers and educators who might give you piece of advice if you
need it. Also, there are a lot of very useful sources in the schools across the United States. Sadly, many
teachers ignore them or fail when they try them (”Teaching Special” 1).
Speaking of the sources that the teacher should use to reach success from merging the special
needs students with normal students in the classroom, the first of them is taking advantage of the special
education department in the school. You can ask for advice from the teachers who have had experiences
more than you or working with special needs students longer than you. Those acknowledgeable teachers
have had many work hours which means a lot of training and a variety of experiments in this field. There
is a special teacher you can ask directly, who is named a coordinating teacher. That person can tell you
how to manage the classroom successfully (“Teaching Special Needs” 1).
When you teach any material you should not depend on any handbooks before asking the
coordinating teacher about it. In fact, most of the special needs teachers are committed to their students
to have success in the regular classroom. Always remember, great things take time to achieve. Be
patient, and do not get bored (“Teaching Special Needs” 1).
In fact, there is a very effective way to help both special needs and normal students in the
classroom. In a school in the United States they have practiced this method by dividing one class into
small groups, and putting each of them at the same table. The teacher should make sure each table has
the same number of the special needs students and normal students. In that experiment the teacher is
just an observer. For instance, the teacher is helping the students who are struggling with the differences
between the facts and the opinions.
In that experiment the teacher`s helping must be limited to achieve the purpose, which is letting the
students explain to each other in their own way, and the teacher present will be enough. However, the
teacher needs to be present to make sure his or her students are on the right route (BER Staff).

As we have probably realized, it is a pretty salient issue. It is not just for those who might be a
special needs child`s parent. It is for all of us because it affects the civil rights. We cannot treat some of
our children like some people who have a stigma. We have to create the best environment for them. This
is not a secondary issue, this is a primary issue, and this is our priority. In addition, there are some main
elements under the umbrella of merging the special needs children, which are convincing the community
to approve this concept, making normal students feeling positive about this project, and some effective
approaches, which can help in the classroom. However, there is an idiom that says do not look down at
someone unless you are helping him. Therefore, that is the perfect time to go ahead and encourage
people who are around us to practice what we have suggested. I strongly support that idea, and I believe
it is worth fighting for, until it becomes realistic.


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The Power of Smiling
By: Renad Alharbi (Saudi Arabia)
When you smile to someone you will make him happy for a few minutes, but did you know that
smiling is important for you also?. However, smiling will improve your health in various ways. Makes you
see the world from different side. Allow you to be positive, and you will be confident. So the benefits from
smiling are a lot in different domains, in business, in social life, in relationships. Fake smile or genuine
smile does not matter. The most important thing is that you are smiling. You will receive the benefits. We
can learn about the social benefits from smiling, the financial benefits from smiling, and the health
benefits from smiling.

The Social Benefits of Smiling
When you smile you look beautiful and attractive. You can make sure when you see the
impression on the peoples’ faces as they look at you. Smiling is very essential in social life. Actually your
smile is your gate to penetrate hearts (Mcghee).
We encounter stress all the time because of crowded life. The stress controls us and makes our
day horrible. We can avoid the depression that comes after stress by smiling, it is difficult of course in the
beginning, but after practice you will do it spontaneity (Mcghee).

The Financial Benefits of Smiling
Do you think people with a great smile make more money?. Some employees in sales, customer
service and personal service need to smile because this is necessary to succeed in their jobs. Imagine
one day, you have problem and you go to customer service to solve the problem. While you talk with the
employee he does not smile at you or even pay attention to you. Will you go to him again if you have the
same problem?. Actually smiling has a massive influence on the customers. They make money as the
result of smiling.
Second, if you have bright and beautiful smile with strong and healthy teeth a lot of people will
assume that you are intelligent, more capable, braver, more productive, and more successful. On the
other hand, if you have poor smile with unhealthy teeth. The people will consider and worry about you,
and they will trend to think that you do not have a lot of characteristics that I mention above.
Third, the quality of your smile affects both personal and business relationships. A lot of studies
show this, their evidence that smiling can positively shift your mood. In one study of women who had


botox treatment, their facial muscles do not move very well, this show less emotional activity in their
If we want to summarize the financial benefits from smiling, we can say that smiling increases
productivity. Research has shown that smiling while you work rise energy levels. Also, smiling
encourages feelings of trust. Also, smiling makes you be successful.

The Health Benefits Of Smiling
Psychological scientists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas study how
the different types of smiling affect the people and their ability to recover from stressful episodes. A lot of
searches were shown that smiling affects emotions, and positive emotions have effect on stress. Kraft
and Pressman do the same thing but they add the different types of smiling to see what the influence on
the stress.(Paddock).
First, they define two types of smiling: standard smile, and genuine smile. They used
electrophysiology to show the difference between the two types. They invited 169 volunteers to do the
experiment and they divided the volunteers to two groups: testing and training.(Paddock). The
researchers taught the volunteers how to hold their faces in a neutral expression, and how to hold a
standard smile (training group).(Paddock).They also got some of the volunteers to hold their face in a
forced smile by holding chopsticks in their mouths (training group).
The volunteers performed some multi-tasking activities, during which they held their faces in the
manner instructed (testing group). They activities to increase the stress levels. The result was amazing.
The volunteers did not recognize that. Also, they measured the heart rates. They found that the
volunteers were instructed to smile especially genuine smile, had lower heart rates than the volunteers
who held their faces in neutral facial expression. Even they faced activities caused stress.(Paddock).They
also found smiling for brief periods of stress will help you to reduce the stress irrespective if you fell happy
or not.(Paddock).
They suggest this is very helpful to know. If you face any stress remember to smile to reduce your
stress quickly. This is not just helping you to release your sadness. Also it helps your heart too.(Paddock).
On the other hand, smiling can change your mood. If you are feeling down, attempt to smile or
read a joke or even remember a funny story or memory, and laugh. You will see big improving in your
mood gradually, because smiling will trick your brain into helping you change your mood (Stibich).
Also, smiling is contagious. When you are hearing a smile you will look around you to see where
is the source of this laugh or this smile. It is normal, the smile sound is very attractive for us. When
someone lightens up the room, this will change your mood, and makes you want to laugh, and brings
happiness to you. Also, you will draw people to you (Stibich).
Smiling force your immune system and helps it to work better. Smiling decreases the stress
hormones, and makes the immune cells resist the microbes, thus develop your system to resistance the
chronic diseases (Stibich). For the people who complain about high blood pressure, the doctors advise
them to relax and try to smile and laugh. You can see the credibility of this if you have a blood pressure
monitor at home. You can make a experiment by reading your blood pressure. After a few minutes try to
smile and take another read, you will see the difference between two reads (Stibich).
Other health benefits from smiling are that smiling releases the Endrophins. A lot of people do not
realize what is the Endrophins. They are kind of neurotransmitters which release when you move the
muscles in your face (Smith). Endrophins make us feel happy, and lower our stress levels. Also, laughing
and smiling are so effective to decrease the pain. Actually it is called pain killer (Stibich).
Also, smiling turns out you positive. You can check this if you try this. Think about something
negative with a smile on your face. When you do this, your brain will send a message to you that life is
easy and good. (Jarrett).

Laughing or smiling protects your heart; therefore, smiling and laughing improve the functions of
blood vessels, this lead to increase blood flow. This will protect you from heart attack and other types of
cariodovascular problems.(Mcghee).
Smiling makes you more relaxed. I think that a great exercise we can do is smiling each day for
two minutes or more like you want. It helps your body to relax, and relieves physical tension, and stress.
Also it will keep your muscles relaxed for 45 minutes after (Mcghee).
Smiling helps you to stay emotionally healthy. We can explain this statement by saying that
smiling makes you feel good. This feeling will remain with you after smiling disappears. Those feelings
allow you to avoid bad feelings and make you positive, and optimistic, through difficult situations,
disappointments, and loss. On the other hand, smiling encourages you to seek other sources for hope
and happiness. (Mcghee).
The feelings of smiling change how you see the world. Allow you to see the world from other side.
Also, change your perspective, you will see the situation in more real. You will be more flexible, and you
will avoid feeling overwhelmed.(Jarrett).

How Can I Create Opportunity to Smile or Laugh?
There are a lot of steps to create a great environment to smile. For instance, watch a funny movie
or TV show. Go to comedy club. Read funny magazines. Seek funny people and share with them a joke
or story. Host a game night with your friends. Play with a pet. Do something silly. Finally, make time for
fun activities like bowling, swimming, or golfing. (Mcghee).

Smiling Depression
Do you think all the people are happy? According to the National Institute of Mental Health,
approximately 10% of the United States population is suffering from depression. A lot of people are
suffering from smiling depression and they do not know. Smiling depression is when the person appear
happy to others when internally he or she is suffering from depression symptoms. This smiling keeps the
depression feelings deep so he cannot realize that he has depression. They use external façade to hide
their sadness. This causes problems in sleeping, and a lack of enjoyment in pleasurable
In conclusion, science has studied the advantages of smiling. I think they have known a lot but
still more do not show for us. We just need to smile or laugh, and make other people smile too. I believe
that smiling is the key for happiness or maybe the beginning of peaceful world.

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Casinos are Beneficial for a Community
By: Ryosuke Arao (Japan)
Some people say that casinos are beneficial for a community. Others say that they are harmful.
Today, it is a controversial issue whether the government of a community should install them or not.
Considering casinos, they seem to have a lot of advantages: increasing tax revenue, solution for
unemployment and attracting tourists. On the other hand, they also seem to have many disadvantages:
increasing crime rate, gambling addiction, and expense of construction. When we debate about this
issue, both proponents and opponents have enough reasons. In fact, in the U.S. some states, such as
Nevada, have succeeded in running casinos but some states, such as New Jersey, failed it.
From the individual viewpoint, opponents against gambling exceed proponents because many
people regard gambling as an unethical entertainment. Their negative stereotype of gambling might be
derived from such episodes as a father who sold all of his family’s fortune in spite of his family’s will
(Moore 17). Certainly, in some cases, gambling destroys someone’s life or family tie. However, from the
viewpoint of government, we should consider many aspects of gambling objectively.
In spite of the fact that some people think gambling is non-beneficial for communities, the
governments should definitely undertake constructing public casinos for the reasons below.
Facts about Casino
The first public casino was built in Nevada
State in 1931. About 50 years later, other states
followed Nevada to construct casinos. In 2014,
there are more than 1500 casinos in the U.S.
(“Facts on US Casino”). They spread over 40
A public casino usually has various kinds of
games: poker, baccarat, roulette, slots and so on. A
casino gains profit by subtracting a little
commission from the winner of a game. It is slight
money at one time. However, because a casino
has a lot of tables and runs them at the same time
and it is open 24hour and 7 days a week,
commission sums up to tremendous money.
According to recent statistics, in the U.S., casino
gaming market revenue is 69,110 million US dollars
in 2014 (“Global Gaming Outlook”). It is as large as
the government of Ireland’s annual tax revenue
(“Revenue Statistics”).

The list of the states and the year
casino gambling legal

Positive Effects of Casino
As many researchers discussed in their papers until today, a public casino brings several benefits
to a community. First, it improves unemployment rate, from which many communities are suffering during
depression that started in 2008. A pubic casino needs a lot of staffs to manage the hall because it has
various kinds of jobs: dealers, servers, guards, and floor manager. In Nevada State, more than 160,000
people are engaged in casinos (“Facts on US Casino”). This number means 6% of population are working
at casinos. Furthermore, casinos usually bring other industries such as hotels, restaurants, and taxi
companies because many tourists and customers gather around a casino. If you include employees of
the surroundings around casinos, the number of workers who are related with gaming industries would be
tremendous. That is to say, casinos offer a community a big opportunity to get out from high
unemployment rate. In addition, these kinds of jobs nee certain skills, including technique of entertaining
guests or deep knowledge of casino system. These skills can be their job skills which would help them
get job when they move to another community. A casino solve the job problem not superficially but


Profile of Overseas Travelers to US

Second, casinos attract tourists. Many
tourists go on a trip for the purpose of gambling.
Even if their main purpose is not gambling, they
would drop more money on the community which
has casinos. A survey made by the U.S.
Department of Commerce shows that 9.3 % of
foreign tourists who visited the U.S. in 2014 were
expected to enjoy gambling, and that 6.0% of
visitors whose purposes are not leisure answered
they would enjoy it (“Profile of Overseas
Travelers”). Casinos are now one of the most
significant tourism resources. In fact, there are
several countries which have been developed by
strategies to attract tourists with gambling. Macau
is famous for their huge casinos, which are
available for 24 hours and 7 days a week
(Loughlin). In addition, some countries are
planning to construct casinos for the purpose of
revitalization of local areas. Japanese
government has set a committee for
consideration about casinos and it provoked a
controversy among the society. Legislation of
legalizing casinos is currently under discussion of
the Congress (Takahashi).
Third, the government of a community
can gain revenue from casinos. As I mentioned
above, Macau is benefited by tax from their
casinos. Macau legalized their casinos in 19th
century when their financial situation became
serious because of wars against China. The
government, which belonged to Portugal,
regarded gambling industry as a kind of
business and they succeeded in that business
(Loughlin). In the U.S., Missouri State has
succeeded in improving their economic
situation by constructing casinos. Since Isle of
Capri Casino opened in 2012, it has been
producing 4 million tax dollars per a year for the
city. In addition, the casino and the city agree
that 0.3% of income of the casino is invested to
funds which is toward capital improvement. It
gains a lot of budget and there are few
problems associated with them (“Isle Casino”).

Revenue from Gaming Industry in US (million

From another view point, gambling is educational. In spite of the fact that most people believe
gambling is not ethical and is rather harmful for human development, we can learn a lot from it. In my
experience, through gambling, I have learned a lot: self-control, logical thinking, consideration toward
others. Because these skills are needed to win a game in the casino, I always try to be conscious of them
whenever I play a game. These skills are also necessary to work in the society, but some people lack in
them. For example, it is often the case with gambling that luck determines the result of a game no matter
how much efforts the player makes. This kind of matter often happens in business. An experienced
person who is not good at self-control would lose his/her temper to be unable to manage the situation. In
contrast, a person who has enough experience of gambling would be able to handle their emotion and to
cope with the problem. Gambling is a good opportunity for young people to acquire social skills.


Negative Effects of Casino
Some people say casinos have serious disadvantages in spite of their advantages. First, most of
them point out that casinos increase crime rate of the community. Certainly, it is easy to imagine that
someone who depletes his/her fortune commits robbery, or that casinos become nest of vice. However,
except in a very few specific case, there is little relationship between casinos and crime rate (Nichols).
This means that their fear is not correct. In my opinion, the stereotype that a casino has something to do
with crimes may be derived from underground casinos. These casinos usually coexist with moneylenders
and they often loan at outrageous interest. Casinos which are managed by decent companies or
governments rarely lead to customers’ bankrupt because they don’t arouse customers to spend their
money nor loan them any money.
Another statement about casinos’ negative effect is that they cause gambling addiction. It is sure
that the number of people addicted to gambling would increase in the area where casinos are newly
constructed. In addition, increase of gambling addiction leads to increase of medical expenses because it
causes depression, suicidal thoughts or other mental disorders (“ Gambling“). In this aspect, a casino is
harmful to a community. Fortunately, the method of curing addiction is rapidly developing and a
community is able to cope with problems related with gambling addiction. Considering this improvement,
we can regard it as an acceptable cost for benefits of casinos. In addition, there is no reason for criticizing
only gambling in spite of causes of other addictions such as alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

Should the Government Construct Casino?
Comparing both effects, positive ones and negative ones, there are enough reasons for installing
casinos into a community. Each positive effect proves that casinos might bring benefit to a community. In
contrast, negative effects which opponents claim are not persuasive. They are too weak to make the
government give up constructing casinos because it is possible to cope with the disadvantages.
Generally speaking, because a gambling industry is less influenced by recession than other
industries, the government can expect it to be a stable source of tax income. According to recent
research, federal revenue from casinos has been staying at the same level for 4 years. However, many
economists are optimistic because it seems to get out of the bottom (“2013 US Casino Revenue”). In fact,
since 2013, revenue from gaming industry has been increasing. (“Global Gaming Outlook”). In a
community in which gambling is not the main industry, gaming industry can play a role of supplementary
tax resource. Meanwhile, in a community in which there is no competitive industry, casinos and tourism
industry can become the main resource of tax the same as in Macau, in Monaco, and in Nevada State.
Thus, in any situation, casino industry can contribute to the community.
Casinos are especially beneficial for a community which has a terminal of transportations, such
as a big airport, a terminal station or a big harbor because it is easy for tourists to access casinos. In such
community, casinos would prosper. Most people enjoy a casino while their trips because casinos make
them excited and let them forget their daily lives. Furthermore, casinos in resort area are profitable
because people on travel are not careful of consuming. In addition, travelers have enough time to play
games at terminals of transportation while waiting their next plane or train. Thus, those locations are
desirable for construction of casinos.
However, the government should be careful about not scrambling for a piece of the pie.
Specifically, if there is another casino near the community, the government should build one as far as
possible. For example, Atlantic City in New Jersey State failed its casinos and most of them closed
because their customers moved to other casinos in the next state (“Atlantic City”). As I mentioned above,
a casino gains a slight commission from one game. Therefore, it is essential to hold as a lot of people as
possible. Though casinos are profitable, customers are not so numerous that all casinos can gain
enough. Because people who like gambling tend to go to only their favorite casino, it is vital for casinos to
keep their customers. So, governments had better avoid such situation as some casinos compete for a
few customers.
In addition, there are still barriers for the government to launch construction of casinos. People
have an old stereotype that gambling is bad entertainment, and people’s attitude toward gambling makes

politicians hesitate to decide to build casinos. This is one of the reasons why casinos have not become
popular politics for improving economy all over the world.

Considering the above, it is obvious that a casino can be a savior of the community. The
government should seriously consider installing casinos into its community for its bright future.
Casinos and their surroundings would create enough jobs for the unemployed. The employed can also
obtain skills of the job. The community would never suffer from high unemployment rate. Next, Casinos
attract tourists and their money. The government gains money from tourists’ wallets legally. Thanks to
these two effects, the government can expect steady income from gambling industry. Last but not least,
we can learn various social skills through playing casino games. On the contrary, the negative effects are
not so much serious as to give us up launching casinos.
I can assert that casinos save a community which it is found difficult to sustain by themselves.
The government and politicians should try to change citizens’ stereotype about gambling and to remove
the barriers by connotation, which the U.S. Government is good at. After eliminating the stereotype,
people would notice how beneficial casinos are for them.

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The Best Way to Achieve Innovation in Your Company
By: Erika Gonzalez (Columbia)
Everything is changing today, with the technology you can realize many things that you had never
imagined. Sometimes it seems like all the products from different brands have the same characteristics
because they must meet quality standards. For this reason, the companies must figure out what makes
them different. All the organizations can make the same product, following the main characteristics but
where you can find the difference is the interesting point. The business world has been speaking about
innovation, when the goal is to get long term success. This change or unique idea can only be achieved
through those who spend their daily life discovering the costumer. The employees are one of the most
important resources for the company’s success because they can create what the costumer expects, and
they must be synchronized and trained through excellent leadership.


Anyone who creates a company wants to succeed and must gather a number of resources to
reach the goal. One of the most difficult tasks is to shape the workforce. It is even more when it should
be qualified, diverse and creative for the purpose of achieving constant innovation such as Companies
like Google, Microsoft, IBM. Thus, innovation allows the company to put the best price possible for its
products and services because these organizations have not only excellent products but a unique
experience delivered by their team. Chovolhary announces, “Fast company magazine annually lists the
world’s 50 most innovate companies.” and it is interesting that the list is not just based on revenue growth
and profit margins, but also on progressive business models and ethos of creativity. However, to make
the team deliver an innovative idea, it is necessary to achieve special statuses in his integrants’ minds,
making them feel not only part of a business but a professional objective. As a result, it ceases to be an
objective and becomes a life choice, getting motivation, and, therefore, happiness. Just a happy person
can create something new, just a person who has achieved his main goal or is in the way to his goal.
Nevertheless, to wonder about personal goals is something completely new for the business.
Organizational change is certain, but unfortunately, people tend to resist it (Barnes and Calif).
So, the first step is to understand the need to innovate through human resources and accept the
risk to undertake the complex process. Then, one of the main goals will be happy and motivated
employees, by providing uncommon benefits, compensation, regular training and workshops, but most of
all, it is important to open a working environment where open, direct and casual conversations occur
regularly. This new workforce is a driver for innovation. We are being guided by amazing ideas like
Google, which makes all its human resource decisions based on scientific data (Chovolhary).
In this new era, important companies have had different ideas. They have been adapting to
changes, developing new strategies for improving or increasing contributions between organizations and
society. Indeed, they have realized that a business is developed by people. They are the main raw
material, and they are the cells. For this reason we have to begin reviewing each person who works for
us, each cell. We must know if they are here just for money or because they feel indentified with our
mission. Also, it is important to know if she or he has a plan in his or her life, a detailed career map. Then,
the company and the employee initiate a synchronization process. One of the keys to have satisfied
teams is an organization that is concerned about employee’s individual goals because they will find a
developer environment at work (Pratt). At this moment, we are speaking about one goal driven by
employees and management. As a result, the employees believe that they belong to the company. In this
instance, it is important to speak with the new person during the first months. In this time, she or he is
able to learn easier. Indeed, he needs to get used to the new environment and the new people working
together. So, observation and analysis are required (Mayhew).
Once we have made the first step, that is the most tedious because it is about accepting new
forms of administration, new procedures in new contexts. Now, we are focused on coaching not only our
work force but also our competitive advantage. Due to shortened product life cycles and hyper
communication, innovation is a sure way to preserve a company's competitive advantage. So, the
employees must find new ways of doing things through an effective organizational culture (Chovolhary).
Consequently, they will be able to think and speak clearer. So, the idea is that they should feel
comfortable to share any information they have in mind not only with their coworkers but all the company.
For this reason, we need one of the most difficult skills that any company might have. It is called
an open environment, free people to speak or I could say organizational culture based on Open
Communication. It is important to know employees' thoughts. Companies like FACEBOOK break down
barriers among employees by supporting social activities outside of their days jobs (Chovolhary). In some
cases we need experiences rather than material goods because the relationships give us humanity (Mac
Bain). The money is essential always. The payment is important for the employees, but we should give
them something special, unique, that helps us to improve our communication. It is the time, the social
activities, and the moments that we share with our coworkers. So, the main purpose is to know each
other carefully, completely. Through these types of activities, people let us see their feelings, their mind,
and the relationship gets strength. It creates confidence. Nevertheless, the employees must have the
desire to establish communication. Indeed, they should be able to negotiate and make deals,
understanding priorities and being tolerant. On the other hand, the management must listen and get back
with a response, always. Even to explain why the idea was not implemented, being creative and

responding to employee needs (Barnes and Calif). Thus, it will generate conversations and connections
among the different levels. So, all the company will speak the same language and share the same goal.
Once you achieve an excellent communication, you can improve by giving feedback and sharing
information in order to improve everyone’s knowledge. The employees need to feel they are doing
something important for the company. They need their boss’s feedback, for example it is important to
make group and individual meetings at least one time per week, surveys about organizational culture, and
basically an environment of open communication. So, they feel comfortable to speak about any issue
whenever they want to. In other words, innovators have to be confident, and confidence can be brought
by giving them a problem they have to define by research, direct observation, autonomy and
empowerment. For example, General Electric employees should generate creative ideas, take risks, learn
from success and failure, challenge bureaucracy, collaborate, listen and be humble (Chovolhary).
To achieve all the skills outlined above people need a suitable environment; many people say
their job is their second home. Well, it could be if the company is innovative. As Mc Bain says “The
furnishings can be chosen to help promote the feeling that you want to transmit. For example, you can
design a space for promoting easy conversation.” Furniture is important too, and the management must
understand and accept this new concept of business. Daily lives are important, experiences and the
environment in general; things like listening to music, eating vegetables and doing exercise influence your
mood, your mind, and your ability to create something new. Sadly, it seems secondary for most of the
people, and they think they don’t have enough time to do it. However, a company can change the
employee’s mood through paying attention to these strategies. You cannot schedule innovation.
Suddenly, it occurs. Casual connections are what the environment tries. For example, Samsung provides
stress reducing special music selected by a psychologist (Chovolhary). The activities cannot be
monotonous, prosy. People need variety, movement, but keeping the same values, principles and vision
Even if you are a smart person working in the perfect place, you need others. You need contrast
and complement. You need coworkers, people with opposite ideas to get new ones, but it must be called
a team instead of a group. For this reason, the company has to create a culture of collaboration, where
people are ready to help their coworkers and contribute in the success of the project (Pratt). This is the
main idea, achieve the goal and learn in the process, being always disposed to listen, learn and
collaborate. Moreover, letting employees and the union know early the need for change in work, rules,
policies, activities or something else eliminates surprises and builds the team (Barnes and Calif). So,
nothing can be hidden in a relationship of trust and nobody has the whole truth. The idea is to find the
answers together. Indeed, it is the only way to learn in a company. In addition to receiving training, the
person must share the new information and expand his knowledge. In this manner, the company gives
and gets at the same time. So, we give career development for our campaign works, and we receive
success. Your employees need special talents with the costumer; they must have a good interpersonal
relationship and excellent communication. Even if your company sells only products, the service comes
after selling the product (Mayhew). The employees need to have motivation, something that joins them to
the company. One of these things can be the goal, feeling identified. Also the company should provide
opportunities for employment and emotional growth (Hackett).
The person who creates the goal and the company is the only person that can transmit the idea,
the dream. Actually, he or she is the most important example. Consequently, his personality and all his
actions become crucial. He should focus on few and clear activities and make them perfect, always telling
the truth. The process begins with him, with the leader because he is the first person that tries to connect
his personals goals with the company. So, he must be sure about what makes him really happy, inside
and outside the job and work on it. Therefore, a good leader knows his feelings before knowing others`
feelings and has the ability to sit on every side of the table or problem by stressing discretion,
confidentiality and patience. In addition, he has the ability to connect with strangers instantly and to
manage trust (“Executive leadership”). Moreover, there are main points a leader has to review frequently.
Being present, and working together for the greater good are activities he cannot avoid. As a result, he
will develop, implement and monitor them. So, if you are a good manager, it is because you know
everyone’s role is crucial to the success of the organization. Also, it is important to avoid the use of words
that perpetuate the notion of a divide between labor and management. Instead, a qualified leader earns

respect not only with hierarchy but also an excellent behavior achieved by consistency. Nothing hurts the
relationship more than favoritism shown by a supervisor (Barnes and Calif).
Only the manager can spread the mission to the employees because they are the first customer.
The company has internal and external costumers. Both need quality service. The first costumer is the
employee. So, part of the quality can be given by keeping a great environment to work. Therefore, the
employees give results through the good service, satisfying the external costumer (Hackett). The
manager sells the brand to his employees, so that they can sell it to the customer. Consequently, if
employees are not effectively trained and satisfied, it is impossible to get customer’s attention. Also, the
leader decides the culture he wants to create by organizing the environment where he can put together
three important items; an atmosphere of listening, empathy and trust. Although the last one is chancy
because a business involves money, it is the most important for building creativity and proactivity.
The place and the feelings are important; the activities that the employees develop must be
according to their personality. When the employees are encouraged, it gives consistency and reliability
across the brand (Hackett). They are the image of the company, and they show you the type of leader the
team has. If they are happy and wise, it is because their environment and relationships are suitable.
Surely, happiness is not in the pursuit of success but in the daily lives of the path chosen and
relationships with people around us (Mc Bain). So, the leader is responsible for creating the best place
and empathy as soon as possible when he decides to share his dream, his goal with other people and
build the company. However, some of them have not understood the main idea, their main goal and
actually the most important activity they must do, to be focused on their people through an environment of
open communication and trust. Indeed, a suitable leader values and rewards his employees. According to
Chovolhary when employees are warmly greeted by their managers, productivity increases.
Consequently, all of these activities finally lead to efficiency and financial success. Even if it takes a long
term, the results will give you continuity on the market, something that you can achieve only by
implementing innovation.
One of the most difficult challenges a leader has is to find the value added to his product or
service. Nevertheless, it becomes easy if he wants to do it, and he really understands how to make the
difference because the globalization has changed the world and the business. Today, the customer has
many possibilities to choose, and the products and services are supposed to follow many rules or
standards. So, it seems like all the products are the same for us. Well, the difference is who sell us this. It
is he people and the services they give us. During and after buying the product is what allows us to know
the company and its manager. It is the experience that we have when we are getting something, and the
relationship the employees have with the customer. Consequently, we feel the employee knows what he
is doing. It means he has knowledge about the product. Furthermore, he gives you confidence and an
excellent attention because he is working for his own dream. He feels identified with the organization’s
goals, and he has clear objectives there. Actually, the employee is happy. Building a company is about
finding people who have your same dream and achieve the goal together.

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What Makes South Korea The Plastic Surgery Capital
By: Jiwon Kim (South Korea)
There was a twin sister. They had been struggling with their negative body image. When they
were small girls, many people made fun of them because of the angular face with prominent cheekbones
and a notable lantern jaw. They could not unite with the friends in the school. They recalled that there
wasn't anybody who treated them well while they were growing up. They had believed that the reason
was their ugly face. After high school, the older sister went to the Philippines to avoid other people's eyes.
However, her life could not be changed. She wasn't able to recover the depression and find her lost
confidence again even though she tried to do that in a different place. The younger sister’s situation was
worse than the older sister's. In spite of the fact she got married, she didn't think that she was loved by
her family. After getting pregnant, she gained an enormous amount of weight. Her husband and motherin-law seemed to feel embarrassed by her. They don't know who determined the criteria of beauty.
However, it is true that they could not reach the average, and people didn't like their appearance. There
was nobody to blame. The situation was like they should blame themselves. Finally, they tried to change
their external look because they could not change other people's mind. They believed plastic surgery,
which might have brought them a wonderful life, was their last hope.
Not only these sisters who had serious problems with their appearance but also general people
who seem to have no problems get plastic surgery a lot in South Korea. The International Society of
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said about 20% of women have experience with plastic surgery in South
Korea, compared to the U.S. where 5% of women have gotten it. It is a large number of people (Chang
1). According to Mark J. Perry, a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint
campus, South Korea is the number one in plastic surgery, with every one in 1,000 people undergoing it
(Perry 1). Plastic surgery seems to accompany many side effects and social problems. However, despite
the problems, high rates of people in South Korea get plastic surgery. To reduce plastic surgery and to
avoid risks from plastic surgery, it is necessary to find out what motivates people to get it. And then, we
need to know what kinds of problems are caused by plastic surgery. In addition, the most important thing
is to help people make a positive mindset about their body image and to break down discrimination based
on physical appearance.

What Motivates People to Get Plastic Surgery?
Traditional Thinking: Women Should Be Pretty
Many women in South Korea want to have a slim body and beautiful face such as a member of
girl group or a doll (Chang). Also, it is common to hear about weight or physical appearance. Interestingly,
losing weight is people’s most popular issue to talk about (“Challenging Korea”). According to Jodi
Kantor’s travel journal “A Look at Korea’s Culture From the Bathhouse,” it is accurate that many people in
South Korea care about the appearance a lot (Kantor). This concept looks like it comes from a traditional
concept that has been steady in South Korea. There is an traditional saying “이왕이면 다홍치마(yi wang
yi myn da hong chi ma).” This means that other things being equal, choose the better one. However, its
literal meaning is, “If other things are equal, choosing young beautiful woman will be better.” Also, there is
another saying “보기 좋은 떡이 먹기도 좋다(po gi jo un tu gi muk ki do jo ta).” This also means “The rice
cake that has a good shape is more delicious.” These kinds of sayings may show Korean’s traditional
appearance obsession, especially for women. Still now, it is not difficult to see people saying, “Women
should be beautiful.” This thinking is based on people’s mind and pushes many women to get plastic
surgery. It has been extended by other situations in the South Korea society: collectivity and intense

The Collectivity
Collectivity is the concept which emphasis a group’s interest more than an individual’s. So,
people in a collectivity society are more likely to follow current tendencies instead of expressing their own
individuality. The plastic surgery boom seems to be supported by this concept. Imagine the next situation.
At the starting point, a few people got plastic surgery for some reasons. Their changed appearance might
be connected to success in society. When other people see this, they could believe plastic surgery is a
new trend, which could bring some opportunity. They may start to get the same kinds of plastic surgery

even if it doesn't fit for them. They may have an expectation of opportunity throughout the trend like the
original someone (Kim S 23).

