Welcome to ENGLISH II: Pre-AP

with Mrs. Buhrmann

“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.”
- Samuel Johnson

English II PreAP provides students with increasingly advanced skills in reading, writing, listening, and
speaking. Specifically, students will be expected to analyze literature from a variety of genres (short
story, poetry, drama, and novels) for such things as the work’s theme, the importance of plot and setting,
various literary devices, and the influence of history and/or author’s biographical information. This year,
our curriculum will focus heavily on analyzing informational discourse at an advanced level to determine
the ways in which information can be communicated. Finally, students will complete complex writing
assignments focusing on the following genres: Narrative, Argumentative, Literary Response and
Expository. To help us accomplish these goals, we will be following the Common Core State Standards
for English, which define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 education
careers so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing academic
college courses and in workforce training programs. In addition to the previous skills listed, students can
expect to engage in a highly rigorous curriculum, collaborate in academic discussions, hone in on their
presentation skills and become proficient in the use of technology.
Classroom Rules:
1. Be prompt. Tardiness is unacceptable in this class. You must be sitting in your assigned seat prepared to
work when the bell rings.
2. Be courteous. You must respect your teacher, your peers and yourself in order to be successful. The
following behaviors will not be tolerated: bullying, using profanity, disruptiveness and disrespect of
others’ property.
3. Be diligent. Bring class materials every day. You must earn your grade, and you can do so by coming to
class prepared and ready to learn. Be aware of the daily objective, homework assignments and upcoming
due dates.
Class Materials:
1) Pen or pencil and highlighter
2) Binder with paper

3) Current novel
4) Chromebook (will be checked out during first week)

F.Y.I. : ALL school rules apply in this class as well as outside of it.
No food, drinks, or gum will be permitted in the classroom.
Cell phones and/or ipods must be turned off and kept inside purses and/or backpacks.

Cell phones and/or ipods will be taken away with no warning if seen during class time.
Classroom Procedures:
1. Using the bathroom: You will be given two bathroom passes per quarter. It is your responsibility to use
them wisely. You must fill out your agenda, bring it to me, and I will sign it. Unused passes may be
redeemed at the end of each quarter for extra credit.
2. Completing homework: Assignments must be submitted complete and on time. Homework will be
collected at the beginning of the period on the day it is due. You can expect to have homework at least 35 nights per week for up to an hour each night. Specific requirements will be addressed in class.
3. If you are absent: Excessive absences will hinder your success in this class. However, if you are absent,
it is your responsibility to check the absent binder for missed work and retrieve the work from the absent
folder. For an excused absence, you will have 3 days to turn in the work, and for an unexcused absence
you will have 1 day.
4. Novel Expectations: You are required to bring the current novel to class every day. Habitually forgetting
your class novel will result in a loss of points.
Grading Policy:
Your grades for each quarter will be weighted according to the following scale:
Daily Work and Novel Study
Writing & Presentations
Performance Tasks & Assessments


*Each of these components will be discussed and explained to you in class.
Letter grades will be calculated according to the following percentages:
A – 88%-100%
B – 78%-87%
C – 68%-77%
D – 58%-67%
F – 57.9% & Below
English II PreAP Class Information:
The course will be organized into thematic units centered around Essential Questions tailored to Pre-AP level
students. Units will typically include one novel study, relevant nonfiction readings, writing assignments, and a
technology or presentation component. Extensive novel study will be an integral part of the class. Our novels will
include Lord of the Flies, Night, and Fahrenheit 451 as well as the play Antigone. We will read at least one
Shakespearean Drama, as well as a variety of poetry and short stories. We will also focus heavily on analyzing
various types of nonfiction including scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, essays and speeches.


Most of the novel reading is to be done outside of class. Being responsible for the reading material is an
important component of the Pre-AP program. This class is designed for those students who want to be challenged
and are willing to put forth the extra time and effort necessary to perform at a higher level.
In any given week, you can expect:
Novel reading AND writing assignments
Nonfiction reading + Annotations and Essay

Each of these homework assignments will be explained to you in class.

Each student will activate and actively use their Google accounts throughout the school year.
This includes consistent use of Google Mail and Google Drive. Log-in information will be
provided to you during the first week of class. Incorporating technology and executing the skills
to navigate it will be a large focus of this school year.
To aid in the organization of all required writing assignments and projects, you will be required to
keep an organized Google Drive account. Please create the following folders within your Drive:

English II PreAP
In-Class Assignments
We will be completing a Chromebook and Google “Bootcamp” within the first two weeks of
school which will enable you to learn and practice the necessary skills.

Contact Information:
My classroom is located in Room 318, and I am here before and after school if you need any assistance or
have any questions. If you are having a problem with this class and/or your grade, please come and speak
with me sooner rather than later so that I may attempt to help you. If you or your family needs to contact
me, please do so anytime!
Mrs. Buhrmann
Room 318
Google Voice Number: (209) 356-4812

Please fill out the contract on the following page and get your parent’s/guardian’s signature as well so that
I know you are familiar with the rules, procedures and policies of this class. Place it in the front of your
binder and bring it back by Friday, August 21. It will be considered your first homework assignment and
is worth 20 points toward your grade!

English 2 Pre-AP Contract

I, _____________________________________, have read and understand the rules and procedures of
my English 2 Pre-AP class and agree to abide by them. I have reviewed these rules and procedures with
my parent or guardian.
Student Signature: ______________________________________Date: _______________________
Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number:
Best time to call:
Parent/Guardian E-mail Address: