Devanagari in LATEX

Anand Mishra
Check whether the relevant packages are installed
If not already installed, install the following packages:
Install a Devanagari Font
I find Sanskrit 2003 an appropriate choice. You can download and install this font from the
following website:
Download the following .tex file and compile it using XeLaTeX.
After compilation, it should output a pdf similar to the one here: http://sanskrit.sai.
It you see Devanagari characters, it means things are functioning well!
The question of halanta
Check whether halanta in jagat is displayed properly. If not then you need to change the mapping.
For this you need to follow the following steps:

1. Download the following mapping file and save it first (e.g.) at your desktop
2. Download the TECkit compiler from here (You need this for generating the necessary .tec
3. From command line, run the command:

C:###BOT_TEXT###gt;teckit_compile -o harvardkyoto.tec


Then follow the path: Root/texmf-dist/fonts/misc/xetex/fontmapping/xetex-devanagari/ Replace the corresponding and . 5. 2 .map and harvardkyoto. Proper halanta should now appear. Go to the main directory and look for TeX directory. Now place the files harvardkyoto.tec files with the new ones.tec within the directory tree of TeX (This is in Mac/ Windows path may differ slightly?).4.