Intense Competition in the Job Market
Intense competition in the job market could be a reason for the plastic surgery boom deepening.
South Korea is small country, which doesn't have enough natural resources. Due to its scale, the jobs are
pretty limited. In addition, the truth that they don't have natural resources makes the country focus on
raising human resources. It could be the reason why the competition for the job is exceedingly high in that
country. It is connected to company wanting to hire someone who has an attractive appearance if many
candidates have same amount of ability (Kim S 13-14). People get plastic surgery so that they could get
another differentiation, which could be a bonus point to get a job. This idea is very normal throughout the
country, people don't think about it as a problem or discrimination. Getting plastic surgery has become an
acceptable act in their mind and is a part of their environment (Kim S 13-14). People in South Korea don’t
feel free with the appearance-related social pressure since looking good is connected to easy success.
Effect from Entertainers and Some TV Programs.
The impact of entertainers and some TV programs is also one of the reasons people think about
plastic surgery positively. Many young people would like to have a good appearance so that they could
get some specific jobs including entertainers they have dreamt of. Because these jobs can make better
money than others, people might think it is one of the good ways to succeed easily (Kim A 1). The k-pop
girl group members are all look like a Barbie doll. It set on many young girls’ thinking that they would like
to be or should have similar appearance with them. Besides, some reality programs that focus on plastic
surgery make this thinking serious. There is a reality TV show in South Korea, whose title is ‘Let’s beauty’,
makes people change their appearance through plastic surgery. The casts are usually young women who
don't have confident and had bad experience because of their awful appearance. The purpose of the
program seems to help them have a better life. They show the process of plastic surgery and their
amazing change. Audiences can see the cast's visible change (Sumitra). In addition, the program follows
people's life after getting plastic surgery, which usually has notable changes in a positive way and in
which most people look extremely happy. Also, the doctors who work for the program use the results, the
cast who underwent notable appearance change, to advertise their clinic. Advertisement also contributes
to make most people accept nonrealistic beauty as a regular beauty image, so this unreal beauty image
can be the majority. In addition, unattractive people, whose appearance is not as favorable as the
average, face discrimination because the image of beauty is created by the majority. Loving oneself is not
allowed if they don't have the perfect look the majority designed (“Challenging Korea”).

What Kinds of Problems Are Accompanied by Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery became pretty common in South Korea. However, many side effects were
reported. What problems occur after plastic surgery? We need to think about the effect of plastic surgery
on the personal side and the social side.

Personal problem
According to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, There are many side effects
accompanied by plastic surgery (“Plastic Surgery”). It mainly includes physical problems. After the plastic
surgery people feel pain and discomfort, so they need painkillers for several days. Sometimes serious
bleeding could occur, so people should get blood transfusions. Penicillin or extra surgeries could be
required when problems are caused by viruses. Also, scars are common side effects. You may get scars
under the surgery, but in some case it remains forever (“Plastic Surgery”). There are many people who
suffer from unexpected scars. Implants are necessary for some surgeries. However, if the implant cannot
maintain its original shape or is broken, you will need extra surgery to exchange or remove it. A skin graft
or flap causes further surgery when the part of surgery is damaged by a blood supply problem (“Plastic
Surgery”). Plastic surgery may kill patients in spite of the fact it is a very common procedure (Kim A). A
Korean journalist refers to The Korea Consumer Agency statistic that says 130 people were killed by
plastic surgery in 2012 in South Korea (We).


Not only can physical side effects occur but also psychological problems can be caused. Plastic
surgery affects people's mental health negatively. It is common for people to lose identity after getting
plastic surgery. Fleming refers to psychologist and author Vivian Diller, who said that when patients get
plastic surgery, they usually feel like they have a defective identity due to their external change. How their
eyes or nose look like could be a factor with which people categorize themselves. For the people who lost
their original appearance, it is hard to characterize themselves (Fleming). They cannot find connection
between the new face and their original face. When they see their changing appearance, it takes a long
time to accept it (Fleming). She also introduces the idea of a sociologist who said that the psychological
problems by the changed appearance cannot be expected because of its drastic trait (Fleming). Some
people may say that changed appearance could change the personality and identity easily. However,
people’s identity that is associated to appearance is developed when they are teenagers. If people get
some changes with their appearance, it will be necessary to modify some of their mind. If the changes are
notable, a large amount of time will be necessary (Fleming).
Psychological problems are caused by plastic surgery often because people who want to get
plastic surgery have a vastly different situation from others who don't think about the plastic surgery.
Ladegaard cities Kvalem, who said one common thing people who would like to get plastic surgery have
is that they have low self-esteem. Also, when they decide to get plastic surgery, they have the
expectation that plastic surgery may get rid of their other problems, not only change their body parts
(Ladegaard). Because of this fundamental difference, which means they have a low self-image before
getting plastic surgery, if their surgery fails or they cannot get the result they expected, it will be easy to
connect to psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders (Iverson). Also,
people who have gotten plastic surgery could have mental problems when they become older. When
people are about to get plastic surgery, they should think about there could be not only a satisfying result,
but also a different result than they expected (Fleming).

Social problem
First, plastic surgery may incur some social costs. People use a large amount of money for
plastic surgery. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Statistical Data, 10.7
billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2010 in the U.S. In addition to this, indirect cost could
occur. For example, extra medical costs caused by side effects may happen. Not only money but time
could be a different type of social cost. People take a vacation or spend time to search and estimate the
cost of plastic surgery. It is a social cost which we can save if the plastic surgery is reduced. Another
social problem is that there are many similar faces. There are typical styles most people who get plastic
surgery want. Double eyelids, a sharp face line, straight nose, slim body are the ideal styles they have
been pursuing (Chang) While walking down the street, it is not difficult to find several people who have a
similar face, even though they are not a sibling or relative (Chang). Besides, when you see a photo of the
participants for Miss Korea, they all look very similar (Sumitra). It sounds funny, but it is a serious social
problem. Stein refers Scott who said people don't have the opinion that the body is something I got
naturally and cannot change any more (Stein 46). In this environment, people give up their natural face to
get someone else’s face. It means people lost their uniqueness which can distinguish them from others.
In addition, successful results of plastic surgery motivate others to get more plastic surgery. Time, where
a doctor’s experience is introduced, says that a podiatry developed the Cinderella procedure that is a kind
of plastic surgery to make toes shorter. The starting point was that a doctor had one patient who had had
an abnormally long toe. When she got this surgery successfully, she told others around her. The doctor
couldn't expect that the clinic began having more people (Stein 46). Like this someone’s satisfying
experience could affect o others positively. This situation is easy to find in South Korea. People in South
Korea tend to obsess with plastic surgery, so they make positive news about plastic surgery (Sumitra).
Personal opinions could be more credible with the media. The reality program I mentioned always shows
successful results of general people. This positive news and experiences could lead others to plastic
surgery and that may cause negative results they didn't expect.

How Can People's Mindset about Body Image Be Changed?
To Break Down Discrimination Based on Physical Appearance
One of the main reasons to get plastic surgery is people want to avoid discrimination caused by
their physical appearance. Moreover, the old custom of women being beautiful has been kept at the base

of people's minds. To avoid the problem from incogitant plastic surgery, we need to change people's
minds and social atmosphere. “Your mind decides your beauty” is the main motor of the reality program
'Let’s Beauty'. It sounds like internal beauty is more important than external beauty. However, the
program gives the people who have got discrimination with their ugly appearance the chance to get
plastic surgery so that they can change all of their body parts. The program showed a woman who was
treated cruelly by her husband because of her ugly appearance. It isn’t right that she went to the hospital
to fix her appearance instead of her aggressive husband changing his thinking. It is a situation in which
people who have the ugly appearance have to get all the risk caused from plastic surgery. It looks like the
society blames them and makes them fix their appearance by themselves. The media has social
responsibilities in which they should let people know about how plastic surgery has many risks and help
people change their mindset instead of helping them by encouraging plastic surgery.
It is important to think about how your life is valuable and what can make it valuable. It should
become a purpose to make people notice where the most important value exists in their life that should
be delightful and enjoyable rather than thinking about how they look (“Challenging Korea”). Do not only
think about external beauty or how to make oneself look better. There are many things in which we could
be interested in. The Grand Narrative, which is an Internet magazine that focuses on Korean feminism,
sexuality, and popular culture said it could not be easy and take a lone time to bring some changes to the
society. In spite of the fact that the majorities in the society think appearance is the most valuable, if
people try to change the mind one by one, the society can be changed (“Challenging Korea”). In addition,
they recommended the next action. There are several individual’s stories in which people either fight with
their negative body image or become stressed adapting to the standard beauty image created by the
majority, although this image is pretty far from a natural standard of beauty. Collecting these kinds of
private experiences and asking what kind of beauty they desire could lead us to redefine beauty which
focused on health. To solve this problem, it could be one of the methods for people to boost together and
love not an artificially made standard beauty but their original appearances (“Challenging Korea”).

To Educate People Innate and Natural Beauty Are the Most Attractive in This World
According to a research result operated by a beauty magazine, 25% of mothers who have
daughters aged between 12 to 16-year-old have recommended getting plastic surgery to their children
(Kim A). Teenagers tend to accept their parents’ opinions in South Korea. The parents’ responsibility
should be emphasized instead of pulling their children to plastic surgery. They should understand what
the benefits and the problems are. One education critic says the customary education system leads
students to think that they don't want to be different from others but to be same as others. Plastic surgery
is also caused by this trait that tends to make people uniform. It is important to change the educational
system from that standard idea to one that can accept numerous viewpoints. It is essential for teachers to
help students notice that the aspect they were originally endowed with are the most marvelous and to
help them make a positive mindset about their appearance (Kim A). Also, in spite of the fact that they are
happy with their appearance being changed, it is important to realize the fact that their original genetics
cannot be changed (Sumitra).

Control for Senseless Plastic Surgery
It could be an additional way to avoid problems from plastic surgery to control the patients'
numbers artificially. First, the government should control the number of plastic surgeons with a strict law.
There is an area called Gangnam, where many plastic surgeons are congested in Seoul. Near the area,
we can see numerous advertisements from plastic surgeons. However, Yau refers to Dr. Hong, a director
of the plastic surgery department at the ASAN Medical Centre in South Korea, who said that only 20% of
clinics have board-certified plastic surgeons in the Gangnam area. But, the other clinics that don't have
board-certified plastic surgeons are also legal. Unless they don't have a medical license, they can operate
any plastic surgery (Yau). Such a facile system makes too many plastic surgeons, so the competition
between plastic surgeons could be higher. It can be connected to lower prices and also affect people to
get plastic surgery easily. Second, the government leads plastic surgeons' marketing to an ethical way so
that we could reduce the ridiculous plastic surgery. The forceful marketing method like combination sales
or exaggerated advertisements should be controlled through making a medical law. Also, to make some
certificates and principles is necessary to control cosmetic surgery (Merrick). Finally, as an indirect way,
the government could control the large companies to break down discrimination based on appearance to
reduce plastic surgery (Kim S 31). As we know, many people get plastic surgery to avoid discrimination in

their job interview. If the big firm started to hire people without concerning attendances’ appearance, other
companies could follow the new manner when they hire people (Kim S 31). The government should
control our society in many ways to avoid plastic surgery and reduce the problem caused by plastic

The idea of females needing to be beautiful combined with the social characteristic including
collectivity, intense competitions, adoration to k-pop stars and so on has been overspread in South Korea.
It causes appearance obsession even though it is difficult to find out from the people who keep their
natural appearance (“Challenging Korea”). To overcome this gap between real and ideal, many people
choose the way of changing appearance through plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery accompanies
physical and psychological side effects. The physical side effects abuse one’s personal life. Some
psychological problems like people losing their identity affects negatively in personal and social life. Also,
plastic surgery is connected to some social costs that our society is forced to cover. To solve the variety
of problems from plastic surgery, it is indispensable to motivate people to make a positive mindset about
their natural body image. Simultaneously, it is crucial to inspire society to recognize that we should
respect individuals’ appearances. Famous pop star Lady Gaga quotes, “You have to be unique, and
different, and shine in your own way.” I hope Korean society will admit to people’s own appearance to
overcome the perfect appearance and plastic surgery obsession.

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Problem with the Education System in US
By: Ezequiel Ossemane (Mozambique)
All US citizens deserve a good Education. When people look at United States (U.S.) from outside
of the country, they think that everything in this developed country is better than all the other countries. In
the U.S., the students have the best teachers, universities, academic tools such as SMARTboards, books
and digital libraries to produce the smartest students, but the actual education system is not working
properly due of many internal issues. The U.S. education system is one of the best in the World.
However, it has some problems, some related with political, cultural and economic issues that are
affecting the quality of students in public schools and throw U.S. education outside of the top ten best
educational systems in the world.

Sometimes when education system are completely binding of the political system, like the U.S.
where the states are submitted to national law and state law, and it is hard to incorporate both and take
the advantages of both. Concerned with education management, the public school mandatory age ends
at 18, though the support government. The pressure in public school is mined with excessive bureaucracy
in the way that students need to choose either to get greater knowledge or skills. For instance, the SAT
test, that influence college admission, it is compel teachers to teach the test rather than spark knowledge,
and it change the students attention in just the one dimensional manner (Rogan). Schooling their selves
is not equal because they don’t follow the common core standards in all the country, affecting school
learning and climate. According to Peter Dewitt (“10 Critical Issues Facing Education”), 46 states have
adopted the common core standards, except some few states.
The education system in the U.S. needs urgent reform on actually educational curriculum. The
current curriculum is out of date and does not include the new challenges of globalization such as
teaching new skills like financial literacy and entrepreneurship education in K-12 curriculum (Geber).
Another huge issue in current curriculum is concerned about the future of the students after school, as
claimed by the writer, “It is clear what it means to be prepared for tomorrow's economy. Already, threequarters of the fastest-growing occupations require education beyond a high school diploma, with
science, technology, and engineering careers prominent on the list. However, our schools aren't
preparing enough of our students for that reality (U.S. Department of Education).” After finish the school,
some students, require additional or remedial courses. Good teachers are required in public schools.
Hiring qualified teachers in math and paying a good salary will attract talented mathematicians to teach in
high poverty schools and motivates kids who live in safe communities to get better education in public
schools (Klein). In most of the country the education system has been walking in parallel with housing
education. However, in the U.S. the responsibility of education ends at the gate of the school, even
though parents have important roles in supporting their children’s learning. Claiming on the idea that
parents need to be empowered with tools to measure that their children are well served in school, and at
the same time, the teachers deserve respect (Rogan).
The education in the U.S. is faced by two converse sides, one related to students and others with
teachers. According to Rogan, American colleges are very expensive for too many students who
graduate the school and want to continue his study, but on the other hand the teachers’ income is lower
in public schools than in private. The writer said, “When the best teachers have two choices to either take
employment at private schools which offer the best income, or serve in poorer school districts that cannot
afford to reward their talents, the consequence is a growing equality-opportunity gap (Rogan).” This
situation is contributing to the decrease of quality education in public schools. Another cultural issue is
linked to the disparity of socioeconomic groups of people, making two different stories in education. For
instance, 10 percent of wealthy children receive the best education all over the world. And they have still
kept getting better education contrary the other group (Strauss). This gap between socioeconomic groups
is making the U.S. education is failing because the percentage of students that can afford better
education is lower.
To deal with these problems, the government of the U.S. develops some programs to help correct
the current educational system. Two famous programs like the Obama Administration and the No
Children Left Behind are trying to support education of most of the people in the U.S and improve the
education for low-income students; it works like some kinds of educational reform. These programs are
focused on different points of view. The writer claims that these two programs are completely different
and are not harmonized on each other: “Every few years, along comes a new idea to save American
schools, be it enforcing standards, opening charter schools, providing vouchers for private education, or
paying teachers based on their performance. Most recently, two federal programs have sought to remake
the U.S. education system: No Child Left Behind, a 2001 law that sought to use standards and
accountability to push all students to proficiency by 2014, and Race to the Top, an Obama administration
initiative that has tried to incentivize change by offering competitive grants to states pursuing reform
agendas (Metha).” The Obama administration program is an ambitious agenda for educational policy that
calls more responsibility for schools that serves low-income students, providing more innovative ways to
measure and evaluate the quality, according with Council on Foreign Relations. The same idea is

