Report #1 Analysis Document
How to Use MegaMeeting for an Online Webinar
ED PS 6430

General Description

A survey was conducted among presenters for an upcoming online ASL
Interpreting conference. It was determined that that although many workshop
presenters are well versed in how to effectively run a workshop in a face-to-face setting,
very few have the experience or added knowledge necessary to successfully present
their material in an online environment. As technology becomes more and more
prevalent, there is a growing demand from ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters
for access to continuing education materials online. This in turn requires presenters to
gain the skills necessary to transition their material online.
Through the use of MegaMeeting software, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in
issues relating to ASL interpreting will be able to present their continuing education
materials online. Currently, workshop presenters do not have the adequate skills to
present these materials online using the MegaMeeting software. To keep up with
technology, the purpose of this training is to allow workshop presenters the flexibility to
move their in-person trainings to an online format. In order for SMEs to present online
content for Zaboosh (an online continuing education company providing workshops and
conferences for ASL Interpreters), they need to be able to use MegaMeeting software.
Training is needed to ensure they will be able to effectively present an online workshop
while exhibiting best practices.
The presenters were also surveyed to determine if they had the required
equipment to engage in the training, gauge their entry skills level in regard to using
software in a social setting (e.g. chat features, cloud based sharing, etc.), and finally
what aspects of using this software would be most relevant to them when facilitating
their workshop/webinar.
The knowledge domains required for presenting an online workshop in
MegaMeeting include: Intellectual skills, verbal, cognitive, psychomotor, and attitude.
The training area is an online training instructing workshop presenters on how to use
MegaMeeting software and demonstrate best practices for presenting in an online

Using front-end analysis for the following:
1. Performance Analysis

Info Categories

Data Sources

Performance Site Characteristics

Managerial Support

Interviews: Moderator/Trainer will
provide insight to best support
practices, participants will notify
moderator/trainer know of any
accommodations necessary.

Moderator/Trainer available for
questions - online
Owner of Zaboosh is very
supportive of and understands fully
the need for a MegaMeeting training
for presenters.
MegaMeeting tech support available
at http://wiki.megameeting.com/

Physical aspects of site

Interviews: Survey participants for
data about their computer
platforms, their level of comfort
with online software, their
confidence in downloading
required software and using a
cloud based account

Facility: Online platform
Equipment: Computer with
webcam, mic, internet connection
Resources: MegaMeeting.com,
Show My Desktop app, cloud based
storage system
Timing: 30 min presentation by
moderator, 15 min activity, 15 min
presentations by participants

Social aspects of site

Interviews: Survey participants
about their level of comfort in a
chat setting, working in small
groups during the training,
sharing documents and ideas in a
social setting

Supervision: Moderator/Trainer will
be on hand to supervise
Interaction: Participants will interact
online with the Moderator/Trainer
and potentially a small group of peer
participants using the MegaMeeting
chat and other proprietary functions.

Relevance of skills to workplace

Interviews: Use feedback function
in MegaMeeting to check for
understanding from the training

Meet Identified Needs: These skills
will allow the SMEs to present their
material in an online environment
which is required for the current task
of presenting a workshop at an
upcoming online conference.

2. Needs Assessment.
Gap Analysis (Needs Assessment)
Desired status- For presenters to be able to use MegaMeeting for their ASL interpreting
continuing education workshops and trainings
Actual Status- Presenters are not able to use MegaMeeting for their ASL interpreting continuing
education workshops
Need- MegaMeeting training

Needs Assessment Question

Needs Assessment Answer

Are there established operations goals for
the outcome?

Yes. Presenters successfully use MegaMeeting
to present their trainings

Is the operational goal being met?

No. Presenters can not use MegaMeeting

Is there an operational need?

Yes. Eliminate the gap between presenters who
are familiar with it and those who aren't

Have performance standards been set for
achieving the operational goal?


Are performance standards being met?


Is there a performance need?


To obtain the need for a needs assessment the SME for Zaboosh first observed the need for a
training and then interviewed workshop presenters to see if they felt comfortable operating the
software. Between the observation and interviews it was determined training needed to be

Define the Level of needs

What should be

What is

Level 1 (primary)



Level 2 (secondary)

Be able to manage
participant feedback with
Understand Best Practices
Be able to use MegaMeeting
to present content

Not able to manage
participant feedback with
Unsure of Best Practices
Not able to Present content
with MegaMeeting

Level 3 (tertiary)

Have a Computer
Have internet
Have a webcam, mic, and
MegaMeeting online webinar


Prioritize the needs



Be able to use MegaMeeting to present content


Be able to manage participant feedback with MegaMeeting


Understand Best Practices


3. Define Goal
● Goal analysis
Workshop presenters will be able to successfully present their continuing education
materials online by understanding how to use MegaMeeting software to present
information, manage participant feedback by means of polls, whiteboard, and the chat
window in MegaMeeting, and articulate best practices.

Goal Completion Diagram

Task Analysis
The task analysis for this project has been separated into 3 modules. Each module has it’s own
task analysis below.

Module 1: Presenting Information


Module 2: Managing Feedback


Module 3: Articulate Best Practices

4. Learner Analysis



Learner Characteristics


Entry behaviors

Ability to:
Navigate computer fairly comfortably
Locate and use internet browser
Locate and operate computer mic and camera
Use PowerPoint or similar program
Present content to others


Prior knowledge of topic

Knowledge Skype or similar video communication software, knowledge of
computer operating system


Attitudes toward content

Interest in being able to use a new resource to conduct workshops over long


Attitudes and skills
regarding potential
delivery system

Learner are comfortable with learning and using new software and are
excited to be learning in the online environment that they will be teaching in.


Motivation for instruction

Potential to reach learners anywhere in the world with their content and
expertise - interviews/focus groups needed


Educational and ability

High level of comfort with using web technology, audio technology, internet


General learning

Interviews/focus groups needed


Attitudes toward training

Interviews/focus groups needed


General group

SMEs, familiar with tech, webinar materials already prepared

Learning Context

Learning Site Characteristics


Number/nature of

7 presenters. 250 participants. Online webinar


Site compatibility with
instructional needs

Computer running either IOS, OS X, or WindowsXP and up
with an internet connection


Site compatibility with
learner needs

MegaMeeting compatible with presenters needs in order to
present ASL continuing ed materials and trainings


Feasibility for
simulating workplace

Highly feasible as the instructional materials will be presented
in the same manner presenters will be required to present their
webinars: through MegaMeeting software

II. Conclusion

To conclude, based on the first stage of design, this MegaMeeting tutorial will prepare
ASL workshop presenters to utilize MegaMeeting software for presenting their continuing
education materials.
The task analysis shows exactly what the training focus will be and will directly lead into
which objectives will be necessary in order to accomplish the training goal. The objectives to be
further defined in the next stage are:
Downloading and using “Show My Desktop” app
Managing Presenter Video
Managing and Utilizing Multimedia Tools
Creating and Activating Polls
Using Whiteboard
Managing chat box
Stating 3 best practices
Describing how best practices will be used in their instruction
Background knowledge of participant entry skills, as well as goals of training will help in
designing activities that best help presenters to learn the basics of the software and be able to
utilize MegaMeeting comfortably during their workshops. By confirming that presenters are
familiar with the computer and using the internet, we are able to start at a level that is best
suited to them. The analysis will also allow the creation of assessments that will accurately
gauge whether or not the presenters are able to effectively use MegaMeeting to present their
workshops, check for understanding, and assess whether or not they are able to employ best
practices for using MegaMeeting.