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This paper addresses the issues of part time student doing the part time job, and its impact on
education outcomes. As we know, the part time student has their main job but in this research we
want to know the effect their academic performance while doing part time job plus also have
main job. Firstly, this research for know the part time job can be change their lifestyle whether
its negative or positive impact. Secondly, doing part time job can be affected their academic
performance. Lastly, manage time also important for students, and how they manage their time
between main job, part time job and academic. To account for this, we apply questionnaire
instruments to students part time at UTM Space to find out the academic performance while they
also have the job whether main job or part time job or both of kind of job. As the result, the
females have positive impact on academic performance but the male have negative performance
on academic.