supported by Rebecca Strauss, when she states “Reversing the long-term trend toward education
inequality would be an impressive feat for the Obama administration, which has tried to intelligently
reform federal programs that serve low-income students”. The problem of program the Obama
administration is concerned about the way that they distribute the funding priorities. No Child Left Behind
is a program similar in accountability, but it introduced two broad policy changes. First, it required that
states test their students for proficiency in reading and math by 2014, and second, it imposed sanctions
on schools that did not reach this objective (Malkus). Nat Malkus asserts that, to make significant
pressure on schools is permitting states to build their own responsibility systems. The program No Child
Left Behind ordered that all states must carry out annual student evaluation and report the rates of
proficiency by groups, and to define its own proficiency levels, this approach allowed each state to build
its own assessments system. However, these proficiency levels are considered important keys because
they define the admissible model of performance, but since the 50 states implemented distinct proficiency
models, therefore indicators of performance based on proficiency level doesn’t reflect the accuracy
(Malkus). In this way, all the states need to adopt or develop just only one method of assessment.
Disproportional funding is looked as the core of problem in education system of U.S. Even
though, in the world, the United States is classified as the fourth country that spends most money per
student in primary and secondary education and by far more on college education; these funds are not
distributed proportional. Most of developed countries spend more resources per students in lower-income
school than in higher-income ones, but it is contrary in the United States, where are providing more
revenues for K-12 public schools because local system of taxes (Council on Foreign Relations). Over the
time, the investment lacuna in college has increased substantial, for example, in 1967, the difference in
annual spending per student among the most selective colleges was $13,500, and in 2006, it was around
$80,000 six times more than in 1967 (Council on Foreign Relations). Furthermore, the teachers’
compensation is conduct by antiquity due the inconceivable policies of benefits. For instance, in New
York City, who retired at age 55 and earns an annual pension of more than $60,000 to benefits for herself
and her family.
Therefore, the cost of living increases, even though the pension is not obligate to New York State
or local taxes (Klein). Teachers, dean and students should receive some award like extra money as
incentive of doing well their work, and those who don’t perform well ought to be suspended or fired, and
the same rule must be used to replace the schools that are not follow and perform well (Klein). The
challenge of gives incentive for good teachers and punish the bad behaviors of teachers and schools can
bring new responsibility for academy. For instance, in New York, some large high schools closed, and
replaced by new minor high schools because the rates of graduations were under 40 percent, and as a
result of this measure, studies conclude that the new schools have started produce fantastic and better
results than previous ones. Moreover, in New York City, is right now testing new approach designated the
Generation School, which uses teacher or worker time in different way and thus add the extension of the
school day to better achieve the best performance. The city also implemented new education program
named the New American Academy, where four teachers are conjointly responsible for teaching 60 kids,
and they assist those kids from kindergarten through the fifth grade, for example. With this approach, and
based on performance, the teachers are classified as master, partner, associate, and apprentice, and
they get good wages and are promoted from one level to another (Klein). This measure can incentive will
open some kind of completion inside of school, and the stakeholders will be called to give more and more
on their schools.
To solve some of the U.S. education system, according to Townsend “How Should We Rebuild
the U.S. Education System?” The U.S. has chosen to unify two most important aspects: “what gets
taught, and how kids get assessed”. On the other hand, a country like Finland has unified two different
aspects: “how schools get funded and how teachers get trained” (Townsend). The writer suggests
creating a council of education workers to define national guidelines in order for children to master basics
skills for this day and age because the program No Child Left Behind doesn’t focus on education quality.
The writer advice schools to embrace learner centered policies based on student, where children assume
the control over their studying experiences, and developing a strong curriculum to focus entirely in real
world problems, and change the function of the teacher to be facilitator instead of “sage on the stage”
(Townsend). Another opinion to save U.S. Education is the possibility of extra-curricular programs that

will run out of school time to help students’ develop different type of skills in academic, social, and later in
professional career life (Townsend). Extra-curricular workers would receive pedagogy professional
improvement, opportunities for degree accomplishment, and internship programs to support tutor or
adviser between workers. Finally, the writer claims “I would encourage cross-curriculum connections and
a shared responsibility in academic achievement among teachers, colleagues, coaches, and mentors
The education system in U.S. is falling day after day due some problems such as political,
economic and cultural that are connected each other. The main issue is political situation that is
influencing the cultural and economic environment. Thus, the low-income families are private to get good
education in public schools because these schools are not supported by excellent teachers than in private
schools. The U.S. government needs to think about reform the curricula to be in concordance with
globalization issue. Urgent reform in the educational systems can help save the good education that the
U.S. was and keep them on the high level of world raking.

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Divorce in Saudi Arabia and How to Avoid It
By: Mohammed Qerisha (Saudi Arabia)
Divorce is the last solution when couples can't stay together anymore, so divorce are most
popular issue . A man can divorce his wife simply by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times. However, divorce
rate in Saudi Arabia is increasing rapidly and that indicates serious problems need to be solvent. Divorce
refers to the often messy and painful end of a marriage and these problems have made horrible statistics;
there are three main elements when people by divorce which are causes of divorce, the emotion of this
issue, and how important it is to avoid it.
Divorce in Saudi Arabia is the most popular issue that have causes when people did it. People by
supersize the percent of divorce every year because of polygamy,which is a verifiable truth that Islam
permits Muslim men to have up to 4 wives at any one time. There are obviously guidelines representing
the act of polygamy in Islam. For instance, a Muslim man must have the capacity to treat every one of his
wives reasonably on the off chance that he expects polygamy. On the off chance that he is not able to do
as such, he ought to avoid having more than one wife (Yessir, p. 2). Polygamy should be prohibited to
protect women from living with unfair life. The second cause of divorce in Saudi Arabia more popular is
child marriage. As stated by the writer, “In 2010, the Saudi Human Rights Commission, a governmentaffiliated group, hired a lawyer to help a 12-year-old divorce her 80-year-old husband (Yessir, p. 2).

According to Emirates news, Saudi Arabia, with a population of around 30 million, has one of the highest
divorce rates in the world. Other Gulf oil producers are suffering from a similar problem, which officials
have blamed on mixed marriages and other factors.
Activists at the time saw the divorce proceedings as “a test case that could pave the way for
introducing a minimum age for marriage” (Alshari, p. 1). Sadly, Saudi Arabia is not the only country
sidelining the rights of children; child marriages continue in numerous countries, despite the clear
evidence that such marriages have severe adverse physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and
sexual implications for the children involved. According to some statistics provided by the justice ministry,
the number of divorces and marriages in Saudi Arabia between 2006 and 2007 fell by 1.8 percent and 3.2
percent respectively. However, children do not have responsibility and ability to make family, so that may
cause divorce.
According to Khalid ALShayea, around 60 percent of the divorces in Saudi Arabia took place in the
first year of marriage and the divorce rate in Saudi Arabia increased by 35 percent in 2011 according to a
recent social affairs ministry’s study, making the kingdom’s figure higher than the world average of
between 18 to 22 percent. Also, divorce because they are living expenses obligatory for husbands to
spend on their wives and provide her according to his salary. Husband is responsible for meeting the
wife’s need of food and accommodation. But some husbands feel angry with their wives immediately /
that will cause divorce.
Lancer, in Emotions after Divorce, writes, “separation and divorce is an emotional process, not just
physical and legal event”. There is still an emotional bond between spouses, even if it is acrimonious. Are
still ambivalent feelings generally. During the first six months of detachment, ladies are more inclined to
hard side effects of discouragement, weakness, dejection, a sleeping disorder, memory challenges, and
expanded substance misuse. Studies demonstrate that men feel void, blameworthy, on edge,
discouraged, profound misfortune, and solid reliance of which they were unconscious (Lancer). Emotion
of wives is not game; we should fix the problem without getting divorce between couples. Also, emotion
makes a steady condition of disequilibrium; especially where their kids are included. On the off chance
that one guardian by nearing and going, the family can't rearrange to set up new parts and limits with
respect to cash, living space, family obligations, dating, and child rearing. In fact, children will follow their
parents steps, that may affect their future when they have marriage. The decision to end a relationship
can be traumatic, chaotic, and filled with contradictory emotions. For instance, grief and sorrow, being
tragic when a marriage by closures is normal. In spite of the fact that it's agonizing, sadness is a solid
enthusiastic reaction to the loss of an imperative relationship. We are hardwired to feel it, and it wouldn't
be sensible to expect something else. While distress and misery can be difficult to handle, a great many
people do comprehend and acknowledge the unavoidability of these emotions (Pauline H, p. 1-2).
Divorce will hurt by emotional one of the couples; also their children will have troubles when their parents
get divorce. In edition, intense anger after divorce is popular affect and may be by expressing your hurt,
fear or frustration through anger.
Table 1 This picture shows High Rates of Divorce Saudi Arabia


