Hak Cipta Bestari SKOR

[25 marks]


Read the poem below and answer the questions that follows

Jackie Kay

My small grandmother is tall there,
straight-back, white broderie anglaise shirt,
pleated skirt, flat shoes, grey bun,
a kind, old smile round her eyes.
Her big hands holds mine,
white hand in black hand.
Her sharp blue eyes look her own death in the eye

It was true after all that look.
My tall grandmother became small.
Her back round and hunched.
Her soup forgot to boil.
She went to the awful place grandmothers go.
Somewhere unknown, unthinkable

But there she still is,
in the photo with me at three,
the crinkled smile is still living, breathing

___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) d) In real life. Patrick and David have in common. is she someone you would trust? ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) c) What does the word 'sharp' in line 7 tell us about the grandmother? ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) d) Who is the persona? Support your answer with textual evidence.SULIT © Hak Cipta Bestari SKOR a) Which words in the second verse introduce the feeling of fear? ___________________________________________________________ (3 marks) b) From the description of the grandmother. are there people like the three protagonists in the play? ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) . Answer the following questions based on the drama The Right Thing To Do a) What does the woman in blue do when she sees the man lying in the street? ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) b) Who is the man lying in the street? ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) c) Describe two characteristics that Rebecca. ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) e) How does the persona feel about her grandmother? ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) f) What do the colour words in line 6 reveal about the child and the grandmother? ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) g) Explain how the “tall grandmother became small” ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) 33.

SULIT © Hak Cipta Bestari SKOR Question 34 The following are short stories studied in the literature component in English Language a) Tanjong Rhu b) Leaving Choose one of the short stories above and answer the question below State the themes of the selected short story with reference to the text [9 marks] .