Week 4 discussion 1

1.Begin to develop your website
Our text explains, “The strategic selection of media is based upon the needs of the learners, the desired
outcome, and the constraints of the environment, as well as what methods and activities need to be
Review various website generators that you might want to use for your Final Project Lesson. Identify at
least one and view a tutorial for getting started. Then create an account and “test drive” the tools you
find interesting.
Identify a web tool to use for your Final Project and complete the following activities

Create a heading
Add text and an image
Link some text to an external website
Attach a document to a web page
Create at least 3 different pages with navigation links to each page

Week 4 discussion 2

Sources of Instructional Material
The easiest way to incorporate technology is to use existing materials. Locating and selecting
instructional materials involves determining your needs, checking a variety of sources, previewing and
trying the materials and finally making your selection.
Consider the “Education Websites with Instructional Materials” chart (Figure 8-3 in Chapter 8 of our
text) and the websites below:

A to Z Teacher Stuff
Discovery Education Free Teacher Resources
Education World

PBS Teachers
Scholastic Teacher

Identify a variety of instructional materials that could be used to teach a specific content lesson. Once
you have made your selections, evaluate them using the evaluation forms provided within Appendix D
of our text. In your discussion post, share the evaluation results and discuss which criteria you think is
the most important to consider when selecting instructional materials. Why? Make sure to identify the
specific content lesson..
Your initial response is due by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least one of your instructor’s postings
and two of your classmates’ posts by Monday, Day 7. In your response, make sure you explore the links
provided by your classmates and provide feedback. \

Evaluation of Educational Websites/Instructional Materials relative to Web 2.0 Collsborastion
Instructional Material


A to Z Teachers Stuff

Scholastic Teachers

Material appropriate for Appropriate for beyond Too basic for business Not appropriate for the
College prep and
associates according to current stunts who are
college students
content other than links on a collegiate level
on page.
Content relative to

Yes, aligned with
technology in teaching

Information reliable, up- According to content
to-date and reliable
but no date is given as
publishing date.

Instructional design but Does not advocate the
not text on front page
prospect of teaching
with technology
foremost but uses
audiovisual links as
technological sourcing..
Three years outdated.
Published in 2012

Yes. Content updated in

Value of Content vs.

Content is indigenous to Content not extraneous
subject of teaching with in graphics nor text.
technology (Web 2.0)

Extraneous use of color
and graphics.

Ease of Navigation

Page reads fluently and
leads readers in the
direction of accepting
technology from simply
explaining what
technology can do to

Links to other sites and
videos outweighs
normal text.
Readability is cluttered
by colors/graphics.

Yes. Everything in
bullet form which
lessens the clutter on
front page.

Appropriate reading
level for users

The business associates Reading level below
(learners) are all on a
learners level
collegiate/postcollegiate level;thus, the
reading is appropriate

Below learners reading

Site Supporters

Altec.org offers tech
support of 4techers.org

Only the author and
affiliated company is
listed as contributor. No
visible support contact

Site offers customer
service, contact
information and Site
Map in link form

Author cites other

Not in the text but
through links that
contain peers

Through links but not in Through links.

Sites provide useful
links to other sites

Definitely and in
abundance on the side
of the page.

Yes, in abundance,
highly visible

Yes. Listed throughout
the page.

The most important criteria matches the aptitude of the learners with the instruction material and its
content relative to the learning objectives regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools for instruction. Thus, I
think the following categorical criteria in specific will serve the purpose of the instruction, needs and
culture of the learning environment:
Important Criteria for Choosing Educational Website and Instructional Material.
Material appropriate for students
Content relative to objectives
Information reliable, up-to-date and reliable
Ease of Navigation
Appropriate reading level for users
Sites provide useful links to other sites

Locate a website that contains a lesson that is similar to the lesson you are creating for your final
project. Examine how the lesson used instructional materials for teaching and learning. Post the link in
the Discussion Forum with the following information:
 Are there learning activities or ideas that you can integrate into your own lesson?
 What useful websites, tools or resources might you be able to use or modify? How would you
rework them to better fit your lesson?
The lesson plan site I chose is Tonya Skinners's Business Education Lesson Plans and Resources which
uses technology to actuate business functions at http://lessonplans.btskinner.com/lessons.html
Week 4 Journal. The site offers tutorials on many areas of business and allows the creation of a

business plan integrated with technology which mimics our study and findings of the usefulness of
technology(Web 2.0 in business. The sources offer various disciplines of learning and approaches the
learning activities through technology. I could use the site format to list sources that connect ideas
regarding Web 2.0 tools in business and present related content through the links. I would re-work the
formatting of page page to introduce actual businesses that have employed technology in their business
strategy/planning/implementing in additional to the Web 2.0 tools the company utilized. I would offer
more links to social media used in business (Skype, Twitter, etc.). As finishing touches, I would add
more graphics and background to the page to package/sell the product (online business training
material). l presume that I could borrow the above-mentioned ideas and elaborate on the construction
of Tonya Skinner's website in offer to suit our business purposes. The material content is of a
collegiate level and the readiness id appropriate for the learners with stated proposed changes
implemented that are suggested in this discussion.

Ashford 5: - Week 4 - Journal
Personal Reflection
Reflect on your coursework so far. What assignment was the most engaging?
Assignment two was the most engaging for me. Why? The creation of the objectives required multilevel thinking to form the performance, condition and criteria in that order and connect the ideas to
make sense. Have you learned anything new? Yes. What? I learned how to write objectives that may
be used on a collegiate level more so than on a K-12 level. How will you use your new knowledge?
Writing objectives are an extension of creating strategy to solve a problem or reach new heights of
enlightenment/improvement in instruction design. Evaluate your work so far. Because my last class
had similar concepts with technology and collaborations so far I have been at least able to consume the
new information regarding the use of software and websites to instruct/collaborate/learn.. What
assignments and/or activities did you excel in? I think that when I use charts I excel in explaining nonlinear subject matter regarding education instruction indicated by the multi-column/row format of the
charts that I have created in this course. What could you have improved on? I could have improved
on elaborating on learner perspective and proofreading my work for grammatical errors. I could also
improve on my APA 6th formatting and objective writing.
Week 4 Assignment
Critical Thinking Questions
After reading Chapters 7 and 8 of the course text, answer the following critical reflection questions.
Use specific examples from your experience and references from the textbook for support.
 Which should come first: the media or the method? Explain.
 If two media formats were shown to be equally effective for presenting your content, what
factors might cause you to choose one over the other?
 How can different media help meet the needs of various types of learners, including those with
special needs?

 What is the relationship between principles of media utilization and student learning?
 How does media aid in the design of instruction?
Your paper must be two to five pages in length (double-spaced, not including title and reference pages)
and utilize APA formatting. It must cite at least three scholarly resources (including the course text).
Citations must be properly formatted in APA style.