In the end, how is it important to stop this bad habit to protect all couples and their children to live
in successful by live. Preventing a divorce can be a tricky thing to do as it is a journey fraught with
dangers, and navigating your way through troubled seas of arguments, hurt feelings, broken hearts and
the countless small by argue of married life seems overwhelming to the point of desperation for many
men and women. At the first point, stop the hostility; the first barrier is the hostility that develops within
problematic marriages. Both people have hit a point where they will not back down as they feel hard by
do not want to lose the argument to save face and to prove a point that is probably not really the issue at
hand. The problem is that everyone seems to be keeping score and wanting to be right, wanting to win,
which is a poisonous attitude in a relationship where you are supposed to be working together and
understanding each other on a level of intimacy that only lovers can reach. Only when the hostility is gone
will you be able to talk properly (Fargo, p. 2-3). You should be carful before you be in problems to have
better marriage without divorce.
In fact, we can stop divorce by clarify what you need to change; make a rundown of all the negative
remarks that your life partner has made to you that now, with knowledge of the past, you can see were
endeavors to stop a separation. Rundown every one of the objections, reactions and irate remarks you
can review that you presumably see now spoke the truth foundations for the present separation
endeavor. The all the more viably you can recognize where in growing up you may have discovered that
oversight; all the more adequately you will have the capacity to relinquish the error and supplant that
propensity with a far superior one (Heitler, p. 1). Making a plan is phenomenal way to stop divorce
because you try to fix your own problem by yourself. The last way to stop divorce is cleaning up all the old
hurts, figure out what feelings of hatred and hurt emotions your mate conveys that may have been
elements that prompted petitioning for a separation. Work out by a rundown of the considerable number
of minutes that your ex reviews with displeasure or intensity. Make your own particular briefing as well.
Then experience every thing on the rundown together, one by one, That implies each of you needs to
search for your own part in the misconception, misperceptions, botches and so forth. Nobody gets the
opportunity to remark on what the other did that was hazardous. Simply mean to comprehend what you
did that accidentally added to the issue. Apologize for it. At that point make sense of what you can do
later on or any other way to keep any rehashes. Oversights are for learning. On the off chance that your
marriage is rough now, most likely you haven't been doing what's necessary by acquiring from your mixups (Heitler, p. 2). According to Saudi Ministry of Justice, the figures may be shocking, but they are
official. The number of divorce cases registered in the first six months of 2015 was 33,954. There were
11,817 marriages.
Table 2 shows highest divorce rates in Arab countries.


To clean up all the old hurts can be a huge factor in the odds of success in stopping a divorce.
Also, to listen to your Partner will save marriage because husbands and wives need to listen to each
other. Whatever point a marriage separates, it is regularly the case that both sides have issues that
should be managed. This is the place marriage by directing turns out to be imperatively vital. An individual
accepting marriage treatment will probably just result in a fleeting arrangement on the grounds that both
individuals need help so as to make sense of an approach to patch the relationship. Here and there,
basically listening to the next individual can help you comprehend what isn't right with the relationship,
and you may even hear a few suggestions on the best way to spare a marriage from separation (Tasker,
P. 3). At the point when one can't help contradicting an accomplice's sentiment, it is important to approve
their emotions. These emotions will just change, if after they are acknowledged. Whatever, it is an
uneasiness when driving on the turnpike, stress over a companion, or resentment regarding boisterous
music in an eatery, one needs to acknowledge the way his or her accomplice feels.
In conclusion, divorce is a necessary issue that we should stop before the numbers go up more
than now. Also, we need to let couples have a successful life without divorcing to save their social life,
emotion, and their children’s future. All causes of divorce is simple to change such as living expenses,
and child marriage. The effects of divorce are emotional for both of children and wives; are also feel like
on edge and discouraged. Also, we need to know how important it is to avoid these horrible statistics by
listen to each other and ending child marriage. If people stop divorcing, we will have a better an easy life.

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Banning Disruptive Behavior
By: Andres Cardenas (Columbia)
In Columbia, we have a massive transportation company that is called Transmilenio. It has been
having a lot of troubles about overpopulation on the stations and the buses in some hours. But what I
hate the most about it, is the people who get in the bus with no headphones and decide that it’s a great
idea to play music aloud directly from their cellphones, And in most of those cases it’s horrible music
(IMO). If there is one thing I would prohibit in the world, I’d choose this behavior of most people in my city.
I don’t mean to sound angry or mad at them (or maybe I am), but generally speaking, people at
Boyota seem to forget about some basic rules for coexisting with others. They usually don’t care about
nobody, I wouldn’t mind about it if they just lived their lives as well, but there are always disrespectful
behaviors against society that they do in order to achieve a personal objective.
Transmilenio company should get rid of this behavior, because it just bothers everyone else’s life.
Or maybe we should make a fund in order to buy headphones to whoever does this. There are still more
cases in which this kind of behavior appears: cutting lines in banks, jumping on public transport entry
control without paying; in almost every area we can see some little details that could imitate anyone else,
but people won’t matter.


In spite of all of this, I really love Boyota, and I’m not talking about EVERYBODY who lives there.
But this thinking of being “clever” and not caring for everyone else, is what is making Boyota’s public
places to get really annoying.
Summarizing, if I could choose one thing to ban, I’d choose the behavior of most people at
Boyota, because they are making the city be unlivable for the rest.

People Who Are Successful
By: Haifa Aldawood (Saudi Arabia)
These days, it is noticeable that people who are rich can do everything that they want. I am
strongly agree that only people who earn a lot of money are successful.
Critics say that people who have a lot of money cannot buy the health. However, I believe that
they may travel around the world to looking for their treatment. They will pay money to get the best doctor
in the world. For example, many people in my country do not have enough money to treatment
themselves or their children. Also, they do not have health insurance to protect their families. On the other
hand, there are some people have money succeed their need. If one body of them has a small problem in
his health, he will take his private plane to reach his favorite doctor in another country!
Some pople say that money not everything. It is just a part of this life because some students who
study very well can successful and get a best opportunity for job. I refute this idea because I know many
students who had perfect grade in their schools, but after they graduate they could not get a job.
Moreover, I have observed that many people who go to expensive holiday and buy a new car every year.
They often do not care about their schools or grades. Because of their money, they know that they will
live a luxury life. Additionally, they may not feel about other people who suffer or may need only five
percent of their money.
In conclusion, every body should look for the best way to collect money and become rich. It is
vital that we make money everything in our lives. So, the money make both happiness and success.

The Importance of Respecting the Elderly
By: Nobuyuki Momma (Japan)
I had lived in Japan for twenty nine years since I was born. Japan is mother country for me and I
am so happy that I could live in Japan. Japan has four seasons and fantastic geography such as Mt. Fuji
nd Pacific Ocean. We are confident that Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Additionally, Japan has the custom that older people should be respected, which is one of the virtues in
Japan. This custom leads to Japanese social stability and high level skills in manufactures including
motorcars, electric products, and so on.
First, I would like to explain social stability in Japan. Traditionally, Japanese people think that they
have to respect older people. Japanese economy recovered from World War Second and became
second largest economic country all over the world in 1970s. Prime minister Kakuei Tanaka, who thought
highly of traditional value, made the enough pension system for older people. In the system that Tanaka
made, younger people have to sustain the older people. The pension fee the younger age pays and the
tax the government collect guarantee the older peoples lives. You may think that younger age have to
work so hard and pay pension fee. Of course, that idea is correct. However, Japanese people have the
virtue that they respect older people and younger people who pay pension fee regularly will be able to get
enough pension on the future. Therefore, everyone accept this system positively. As the example above


illustrates, Japanese traditional custom lead to stable social security system and stable society where
older people can sustain their lives without worrying about money.
In addition, Japanese custom is relevant to high skills in manufacture. To some extent, the salary
is decided based on how long employees work for the company in Japan. This aging salary system is
important factor to improve employees skill and experience in Japanese company. Moreover, Japanese
companies guarantee long time employment about 40 years. This is why every employees can
concentrate on developing their skill and have loyalty for his or her company. For example, it is not rare
case that grandfather, father and he belong to same companies such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda in
Japan. Above-mentioned, Japanese custom enables Japan to become one of the biggest economic
countries in the world.
In conclusion, Japanese custom is the fantastic virtue, which encourage Japan to become
wonderful country.

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